How Infor Rhythm Improves Customer Engagement

With Infor Rhythm, you get the tools, support and resources you need to assist make all your online interactions an excellent, true business advantage. This solution is a cloud-based Business-to-Business engagement platform. In one integrated package, you obtain comprehensive capabilities, from ERP integration and design services to support for the Omni-channel interactions and optimized web

Infor RFID – Extensive Overview

Infor RFID (radio frequency identification device) gives you a very comprehensive framework that will definitely enhance the overall return you obtain from your radio frequency identification device (RFID) deployment. The RFID technology greatly helps to make businesses more efficient. Infor RFID – Overview With this solution, you can:  Understand your customer’s demand better  Synchronize your

How Infor Service Management Can Boost Your Performance

Infor service management is an amazing ERP solution built and designed exclusively for the service industry. Nowadays, it is not just enough to be proactive in managing and tracking performance of your maintenance and service organization efficiently. You require a well-connected service organization that efficiently drives value throughout your entire enterprise. Service management can assist.

Infor Sales Portal – Features and Benefits

Infor Sales Portal is a comprehensive ordering and quoting system for selling standard and configured products through all the channels, including distributors, dealers and one’s direct sales force. The manufacturers of very complex products need to accurately configure, quote and also sell quickly so as to stay competitive. The chances are most of them are

Infor Smartstream for Dummies

Infor SmartStream is an integrated enterprise financial management solution that includes accounts payable, fixed assets, general ledger, accounts receivable, purchasing, inventory and the project tracking functionality. Infor Smartstream Helps You: Keep abreast of financial details of the business Make decisions quickly based on up to date information Close your books of accounts faster, without errors

The Complete Infor Storefront Guide

Infor Storefront provides an amazing web foundation that is designed to offer a great shopping experience on B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2Bm (business-to-business) websites. You require a solution that assists you: 1. Take advantage of all data you have already created for the ERP system 2. Improve customer service 3. Manage orders quickly and reliably Generally,

Infor Talent Management System Features

Infor Talent Management helps to keep your talent motivated and engaged while assisting to support your company’s strategic goals. Good talent management is not only about finding and retaining the right persons. It is also about making very smart decisions that largely benefit both your organization and your workforce. With this solution, the whole is

Why Infor VISUAL Jobshop is the Solution You Need

Infor VISUAL Jobshop is a fast-implementing, affordable, small manufacturing solution. Businesses are looking for a solution that is integrated, easy-to-learn,  quick-to-install, and that’s what this offers. This solution usually includes some integrated tools for order entry, production, shipping, quoting, invoicing, inventory control, and labor collection. It’s an affordable system that conveniently offers easy to learn

How Infor Warehouse Management System Works

Infor Warehouse Management is an excellent warehouse management solution that offers task and work management, advanced inventory control, yard management, RFID, kitting and assembly and slotting. How Infor Warehouse Management System Works The system helps companies with challenging and complex warehouse operations:  Optimize resource utilization  Improve the efficiency of warehouse operations Reduce supply chain costs