Extensive Infor Motion Guide

Infor Motion is simply a mobile platform which allows you to conveniently distribute all enterprise information outside your network’s boundaries to your favorite smartphone or tablet wherever they are. This solution consists of various applications such as Activity Deck and Road Warrior. Activity Deck allows your employees on the go to keenly follow the activities of your business whether it’s an approval of a huge purchase invoice or an alert of an order. On the other hand, Road Warrior enables the sales representatives have access to your customer information and the progress of their respective orders wherever they do business.

Extensive Infor Motion Guide

Infor’s comprehensive portfolio of great mobile applications provides information even on the go thus enabling you to improve your decision making and response time and also to proactively build, flexible and acting staff.

Infor believes that their customers deserve adaptable and agile solutions, thus they have made it their task to give this enterprise software a completely new face and mobility is an important part of their strategy. This means that all the users will get a wide and also a constantly growing range of reliable and safe mobile applications and features. This also means that Infor puts the great power of personal technology like Android tablet or smartphone into the business users’ hands thus enabling them to work efficiently.

With this solution you can;

  1. Improve business opportunities and processing times
  2. Reduce the time taken for decision making in your company
  3. Give the employees access to information, processes and systems anywhere, anytime and in a very secure environment.
  4. Implement a great proactive approach to easily identifying and also resolving problems.
  5.  Increase your employees’ satisfaction.

Infor Motion Applications

Take advantage of modern platform for management, procurement as well as deployment of great mobile applications which make it very easy for you to effectively keep the business running.

1. Road Warrior

This specialized application lets you take advantage of the good features of all your mobile devices, thus enabling you to work smarter and act faster. Its integrated business intelligence enables you to retrieve all customer information and gives you on the go access to all your data anywhere anytime.

2. Activity Deck

Avoid any standstill in the business processes with effective mobile alerts, tasks and approvals that will directly get you to your tablet or your smartphone. This will enable you to promptly perform all the tasks and thus keep the business running.

3. Shop floor

Manage all the production activities wherever they take place, with completely free access to all the information on the mobile device. Your trusted officers have complete control over all issues relating to people, resources and materials thus ensuring that all the business activities are being carried out in a responsible and efficient manner resulting to greater productivity.

4. Motion Infor warehouse director

This application gives you real time access to very detailed information about all the items in your warehouse from the mobile device. Hence, you will be able to monitor and control all the activities taking place in your warehouse and ensure that all the required processes for receipt and issue of items is being keenly adhered to.

This application gives you very detailed access to all the information about your business processes, it also enables you to effectively monitor financial services anywhere at any time.

6. Dashboard

You get all the information that you need to effectively monitor the important factors in a user-friendly, consolidated dashboard format that you can easily access while on the go.

Gain the mobile advantage

Today, most of the successful organizations have an increasingly great mobile workforce. Most workers have confessed that their mobile devices are their most important technology. This solution makes best practice a very fast reality for the organization. A very sophisticated platform for building, managing and provisioning mobile applications, this solution makes it very easy to keep your organization effectively running. It extends your Infor solutions’ power to the mobile devices in a great device-driven design which offers strong security, top performance and centralized, easy application management.

Make the Transition

Mobile technology has a very great effect on the business activities today. Mobile technology increases productivity by timely giving you all the information you require to execute your tasks anywhere. With this solution, you are able to deploy the mobile technology in few simple steps, it’s a cloud-based, lean platform that seamlessly and smoothly brings the industry-specific power to all the devices that you prefer. As a business person, you should take advantage of Infor’s extensive experience in assisting companies realize advantages of the mobile technology.

Build a Responsive Organization

Be productive anytime, anywhere with this solution, which puts the great power of all Infor applications on the smart phone or tablet. Infor’s technology framework seamlessly connects non-Infor and Infor business systems while also adding mobile access, contextual intelligence and convenience of cloud. This solution delivers great applications that are specifically built for each and every mobile device your company uses.

You get:

1. Pre-packaged, industry – specialized Infor applications on your mobile device

This solution’s applications are readily available in all widely adopted mobile operating systems and device types. You will not require any new technology framework for the different screen types or screen devices.

2. Out-of-the-box administration and integration platform

You can ensure that your enterprise software is efficiently mobile with Infor’s integration platform, deliver a good complete infrastructure for the deployment as well as management and get some application developers who will quickly address every business opportunity and challenge you face.

3. Cloud-based security and technology

Reduce your Information Technology footprint and operate without any problem with this solution which uses a very secure cloud host. You can easily and efficiently integrate contemporary 3rd party technologies like location and voice services. You can choose any servers to house the data since you have good localized cloud access.


With Infor Motion , the transition to great mobile applications is an easier, faster process. You are able to deploy and manage mobile applications quickly and easily thus you are able to meet all the unique business challenges.

With many mobile applications from Infor Motion, you will discover a whole new world of opportunities to improve your business and increase your productivity and efficiency.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.