Infor Lawson- Best Practices

Infor Lawson is a comprehensive-set-of enterprise applications backed-by many decades of practical-experience all built to improve efficiency in today’s work. From user friendly analytics-tools and mobile access which puts information at the employees’ fingertips, to the collaboration and integration-tools which let both people and systems work much more effectively-together, Infor Lawson gives the user the

How Infor Distribution SX.e Reduces Complexity

Infor Distribution SX.e reduces complexity by combining control, power, and convenience making it a robust distribution management-solution for all manufacturers and distributors. It has been specifically designed to aid all types of distributors and manufacturers run an-efficient, end to end operation. Basically, it delivers great functionality and agility for all distribution business-units Infor-Distribution SX.e offers

The Benefits of Infor Performance Management

When it comes to knowing the benefits of Infor Performance Management, there are plenty of important aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Infor PM is specifically designed for all types of businesses that are looking for better, real-time performance management, tracking, and measuring, and utilize the competitive power. This system ensures effective utilization

Your Infor BI Guide

Infor, which has been in the market for quite some time has announced the launch of Infor BI 10x.  The new Infor BI is going to make data processing fast and simple. It will also simplify the process of making business decision. According to company professionals, the new Infor is capable of performing cutting edge

Infor Global Solutions – Why You Should Use It

Infor Global Solutions develop as well as deliver enterprise software applications with its implementation with Infor which is the 3rd largest provider for applications and services of enterprise that has helped 70,000 customers in about 164 countries for driving growth, improving operations and adapting the changes in the business demands quickly. It also offers suites