Breaking Down Infor Public Sector

Infor public sector is the most integrated and complete solution designed for public sector. Normally,the software that is designed for the general business purposes typically do not address the unique urgency and constraints of the public agency duties. It’s very tough to provide all the citizens of your county,city or state with excellent services when regulations are increasing and the budget is shrinking.

With this solution,you can get all information that you need so as to comply with the constantly widening list of requirements and regulations,you can cut down costs and also manage your infrastructure better. With certain applications to effectively address the toughest challenges you face,this solution is trusted by many government agencies all over the world to deliver better results and improve performance.

Breaking Down Infor Public Sector

This solution is used by its customers to:

  • Simplify the entire business of efficiently managing government
  • Address the concerns of citizens sooner.
  • Get the bills posted and also paid faster.
  • Improve the officials’ understanding of critical issues.
  • Integrate systems across all departments in order to enhance better co-ordination
  • Improve reporting and planning
  • Maximize capital investments and revenue.


This solution helps you with

  • Public safety
  • Revenue recovery
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Environmental quality
  • Resource management sustainability.

Engineered for Speed

Government agencies,educators and public authorities face challenges that grow larger daily. Your constituents want greater accountability,more transparency and expanded services. Yet all these demands come when you are experiencing consistent decrease in funding and budgets,a technologically and physically aging infrastructure and stringent limits on state and federal aid.

It is more important than ever to manage all the assets efficiently,increase productivity and secure automation of processes. Youmay have some systems in place,but normally,these systems are aging and disconnected. How can you efficiently harvest the operational and financial date from your systems in order to makefaster, better business decisions and how do you have them to work more efficiently together?

Build to Specification

This solution is built precisely for your needs. Normally,the responsibilities of private business are very different from those of public sector organizations. For that reason,the generic,business-centric solutions don’t precisely adapt to assist you meet all the unique operational needs. With very many years of experience in public sector,Infor has come up with expertise to the engineer solutions that will offer system-wide transparency and produce quick,far-reaching results.

Proven Experience

This solution is currently being used by over one thousand two hundred local government and state agencies to provide quick,far-reaching results as well as system-wide transparency.

Organizations that benefit from the solutions of Infor Public sector include:

1. Local, provincial, state and municipal governments

2. Federal government

3. Water-related utilities

4. Transportation

5. Emergency services

6. Education

7. Military installations

8. Port and airport authorities

9. Public administration

10. Archdioceses

11. Liquor control boards

12. First nations

13. Public safety and justice

14. Human and health services

15. Outsourced service firms

With this solution, you can:

1. Manage revenue and costs better

2. Improve service to citizens

3. Clearly sell into all your agency areas

4. Provide public transparency

5. Improve operational efficiencies

6. Provide very improved decision support

7. Improve public outreach.

Comprehensive and scalable

This solution gives you excellent functionality in all important areas of operations of a government agency. Whetherit’s assisting the public authorities respond faster to infrastructure issues,managing complexities of the teacher contracts or streamlining procurement processes in order to effectively establish purchasing controls,this solution helps control costs,enhance performance and maximize revenue.

The numerous different applications that are available in this suite creates a solution that is simply end-to-end. Since it’s an integrated, comprehensive suite that is specifically designed for public sector,these solution is widely used in public sector organizations and agencies of every size and type.

These include:


This solution automates much of management involved with effective enforcing the regulatory of a municipality,permitting requirements and also strengthening the associated processes. With the regulatory as well as permitting management suite, cities,counties,states or federal agencies can manage their licensing,enforcement,compliance and regulatory requirements from all the perspectives of regulated body and regulating agency.

Public Works

The public works staff in organizations find that this solution effectively integrates work and asset management capabilities in very new ways that easily allow them to effectively track,manage as well as maintain assets better. They will be adequately equipped to efficiently plan,schedule and also execute maintenance programs,track as well as report costs accurately and manage inventory.

Public Safety and Justice

EnRoute Emergency Systems are included in this solution.. With these applications,the law enforcement agencies regardless of their sizes can greatly improve officer awareness and safety,quickly relaying urgent information and also minimizing redundant data. Emergency and fire management service departments greatly benefit from efficient dispatching of the available resources,faster delivery of the mission-critical information and streamlined call entry. Ambulance services operate more efficiently and faster as EnRoute improves unit utilization,simplifies transports,reduces response times and recommends appropriate units.

Property Management and Construction

An Infor company known as AMSI offer application for construction and property management. Most Public sector entities own a lot of property and land,with AMSI solutions the public sector agencies can efficiently track as well as control the construction job costs,while also managing those jobs profitably and efficiently.AMSI property management accounting and operations software makes it easier to care for the real estate properties regardless of whether they are multi-family,single dwelling or even municipal functioning sites.


With this solution,the staff of your library are able to more effectively manage all operations including cataloging,circulation,serials management,reporting and acquisitions. Library users get an interactive, rich experience that efficiently drives usage of services and collections.

Community Development

Community development solutions are also an integral part of this solution. This software helps community development staff to adopt best planning practices,large project development and use licenses,permits,code enforcement,case management, and trade licenses.

Key Capabilities

Here are some of the main competences of this solution for public sector:

1. Human capital management

With this solution,you gain workforce management,human resource management and talent management solutions.

2. Billing

Your staff gets power to efficiently and professionally serve customers daily will excellent CIS(customer information system)tools included in this solution.

3. Customer relationship management

Capitalize on multiple communication channels including internet,email,faxes,centralized call centers,self-service kiosks and interactive voice response with this solution.

Infor public sector offers very powerful capabilities which are suited to the specific demands of Public Sector organizations.

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