How Infor Pathway Improves Your Business

The top priority of decision makers in local governments is to find a way to deliver cost- effective and efficient customer service. From achieving cost effectiveness and quality in the day to day customer related services to the less visible activities such as legislative compliance, revenue management and development of some long-term programs for the sustainability of the community, you’ve got the hands full.

Luckily, Infor fully understands that local authorities must maintain their processes as efficient as possible. Infor also well understands that the software an organization uses plays a very critical role in determining how effectively that organization meets its core goal of high-rated customer service. Therefore, to meet the need for delivering quality customer service, Infor has built Infor Pathway.

How Infor Pathway Improves Your Business

Infor Pathway is simply a web-enabled and modern solution that has been developed to meet specific requirements of the local authorities in New Zealand and Australia. Infor pathway perfectly offers the comprehensive functionality that councils and local authorities require to meet the customer-service objectives. With Infor Pathway one gets capabilities to improve efficiency of his or her business processes, including revenue management, regulatory management, property and land management and people management.

One needs an easy-to-use and flexible solution that meets his or her future and current software requirements in the ways that assist control costs, Infor Pathway offers that plus a good modular solution that makes it very easy for his or her organization to perfectly incorporate new capabilities as the business needs dictate.It can also be used with a wide range of databases and hardware.

It was developed using Microsoft.NET framework, making its user interface intuitive and familiar.In addition, the solution supports wireless mobility and hand-held devices to help streamline processes and improve the field workers’ productivity.

Infor Pathway gives a very comprehensive offering of well integrated functionality for the good management of the business processes related to local governments, including:

People Management and Customer Service

Infor Pathway has several modules that are specifically designed to improve the delivery of service to customers. They include:

1. Address register/Central name: has a capability to fully maintain a good central registry of addresses and names, which assists you avoid error-prone and inefficient duplication of data. It also promotes a complete view of a customer.

2. Customer request management: it features management functions, intuitive data entry and power search capabilities so the customer service representatives will be able to deliver effective and efficient services that fully comply with the established policies. This solution also offers capabilities to monitor and track customer request activities.

3. Bookings management: this manages the entry and also control of the details related to hiring of venues like recreation parks and halls, including online availability payments and searches.

Property Management

For most local authorities, property and land management is actually an integral legislative and business responsibility. This crucial business requirement is addressed by Infor Pathway with a range of capabilities that include;

1. Property administration

Property administration provides the local authorities with an efficient tool for the creation, proper maintenance and very secure management of all property.

2. Animal registration

This captures all important animal information such as class, sex and breed. The module integrates with customer service and regulatory modules and also manages annual renewal processing.

3. Electoral roll

Electoral roll functionality fully supports electoral roll management needs of Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia. Electoral rolls are well integrated into property names databases so as to streamline the processes at local government level.

4. National Property Database

Infor Pathway functionality efficiently streamlines recording and good management of the National Property Database information for the New Zealand councils.

Revenue Management

Infor Pathway delivers capabilities to ensure that a local authority’s accounting, budgeting and spending activities assist to control costs. The key capabilities include:

1. Rates accounting

Integrated with property and valuations, as well as general ledger and revenue modules, Pathway’s rates accounting capabilities offers highly configurable billing and charging, multiple installment and payment systems, debt recovery and interfaces with federal and state government agencies.

2. Accounts receivable

Capabilities to assist local authorities manage debt collections and manage services billing effectively.

3. Water billing

This fully developed water billing module for the local governments has capabilities for payments processing, enquiries, billing and meter readings.

4. Liquid trade waste

This module allows general, flexible and industry-specific billing and charging options, including effective integration with other pathway revenue modules.

5. Income\receipting

This functional receipting/income module includes the capabilities to quickly generate receipts for monies received (either through credit agencies and banks or directly), direct debiting, and complete audit control of transactions.

6. Refunds

Integration with general ledger interface and billing modules ensures audit control and accuracy.

7. General ledger interface

This module perfectly interfaces to financial systems through a configurable export/import function. With general ledger interface, one can perform a full validation of the accounting entries, export ledger transactions and refresh account information.

Regulatory Management

Infor Pathway provides a variety of some workflow-driven modules, they include:

1. Applications

A configurable, powerful toolset for the billing, monitoring, processing, and administering building, planning and subdivision consents/applications.

2. Licensing

Provides very advanced capabilities for renewing, monitoring, processing, billing and administration of all user-defined licenses, such as health and food. Strong workflow capabilities also include staff reminders and proactive task management.

3. Inspections

Manages the creation, proper maintenance, reporting and efficient monitoring of statutory compliance demands associated with licensing, customer requests, applications, registers modules, property administration and trade waste.

Systems Administration

With Infor Pathway, the organization gets features that will improve the efficiency of managers and employees. Key capabilities include:

1. Query

Allows a quick search and selection process to be effectively performed on all important data stored in the system. All query results can also be stored and then used again to drive downstream reports and processes.

2. Pathway responsibility system

This lets one define all users, the security level associated with them and controls the users’ Pathway access privileges.

3. Menu

Delivers all the available functions through a single configurable menu structure.

4. Online help

Provides the users with quick access to a lot of help information.


Infor Pathway effectively provides increased employee productivity and satisfaction and also other benefits including:

  •  Reduced IT ownership cost
  •  Twenty four- hour customer access to all relevant processes and data
  •  More effective collaboration
  •  Easy and accurate reporting
  •  More efficient response especially to regulatory and security requirements
  •  Improved compliance with compliance guidelines and local policy
  •  Lower operational costs, this is achieved through the rationalization and consolidation of applications
  •  Better decision –making as a result of improved information flow
  •  Adaptive IT capabilities in order to meet the changing legislative requirements

It’s important you understand how Infor Pathway improves your business

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