How Infor Cloverleaf Helps to Solve Your Data Integration Challenges

Infor Cloverleaf Overview

With the ever increasing demand for health care services, more and more healthcare providers now need a fast and reliable access to all their clinical, operational and financial data. This data often stays at separate disparate enterprise applications across multiple locations including local electronics and medical records systems in doctor’s office.

Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite is actually an enterprise caliber integration platform that facilitates the movement of secure data through disparate systems within and outside the healthcare enterprise. It provides secure messaging integration, archiving, resiliency, monitoring, and cost efficient interoperability through standard web services and standard protocols. With clover leaf integration, you can be sure that your organization can aggregate disparate information systems and data thoroughly regardless of the source system, transmission protocol or message format.

Therefore, whether you are a medical device manufacturer, an independent software vendor or you own a healthcare organization, Infor Cloverleaf will surely help you to solve all your data integration challenges. It doesn’t matter how small or big your organization is. This is because this application has the capability to serve both big and small organizations, from physician practices to health information exchanges to large delivery networks. Info Cloverleaf Integration Suite understands that you actually need a solution that combines technical excellence with a good and deep healthcare knowledge. This application will help you to develop and implement solutions that will enable you to increase your return on investment, enhance your revenue opportunities, improve flexibility and also deliver low total cost of ownership.

Infor Cloverleaf was recently named the top complex data, multi organization health information exchange vendor solution by black book market research LLC investments. With time and resources being a constant challenge within the healthcare industry, Infor cloverleaf provides organizations with readily available resources and also hosts infrastructure that can support data integration and interoperability.

So how can Infor cloverleaf help to solve your data integration challenges? Below are reasons why Infor cloverleaf is the perfect solution to your integration challenges.

1. It brings together isolated platforms

No mater your organization size, you will be faced with the challenge of meeting data integration, information management and data exchange needs. For you to bridge isolated platforms, you will need to integrate data that is segregated in silos and exchange information with partners across care continuum. Infor Cloverleaf can bring together all isolated platforms to enable you to respond comfortably to regulatory and compliance requirements. Although these requirements are not new, the ever changing healthcare landscape, the growth of data and increase in number of patients has actually changed the game. To improve and integrate your business options as well as optimal care to be a reality, your health care technology should be able to bring all platforms together.

2. Get the right data

With Infor Cloverleaf, you will have an end to end integration platform that quickly addresses fundamental healthcare obstacles to health integration which will then allow you to freely exchange information both within and beyond your organization. Many top healthcare organizations, medical device manufactures, information exchange and hospital information system vendors actually trust the Infor Cloverleaf integration suite to take care of their most complex information exchange and integration challenges.

The unmatched extensibility and easy to use graphical tools of Infor cloverleaf enables it to deliver flexibility and high performance requirements that are essential for healthcare integration. You will be able to empower your staff by enabling them to access vital information on time thus enabling them to make informed decisions. Unlike other vendor who only provide point to point integration, and cannot sale multi-site environments, this application will enable you to have an integrated platform and associated modules that you can use to create an ecosystem of clinical interoperability. You will be able to connect data, communities and doctors both inside and outside your organizations primary site and also create a strong foundation for clinical excellence.

3. Flexible integration

Infor Cloverleaf will give you the opportunity to benefit from a robust solution that is known throughout the word as the most reliable fast, cost effective, easy to use and scalable platform for integrating and delivering data. This application will enable you to:

  • Design deeply and manage data throughout your care network
  • Develop, supervise, monitor and validate thousands of interfaces that are producing millions of transactions and messages each day.
  • Rely on scalable and agile integration across data information sources that are highly diverse (such as electronic health records, medical devices imaging, labs and insurers) and compatibility with popular databases, operating systems, application servers and platforms.

It is so easy to integrate this application with your existing IT infrastructure. Have confidence in a reliable solution that was specifically designed to handle healthcare related problems and the demands of information exchange.

4. It is powerful

Infor Cloverleaf will give you the opportunity to access powerful tools that will assist in speed issue resolution and delivery. With Infor Cloverleaf, you will get:

  •  Network configuration route view which can quickly resolve all your problems just with a single message with includes inbound and outbound translations and protocols.
  •  Data connection GUUI which builds SQL statements and connections to JDBC complaint databases without the need to script.

5. Improves interoperability

As your healthcare organization continues to continue to strive so as to improve financial performance and patient care, it will be so difficult to have patient information ready available regardless of the source. But with Infor cloverleaf, all information within your organization can easily be shared between disparate systems thus ensuring that the data needed is readily available and secure. So whether you are supposed to manage 500 or 50 million messages per day to systems that make patient care decisions, you can rely on Infor cloverleaf to send the data without any delay or interruption.

Improve interoperability, expedite integration and make better use of all your existing resource with Infor Cloverleaf. With over 20 years of experience in this industry and thousands of successful implementations throughout the world, you can be sure that you will indeed benefit from this application. Infor Cloverleaf is efficient and reliable and when you use it in your organization, the speed of integration and scalability will greatly be boosted.

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