How Infor Rhythm Improves Customer Engagement

With Infor Rhythm, you get the tools, support and resources you need to assist make all your online interactions an excellent, true business advantage. This solution is a cloud-based Business-to-Business engagement platform. In one integrated package, you obtain comprehensive capabilities, from ERP integration and design services to support for the Omni-channel interactions and optimized web design.

How Infor Rhythm Improves Customer Engagement

1. Expert design services

Create very rich user experiences with assistance of Loop & Hook, the internal design agency of Infor. Your monthly subscription offers you a full-service treatment including layout, user interface, ongoing strategic support and design as well as the ability to efficiently manage and add content on your site once it’s up and running.

2. Tight ERP integration

Achieve tight and efficient integration between the ERP solution and engagement platform with very simplified, excellent integrations to Infor SYteLine, Infor M3 and Infor LN. This solution perfectly links information such as order status and inventory availability to the engagement platform to assist optimize the supply chain execution.

3. Personalized experiences

Deliver very personalized online experiences with marketing messages, tailored content and offers that are based on buying behavior and user activity. This solution makes it very easy for the customers to find as well as purchase products, while assisting to increase the shopping cart conversions to sales, increase customer loyalty and sell more items per click.

4. Content optimization

Transform the business strategy with a clear and holistic view of who is visiting your site and how it is performing, while also effectively tracking your customer’s buying behavior with an efficient system that automatically adapts based on predictive and usage analytics.

5. Omni-channel support

Optimize the online interactions across numerous devices by enhancing user experiences and delivering consistent information through minimal scrolling or resizing and easy navigation.

6. Micro-vertical design and functionality

Address the unique requirements with this solution’s flexible e-Commerce platform. Just sat what you need to build and it will be tailored to your needs and industry.

With this solution, you will be able to

1. Enrich the customer interactions

Build loyalty by efficiently delivering excellent user experiences that improves conversion rates and engage the audiences more richly.

2. Power your bottom or top line

Increase profitability and sales with a new sales and marketing channel that have a low and predictable total ownership cost.

3. Scale the market impact

Grow your brands and expand your rich taking full advantage of the Omni-channel distribution and sales opportunities.

The real value of efficiently connecting with the customers online have been tested, tried and also proven. However, as technology landscapes becomes more increasingly complex and buyers get more and more sophisticated businesses are looking for ways to make the online customer management practical, profitable and meaningful.

Businesses with technical skills to efficiently create online vehicles usually lack design expertise to excellently deliver a good, meaningful experience to customers. Connecting the e-Commerce platforms with the back office systems may be expensive and complex. Companies easily collect a lot of data, however, they have to correctly figure out how the data collected can be effectively used to grow revenue and strengthen customer relationships. This solution delivers intelligent, beautiful and integrated online experiences.

The front-end websites have to be smart and user-friendly, but just as important is very tight integration to back office systems that are used to produce, manage as well as control the items you sell. Generally, if you can’t create an excellent online platform that perfectly delivers across all the fronts, you are missing very wonderful opportunities to effectively engage with customers, extend the market reach and increase sales.

Nowadays the customers expect to interact easily with you online, they also demand a very rich user experience when doing so. Usually differentiation in this particular area can greatly open up potential revenue streams and new sales channels while also building the loyalty that every business person needs.

Build a good online engagement platform which can effectively deliver across all important areas, from engagement, transaction, order placement, execution, follow-up and also analysis. This solution perfectly puts the great combined power of some proven solutions, including Epiphany Interaction Advisor, Infor e-Commerce, Infor Business intelligence and Reporting, Infor Mingle, EasyAsk, CenPOS and InRiver Product Information Management at your fingertips. In addition, you also get easy access to technologies and services that are well designed to eliminate the traditional barriers that hinder success, thus resulting to a good online engagement platform which is:

1. Beautiful and dynamic

The design services from Loop & Hook, the internal design agency of Infor are included with Infor Rhythm implementation as well as monthly subscription. You will obtain full service treatment including user interface, layout, design among others. Once the site is ready and running, you will be able to easily update layouts, refresh content, manage promotions and many more writing a single code at all.

2. Engaging

You will be able to effectively optimize your online experiences through the natural language search; very easy navigation with less resizing, scrolling or planning for multiple devices as well as gesture based interactions such as pinch on or swipe touch-enabled screens. In addition, you will be able to effectively provide your customers with customized messaging, recommendations and offers.

3. Integrated

Tight connections to the main Infor ERP solutions, such as Infor M3, Infor SyteLine and Infor LN, assist you increase sales and execute effectively. Up-to-date invoice and order status, inventory availability and support for the commercial pricing assist ensure optimal execution of supply chain.

Save and Simplify with the Infor CloudSuite Deployment

Deployment in the Infor CloudSuite means Infor Rhythm is more cost-effective and simpler to maintain and support. You can support all operations, avoid redirecting the limited IT resources and keep your total ownership cost low. In addition, you can scale down or up in order to meet the changing needs as well as more easily keep the technology up to date.

With Infor Rhythm, you will be able to maximize the value of your most important marketing and sales channels and gain access to brand new business opportunities. By effectively integrating meaningful, intelligent interactions with systems, processes and data, you can achieve more success for your business and customers.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.