Extensive Infor ERP XA Guide

Infor ERP XA is the most comprehensive, secure and deepest ERP product today for the discrete manufacturers. Now in its 4th generation of technology, this proven solution draws on thirty five years of industry experience and functional development. It offers total access to information at user level, along with advanced integration architecture, amazing simplicity in administration and embedded social networking.

Extensive Infor ERP XA Guide

What it is

This solution is a very powerful discrete manufacturing system which greatly covers all types of manufacturing, including configure to order, large volume repetitive manufacturing and engineer to order. Various industries including aerospace, high tech, automotive, industrial equipment, defense and general metal as well as plastic fabrication trust this solution to deliver great results and improve performance at lower costs than any other comparable solution.

With customers in fifty countries across the world, this solution delivers industry-specific, deep capabilities to many companies. This solution has flexible deployment options including on-premises and mixed cloud deployment, this then means that it adapts to match your business needs instead of requiring you to compromise. This solution is shielded by protective architecture of IBM Power System the most preferred solution of the security conscious casinos and banks worldwide, thus this it offers unmatched reliability and security. With this solution, you get industry-specific, deep functionality and advanced user architecture.

This solution helps you;

1. Minimize IT risks and costs

2. Deploy locally as well as manage globally

3. Optimize your operations

4. Scale to the business as it changes and grows

For the best value at minimum risk and cost, choose Infor erp xa.

What it does

This solution assists keep the business competitive in the highly competitive manufacturing environment today. By delivering important information to the point of use and providing core functionality that you require, this solution effectively delivers the ERP promise.

  • Social communication for the business

This solution offers embedded social features which assists you solve problems faster and accelerate your processes.

  • Information power to the users

This solution pushes important information to a user when he or she needs it.

  • Unmatched security

There is absolutely not a single IBM Power System that has ever been crushed down by a malware or virus. That is why the worlds’ leading casinos and banks trust IBM Power System for ensuring zero downtime.

  •  Minimal IT costs

IT costs for this solution are typically lesser than the ERP systems running on other platforms. This solution’s customers normally spend less than one percent of sales on the IT costs.

  •  Global capability with the local deployment

Deploy this solution locally according to your business needs, while managing the entire enterprise as a single information source, one mobile platform, one event and workflow management system, and also a single user interface across the instances.

  • Proven globally

With very active customers in fifty countries and translations and localizations, this solution is definitely your platform for the global business.

  •  Manage all the core processes

After thirty five years of service in discrete manufacturing, this solution provides the amazing functionality to effectively handle it all.

  •  Manufacturing models

This solution supports all the manufacturing types including contract or project manufacturing, make to order, repetitive schedules, engineer to order, configure to order, make to stock and more.

  •  Business process coverage

This solution effectively supports all the phases of the business process including source to pay, prospect to cash, design to manufacture and financial management and reporting.

This solution can also be comfortably deployed to cover some other business aspects. This solution also serves as core of a number of extended industry suites that combine many Infor solutions for high performance for certain situations, including:

  1. Field service
  2. Energy management and equipment maintenance
  3. Automotive customer management
  4. Supplier and customer exchange portals
  5. Advanced CRM
  6. Operations and sales planning
  7. Mobile deployment for delivery, shop floor, sales and others

What it means

With this solution, you will have power to;

  • Access all the business information with just one click, guarded by the best security model.
  • Minimize all the operating costs with low administrative overhead, high security levels and maximum stability
  • Maximize the business processes with excellent end-to-end process management and integration.
  • Add business value by effectively enhancing this solution your way without adding risk to upgrades or costs
  • Cover all the important business processes with the leading industry functionality for the specific industry.
  • Deploy flexibly as the business changes; scale-up seamlessly as the business grows.
  • Support global business growth with great pre-built translations and localizations.

Core features

Some of this solution’s features include;

  • Workspace 10.2
  • ION process
  • Data view styles and actions
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Remote program interface
  • Auto content security and security release profiles
  • Subscribe and publish capability in core
  • All the manufacturing models supported.


Supplier exchange, TDCI Configurator, Inforce (Salesforce), Corporate Performance Management(CPM), Enterprise Asset Management(EAM), B2B Portal, TDCI Channel Selling and Manufacturing Execution System.

This comprehensive global solution assists many discrete manufacturers in various industries including furniture and fixtures, medical devices, aerospace, plastic and metal fabrication, automotive, and industrial controls and equipment.

With this solution, you will be able to completely optimize all the operations across all the business processes while also providing access to important information throughout your enterprise. Infor erp xa also meets the discrete manufacturers’ replenishment and planning requirements, introducing a visibility level needed to perfectly control the complex relationships of the supply chain.

By providing the correct information infrastructure, this solution offers you the scalability and flexibility to grow. It perfectly aligns numerous manufacturing sites, without the usual delays and costs, allowing you to respond quickly to the customer-driven transactions anywhere across the world. This solution assists you to meet all your financial and operational goals by effectively integrating business processes such as prospect to cash, design to manufacture, user technology, purchase to pay, finance and analysis, IT architecture, integration, execution and post-sales support.

Global organizations require the correct information infrastructure to assist boost the market share. The discrete manufacturers using this solution gain a strong foundation for effectively unifying their businesses with a good, proven information infrastructure. With such a solid foundation, the manufacturers can communicate effortlessly as well as access important information, and acquire the tools they require to streamline business processes and exceed customer expectations throughout their global business.

Infor ERP XA is highly scalable from a tiny single site company to a large multi-site, multi-national organization while cutting lead times, simplifying continuous flow and streamlining throughput while improving inventory accuracy and tracking.

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