How Infor HCM Transforms the Way People Work

The Infor HCM is designed specially to handle all your human capital management processes from payroll to human resources effectively and efficiently. The rapid advancement of technology and the changes in the business environment have increased the importance of human resources in the modern world. Recruiting and retaining skilled employees is a difficult task than ever before. Very few companies are equipped with the right technology to address their human capital management needs. With Infor HCM you can focus on recruiting the right people and transform the way people work. In short Infor HCM allows you to scrutinize, optimize and enhance everything everyone in an organization needs to know next.

Advantages of Infor HCM:

1. It helps you to better plan, select, train, deploy, develop, assess, motivate, retain and reward your workforce.

2. It helps you to streamline the way you maintain and mange the employee information, gives an idea of the payroll and benefit costs and assures employees more control over their personal information. Yes, it ensures that you have good access to the employee data and use them whenever and wherever you want.

3. It helps you to meet your payroll on time, every time without any errors.

4. This unique tool gives you the power to offer your employees the options for benefits enrollment and have all the employee benefit information on the web for easy and quick access.

5. It increases personnel satisfaction by optimizing HR team productivity and enhancing their level of service.

6. The HR team also experiences a rapid decrease in performing monotonous tasks which allows them to concentrate on more important matters of the organization.

7. Infro HCM is a collaborative tool that facilitates companies to put in place secured validation workflows and also clearly elaborates a real job and the skill strategies needed for it.

8. This human resource management software is also an essential key to prevent professional injuries and the expenses associated with them.

9. It includes payroll management, time and attendance management, HR management, work injuries and security management and temporary work companies management.

10. It also helps you in giving your employees the latest benefits options in a highly organized way while reducing costs and paper work to a great extent.

11. This software also ensures that you put all employees and managers in charge of their own personal data and benefit choices. In this way it allows the employees and managers to be directly involved in the work force business processes.

12. It assures incredible savings of overtime costs through accurate and precise calculations. It also improves payroll accuracy and promises huge savings in the gross payroll costs.

13. This essential tool also helps you to deploy the right workforce, with the right level of skills, at the right time and place and at the right cost too.

14. It promotes continual learning to develop employees skills, measure their performance and reward them appropriately based on their merit, performance and effectiveness.


In short Infro HCM is a complete HR package that helps you to address a wide array of human resource management issues. Yes, a comprehensive and integrated Infro HCM can help you handle workforce and payroll complexity as they develop and expand.

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