How Infor EAM Enterprise Saves You Time and Money

Infor EAM Enterprise is one the largest provider of business services and solutions on the planet. The company has helped thousands of enterprises across all industry sectors improve operational efficiency, to foster business growth. As a professional service company, Infor brings together esteemed industry professionals and over ten years of consulting and business management skills to help enterprises achieve their full potential.

At the heart of every business process are efficient and effective asset management programs to keep the business activities robust and the business wheels running smoothly. Asset management is one of the fundamental aspect of the enterprise’s business cycle, which help the organization make measurable goals, with a clear business process in mind.

How Infor EAM Enterprise Saves You Time and Money

Managing your assets effectively

Regardless of the industry, all businesses, one way or another, have assets to manage. Whether it is in the manufacturing, distribution, services, or government sector, a reliable asset management program is critical in reducing costs and increasing profits. An efficiently-running program is vital in protecting and prolonging the service life of the business assets.

With the help of Infor EAM Enterprise, you can turn every component of asset management into a major advantage for your company. Infor’s experience and expertise can be used a leverage to institute critical solutions.

  •  Streamline the maintenance process

You can maximize the effectiveness of your asset maintenance if you follow a systematic process. With an automated system in place, you can electronically create, assign, and monitor work orders, and at the same time, monitor and analyze the whole process to determine the ideal maintenance schedules. In the long run, this will improve the productivity and longevity of assets.

  • Reduce the cost of inventory

The absence of an effective asset management system will more likely lead to inadequate or excessive inventory. With proper tools to monitor and control the inventory levels, you company will be able to maintain and acquire the optimum level of inventory that your company needs.

  •  Improve warranty recovery

With a system to monitor and track repairs, you can properly identify repairs that are eligible under a warranty claim. The system will automatically create reports after a repair is completed, allowing you to file warranty claims promptly.

  •  Improve equipment uptime

With the help of Infor EAM Enterprise, you can establish an automated system that will allow you to identify the reasons and forecast a particular equipment’s failure point to avoid costly downtime.

  •  Improve risk mitigation

Every enterprise needs tools to track changes, monitor performance, analyze the asset profile, and build reports that will help anticipate the reliability of assets and to apply appropriate risk mitigation system.

Saving You Time and Money 

Understanding this important need, Infor EAM Enterprise designed systematic solution to help your businesses save time and money.

  •  Install innovative solutions

Assets that are not utilized efficiently for day-to-day operations can negatively impact the organization’s overall health. It can increase costs, decrease productivity, and may expose the business to compliance requirements. Ultimately, it would reduce customer satisfaction, decrease profitability, and impede growth.

The professional enterprise asset management team from Infor will help you understand that asset management is essential for greater business efficiency. They will help you find and install appropriate solutions to reduce cost and enhance your growth potentials.

Often, business executives neglect asset management as an opportunity to improve overall performance and increase profits. Instead, they focus on other activities that would visibly increase sales. They fail to realize that asset performance can be used as the leverage to foster top-line growth.

Inadequate maintenance, for instance, can decrease the efficiency of a particular asset, which will increase the cost of keeping asset. Eventually, the company will be forced to invest in new equipment in order to achieve the desired efficiency.

  •  Identify business specifics

Infor EAM Enterprise will help you find industry-specific solutions that will simplify your asset management program, whether you are in the manufacturing, life science, transportation, facilities, services, government, or public sector organizations. Infor will help create an effective team to ensure that all aspects of asset management are planned and implemented throughout the enterprise.

The professionals from Inform will guide you in implementing clear and concise solutions that will proactively integrate asset management, maintenance activities, and asset information in one simple solution tailored to the specific needs of your enterprise. They can help you organize and set up easy-to-configure and easy-to-follow interface, with built-in configuration capabilities unique to your business.

  • Discover hidden profits

You will be surprised how Infor EAM Enterprise can help you discover and reveal hidden profits. With an automated solution that provides you the tools to effectively monitor and manage the maintenance, performance, and deployment of your assets, you can avoid operational downtime.

Operational downtimes, especially when they are outside routine preventive maintenance is counterproductive to the overall efficiency of the organization. If you were in the manufacturing industry, for instance, operational downtime would mean disruption in your manufacturing operations. With prolonged downtime, you will be unable to meet your customer’s requirements, resulting in major losses in earning opportunities.

A reliable software, such as those provided by Infor, can help you understand the complexities of your operation, allowing you to design specific built-in condition based predictive maintenance, without incurring substantial costs. A system that can provide real time asset data can help you install accurate measures, using appropriate resources, which help prevent the intensification of problems.

The Bottom Line

Infor EAM Enterprise is the most comprehensive and the best asset management solution that will help you evaluate equipment data and identify strategic developments and inconsistencies, within a specific industry. This will help you make intelligent decisions, based on the analysis of the equipment’s performance.

Companies assisted by Infor reported gains and remarkable investment returns, including:

  •  Increase in labor productivity by as much as 20 percent
  •  Reduce inventory levels by at least 30 percent
  •  Reduce the carrying costs of inventory by about 20 percent
  •  Reduce the new equipment acquisition by 5 percent
  •  Increase the uptime of the fleet by 10 percent
  •  Reduce material costs by 10 percent
  •  Reduce the process cost associated with material purchase by as much as 50 percent

Infor will assist you in managing your business assets such as equipment, vehicles, manufacturing facilities, and many more, from the moment you acquire them up until the time you need to dispose and replace them with new ones. Your costs will significantly decrease while increasing your profits.

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