How Infor Adage Helps You Analyze Your Business Information

Infor Adage Overview

Manufactures want to plan all their activities well and manufacture the products well. However, their customers demand new products faster daily which leaves the manufactures with less time for planning. Hence manufactures desperately need tools that assists them: respond to their customers’ needs, price their products profitably, reduce waste and plan rather than just react.

Infor Adage puts the process manufacturers on the drivers’ seat by actually giving them total control over how they enter, use, view and analyze their business information. Infor Adage also puts all puzzle pieces together to enable process manufactures see their business choices clearly and thus make better decisions.

Infor Adage provides an effective enterprise transactional backbone that firmly supports sales, manufacturing and also operational business processes. It’s designed specifically for process industry and also offers an efficient solution that effectively delivers ERP functionality, like promotions and pricing, actual lot costing, lot tracking, item-pack configuration, routing and formula management, quality control and catch weight.

Process manufacturers are faced with many variable input costs like transportation, commodity prices and energy – plus multiple routings, batch sizes, packaging and tanks. Process manufacturers often set commodity prices based on very inaccurate cost assumptions.

Inaccurate costs can sometimes cause the manufacturers to overcharge thus reducing their competitiveness. In order to improve competitiveness, process manufacturers must keenly focus on some key issues. First of all, manufacturers must make the pricing decisions based on completely accurate, detailed and current data. They must also understand the process of cost-to- serve so that they are able to efficiently identify profitable products and customers. In order to effectively achieve these goals, process manufacturers need ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution developed specifically for their needs.

With very many years of experience in these field of process manufacturing, Infor provides a set of multiple integrated process solutions having built in industry experience thus helping to lower the total cost of ownership.Infor Adage provides one with the best- time access to most accurate customer and product profitability through dynamic order price accruals and adjustments, visibility into the correct cost to serve and flexible price definition. In short, Infor Adage helps one streamline his procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes and also improve his plan-to-produce processes.

Infor Adage is simply a business process-based flexible solution that assists one to accurately identify costs of the product variants to improve competitiveness and protect margins. Infor Adage has the plan-to-produce process integrated in it to help one produce the right quality and quantity of products at the correct production costs thus boosting profits and revenue. This solution also has the procure-to-pay process that helps one procure all materials on time.

With Infor Adage, one can:

1. Accurately create invoices and set prices using the flexible price definition

2. Improve the cost-to-serve visibility in order to protect margins

3. Make strategic product mix and customer decisions.

In order to ensure that the one always price his or her products correctly, Infor Adage automatically validates all data from the sales orders against his or her embedded business rules and then instantly retrieves the right price list from every order line. In addition, this efficient pricing engine automatically retrieves all prices, allowances and discounts available.

Infor ERP Adage also helps one address some issues common to process manufacturers including;

Margins and shelf life

Infor Adage uses the rules of shelf-life lot allocation to optimize the correct value of each shipment thus providing one with all – important quality and cost accuracy. The solution also delivers the lot status control used to track the product from manufacturing process, which can take some hours then through outsourced testing that can take a day. This way, one can ensure that a lot is not released before efficient testing is completed therefore reducing the probability of a recall.

Infor ERP Adage also eases the process of shipping by efficiently managing catch weight, especially when the weight of each item package varies. With this solution, one can capture the real weight of products during the process of shipping and then bill his or her customer based on that actual weight.


With Infor ERP Adage, one can pack out bulk into several packages with a single production order. In addition, he or she will be able to improve the accuracy of costs and lots.

Cost identification

At every level of production, one must deal with cross-contamination issues, varying batch sizes, tank capacity, and by- and co- products all which impact the costs and yields. From the point of receipt to shipment, one must maintain consistent yields and quality, actual costs, compliance with all government regulations, and lot tracing and tracking while monitoring the actual cost of service and quality and keeping costs low.

Starting with the raw materials through each production stage, packaging and also post-production processing, this solution maintains attributes, costs and shelf-life status, all the while offering full backward and forward lot tracing and tracking. Infor ERP Adage aligns seamlessly with the business processes, completely eliminating the need for offline workarounds like accessing spreadsheets or databases. This reduces duplicate entry, lead time and maintenance and also improves the quality, enhancing one’s bottom and top lines.

Cost reduction and quality improvement

Infor Adage provides one with the full cost variances; clearly illustrating the impact that a change that is seemingly small can have on his or her operation and also providing one with insight to assist change company behavior.

Product safety

One of the biggest challenges of process manufacturers is contamination. Contamination can lead to brand damaging .Since, Infor ERP Adage efficiently captures product specifications, one can integrate quality and reduce the possibility of giving incorrect lots thus protecting his or her brand.

In order to stay competitive in process manufacturing in the business environment today, one needs advanced technology tools that will allow him or her to streamline the day to day execution of packaging, production and the post-production processes and also make continuous business improvements. Since Infor Adage specifically focuses on process industries and is designed to ensure rapid deployment, one can implement the best industry practices on his core business processes quickly.


Infor Adage therefore helps one to:

1. Plan to produce a lot more efficiently

2. Discover where his or her true profitability lies

3. See the actual impact of quality on his or her bottom line.

4. Improve collaboration to enhance better results.


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