Extensive Infor Mongoose Overview

Infor Mongoose is exactly what you need in today’s business world where speed and agility are very important if you want to remain competitive. While your business leaders may be able to keep up, it is also important to ask whether the software systems you are using can keep up with the power and pace of their initiatives. Most of the time rigid design structures and aging technology make systems an obstacle when it comes to executing new business strategies. This should not be the case as they are supposed to be one of the greatest assets that help you fuel growth. Read on to find out how it would be of help.

Infor Mongoose is an innovative technology platform that allows you to take control by letting you easily deploy and design applications that will improve and extend your businesses core enterprise solution. This can be used effectively by any person as you do not need to have any knowledge of complex programming language or any source codes. This means that you will be able to create all the enhancements you want very fast without using too much effort as it would have been required if you were using some of the traditional development approaches.

Infor Mongoose offers Infor 10x technology delivering a new and exciting functionality that includes things such as:

Modern user friendly experience- this offers a holistic approach when it comes to user experience that is bound to result in happier and more satisfied users as well as greater efficiency for your business.

Packaged integrations- using this allows you to access flexible connections via Infor ION to various Infor solutions.

Device readiness- it automatically publishes for both mobile and browser interfaces.

Industry content packs- micro- vertical accelerator and ERP kits facilitate faster deployment.

Deployment flexibility- uses can access hybrid and cloud- based deployments as they are both available.

There are a number of benefits you get using Infor mongoose such as:

Application extension framework- the rapid development framework from Infor can be used to effectively build new application. It can also be used to customize legacy ones. Architecture that is flexible- Mongoose can be used to build anything whether you are looking to create simple web parts or complex ERP systems. Fast and efficient- Mongoose is also designed in such a way that it is very easy and fast. There are some applications that can be built in a few days while some complex ones may need some months. This will however help you to yield more savings as you streamline business process flows as well as capturing systematically valuable data.

The platform is designed to deliver technology that will empower you instead of controlling you. This is very important as it frees the business to take care of more important functionality it needs efficiently and quickly. It is fully integrated with Intelligent Open Network (ION) meaning it can be used with all the enterprise locations that are ION enabled. The main aim of Mongoose is to allow clients and partners to design and deploy a number of applications that will improve the existing systems they are using resulting in an innovative approach of building applications that will work for your unique business needs preserving valuable investment in the core technology systems. At the same time Infor mongoose maintains upgrade paths for the future.

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