How Infor Distribution SX.e Reduces Complexity

Infor Distribution SX.e reduces complexity by combining control, power, and convenience making it a robust distribution management-solution for all manufacturers and distributors. It has been specifically designed to aid all types of distributors and manufacturers run an-efficient, end to end operation. Basically, it delivers great functionality and agility for all distribution business-units

Infor-Distribution SX.e offers industry specific suites and applications which have been engineered for both power and speed. It also has an innovative user friendly design which is simple, elegant and transparent. It provides flexible-deployment options which give users a choice to either run business in the cloud or on-premises.

It delivers intuitive enterprise-search functionality which allows users to rank, save-settings and filter-results, this in turn facilitates great efficiency within the users daily tasks and also creates a much faster response time to all customer-requests by enabling easier-location of customer, product, and supplier data.

Over a 1,000 companies with a revenue ranging from $50-million to over $1billion rely-on Infor Distribution SXe to help reduce complexity thus helping them succeed.

Below are some ways how infor Distribution-SXe will help in reducing complexity.

It will do this by:

-Managing thousands of different transactions.
-Tracking tens-of thousands of various different line items.

-Keeping tabs on thousands-of various different suppliers and customers.
-Warehouse management. It helps you manage your warehouse-workflow much better.

-Order entry. It helps you automate your purchasing thus streamlining your work process.
-Inventory control.It helps you improve your inventory-management hence enabling a much better performance.

The new, modern-user experience delivers a modernized user-experience which will definetly change the way you work. It has new ION-integrations for extension applications. It provides a compelling extended-suite with a lower cost-way which helps you take advantage of high value capabilities.

The application delivers a more robust functionality by compelling workflows within the-application and also across a broader-suite. Its flexibility delivers the much desired enhancements without unnecessarily impacting the core code. The embedded enterprise-search enables you to enjoy the familiar and also consumer grade search so you can immediately access all the information you need, this greatly improves service-levels.

The expanded micro vertical industry-functionality delivers industry specific functionality which deploys quickly and at a lower-TCO, while at the same time preserving the upgrade path.There are various features which aid in reducing the complexity. Some of these features include:

– A new and enhanced-integration
– DNBi-interface
– Additional data-elements integration to ICB
– Taxware-Enterprise interface for AR & AP
– PO-enhancements
– A demand-center
– TD 5 data-on specific outbound-POs
– A manually move-PO to the acknowledged stage
– A much improved usability of Buyers-control center
– A much increased field size
– Value add enhancements
– Value add and kit-product revisions
– Excel-export for value add and kit-line items
– Labor-reporting
– Costing in value add
– Production availability-view
– OE-enhancements
– OE Quick-grid entry
– Display last-cost update with last-price paid
– Customer specific bar-codes on packing-slip
– Flag non cancellable / non returnable items
– Search-by ship to
– Additional-information on direct-orders
– Bi directional notes
– Automated-freight allocation on DC-WH directs
– A completely new-user interface
– An embedded Infor-Ming.le
– An embedded Infor-Enterprise search
– Contextual-BI
– Closed loop workflows
– Notes management-web part
– Mega-menus
– Infor analytics
– Supply chain-execution (WMS)
– Bill-Trust interface

Additionally, Infor-Distribution-SX.e also has French and Spanish translations, which is yet another way Infor Distribution SX.e reduces complexity.

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