How Infor Advanced Scheduling Can Help You

Infor advanced scheduling is a scheduling solution which is constraint-based, it adequately addresses the unique, time consuming challenges of effectively managing capacity of tanks, lines and vessels – and also the flow of products between them.

How Infor Advanced Scheduling Can Help You 

What it is

The batch process manufacturing environment needs you to carefully schedule production with the down-to-minute precision. Effectively synchronize the entire flow of the batch production in face of many constraints and you will be successful.

Infor advanced scheduling can assist you:

1. Spend lesser time completing expensive changeovers and set-ups.

2. Reduce production costs

3. Reduce cycle times

4. Increase throughput and capacity utilization.

5. Increase the on-time delivery performance.

With Infor advanced scheduling, you are able to schedule your production in the most timely, profitable and efficient manner. You obtain capabilities for;

1. Optimization

Adjust your schedules on a single minute notice with the automated optimization techniques as well as drag and drop great capabilities on a graphical Gantt chart planning board.

2. Visibility

Create good personalized views of the schedules targeted towards specific production operations in order to improve collaboration and communications.

3. Synchronize packaging

Ensure that the packaging materials and lines are well synchronized to be readily available exactly when the production is finished in order to maximize the available shelf life as well as reduce temporary storage which could greatly upset future production.

4. Manage by-products and co -products

Efficiently manage all complex inter-dependencies of your products for blend, cook, mix, brew, distill or react processes. Manage all the materials used in all these production processes.

Manage Your Flow

Indeed, it is a fact that the manufacturers who distill, blend, react, cook, mix or brew face very unique scheduling challenges from those in the other industries – the challenges that are not met by the conventional planning software or the scheduling systems that are assembly-based.

Synchronize Your Operations

Infor understands that every single minute greatly counts when production resources are being scheduled. If you are going to remain competitive, then you require very correct and accurate information in order to use your resources in the best way possible.

Info has got over twenty years of experience effectively maximizing use of important manufacturing resources. This solution was perfectly designed so as to achieve great synchronization of all the operations across all your production lines, hence you can expect less time lost from changeovers and set-up. You will see your overall production costs reduce and on-time delivery performance rise up.

Infor’s fast, intuitive and interactive advanced scheduling solution is specifically tailored for the batch-process production industries such as chemicals, biotechnology, food, pharmaceuticals, beverage and numerous consumer goods. With this solution, the production will be much more efficient, you will also have timely access to the right information, so that you can be able to make better decisions quickly.

Schedule More Efficiently

This solution deals with co-products, by-products, recipes and yield losses. It is very unique in its great ability to manage all constraints of silo and tank capacity and the product flow between them, including maturation times, overlapping processes, shelf-life and storage restrictions. Such considerations are seriously taken into account in order to ensure that all your products are properly scheduled in the most profitable, timely and efficient manner that meets all your customer demand.

Optimization – Respond Quickly to Change

Customer demand is ever changing; this solution enables you to respond more quickly and effectively to those unpredictable customer demands, with the automated optimization techniques as well as a great intuitive graphical planning board which puts you in complete control and also gives you power to adjust the schedules at a single minute notice. The results are optimized and accurate production schedules.

Visibility – Improve Collaboration and Communication

The need to effectively share all production information with your colleagues throughout the organization, and also your suppliers is very important. The complete Gantt chart view of your production schedule with the information such as process step, specific order detail and batch can be accessed through the internet easily.

This greatly ensures the most accurate, current information for important decisions to minimize loss as a result of spoilage, maximize margins and improve customer service. This solution gives personalized view of the schedules, targeted towards specific production operations. Due to this greatly increased collaboration, you obtain complete control of the plant and also achieve measurable improvements especially in service, profitability and production. And since you are able to get very solid information when it is needed, you will be able to make quick better decisions.

This solution also allows you to;

1. Reduce your planning time through a better, intuitive planning experience, which includes intelligent signaling for the tank duration violations, inventory simulations and magnetic batches.

2. Reduce production interruptions because of the unforeseen CIP (cleaning-in-progress)as a result of the advanced cleaning-in-progress management functionalities.

3. Schedule small batches more efficiently and quickly.

4. Calculate the non-productive costs and time based on the production attributes, thus resulting in an efficient throughput.

5. Reduce the production cost by greatly minimizing the high-cost yet non-productive events.

6. Schedule the production more efficiently and quickly by controlling the specific production activities.

Infor Advanced scheduling 5.5 

This more advanced solution has certain components that are specifically designed for the process management to efficiently redistribute tank outflow and inflow in case of overlapping batches;

New points

1. Enhanced scheduling experience

This release greatly enhances user experience with new feel and look, in addition to some usability enhancements like inventory simulation and magnetic batches to enhance planning experience.

2. Advanced CIP (cleaning-in-place) management

Manufactures are now able to automatically schedule the cleaning-in-place processes using time-based rules or specific quantity. Accurate modeling of cleaning in place (CIP) assists improve the quality of the schedule to avoid any production interruptions.

3. Transition matrices and rules

This release greatly enables the manufacturers to calculate the non-productive costs and time based on the production attributes.

Breaking down the non-productive time into the most basic elements enables efficient throughput and also facilitates better accuracy in the time calculations.

4. Tank flow redistribution

This release has components that are specifically designed for the process management to efficiently redistribute tank outflow and inflow in case of overlapping batches.

5. Cost optimization

This release assists manufactures optimize the scheduling decisions like resource allocation as well as sequencing on both duration and cost. This assists to reduce overall production cost by minimizing non-production events and high costs.


With Infor advanced scheduling, You effectively streamline your complex and challenging batch production processes thus enabling you to deliver your customers’ orders on time as well as create a more profitable and efficient business.

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