How Infor PM Works

Infor PM is geared towards helping all types of businesses remain profitable. These businesses need to manage their performance through tracking and measuring data, while utilizing what we call competitive power or advantage.

During normal business activities, data is spread across many sources. It’s hard to try and make sense of a company’s environment and what is happening. And if this is the situation, it becomes almost impossible to meet goals and objectives. There has to be a system that works to bring together every facet of the business into one place, thus easy management is enhanced.

Furthermore, the financial process has to be streamlined in addition to offering the business the support it needs to thrive amid industry competition.


How Infor PM Works

In a competitive business world, where things are rapidly changing, it’s important that one has access to the right information, at the right time and in the right place.

This is where advanced performance management systems like infor PM come in. Through such a system, a business will be able to manage data and present it well. A business will be able to analyze the data and possibly identify loopholes that need to be fixed before it’s too late.

The system currently supports all businesses regardless of the industry they belong to.

You see, collecting metrics conveniently and even reporting it accurately is a challenge, especially where large pieces of data are being worked on. Errors are bound to occur, and it’s even very difficult to identify areas that need improvement in the event that the business is using traditional methods of managing performance.

Saving Time

Then there’s the issue of time management, where potential problems need to be identified and managed within acceptable time limits so that the people involved can work on core business functions. Infor PM works by minimizing time spent in handling errors or potential loopholes that may affect a business’ performance.

The process of gathering metrics is automated to ensure that it is fast and efficient. Instead of gathering multiple pieces of information, the system works by automating the process, thus ensuring the process is error-free and time conscious.

Employee Improvement

Working with statistics that can be understood is the best way to use effort to achieve business goals. But you see, many performance management tools in the market only give what can be described as skewed stats.

And the problem with skewed information is that individual employees can’t identify themselves with that information. It’s not comprehensive or clear. However, sometimes it may be comprehensive, but the way it’s being presented is not good, so employees cannot identify themselves with the information being presented to them, thus they can’t make the changes needed.

But on the other hand, infor PM works by ensuring that crucial data is presented in a personal and comparative way. So everyone in the business can improve their respective areas.

The Management

An advanced Performance Management System like Infor PM is able to serve data to the management of a company, thus allowing Managers to assign achievable goals to individuals, thus working towards improving productivity.

There is need to do actual performance analysis before a problem with workflow issues can be identified and reported. The data that is being worked on here is data from individuals in a team of employees. This data is very essential as it contributes to efficient management coaching in a business environment.

And when this coaching is done in the right way, employees will know their performance expectations, and thus improve in their respective fields. For instance, if a business handles a maximum of 30 transactions in one hour, individual employees can easily gauge what their expected efforts would be to ensure that this target is always reached or even surpassed.

But on the other hand, working blindly doesn’t do much in equipping them with this information. Working without proper data analysis and presentation doesn’t shade some light on individual efforts that must be applied to reach certain goals.

The Cost of Doing Business

Doing business and achieving one’s objective is a tricky affair. There are several things that come into play in order for business owners to reach their targets. There are issues related to personnel, equipment, funds etc. All these things aim at increasing profits in the end.

Clearly this calls for efficiency and more visibility into performance expectations. Until these things are considered or put into place, the business can’t achieve a fluid work-flow. This performance management system works by reducing the expenses involved to manageable levels.

This would include giving insights on making some quick adjustments here and there. Maybe the management could bring in additional personnel or equipment to boost productivity.

Improved Customer Relations

The more metrics are gathered quickly and efficiently, the more the amount of output is expected in the final outcome. Infor PM works by making sure that customer interaction with team members is greatly improved. This automatically leads to better customer experience and satisfaction.

You see, employees will feel appreciated when they are part of the management, or when they are given the opportunity to observe the performance management results. Consequently, this can create a special relationship between an employee and the customers, thus working towards achieving the goals of the business in question.

In Summary

a. Strategic Management

Infor PM simply integrates operative plans with strategic ones. But there’s also an element of monitoring them so as to identify which ones are working and which ones are failing and why.

b. Planning

This system gives a team the ability to model and also compare various what-ifs scenarios. It evaluates event influences and verification of hypothesis, thus helping the business to model their operations based on a workable plan they can rely on in achieving their objectives.

c. Forecasting

The metrics gathered are organized in a neat way before being presented to the relevant people. When the stats are precise, it enables effective management of expected performance values. The ability to forecast into the future also makes it possible for managers to make changes so that goals can be achieved.


With this Performance Management System, gathering metrics and presenting it in a precious, easy-to-understand format will never be a daunting task again. Infor PM simply works with data to ensure that businesses obtain the right information, at the right time, and in the right place.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.