How Infor Service Management Can Boost Your Performance

Infor service management is an amazing ERP solution built and designed exclusively for the service industry. Nowadays, it is not just enough to be proactive in managing and tracking performance of your maintenance and service organization efficiently. You require a well-connected service organization that efficiently drives value throughout your entire enterprise.

Service management can assist. Equipment-related maintenance and service organizations that need to balance profitability, customer satisfaction and resource utilization get the only aftermarket service solution which delivers fully integrated, scalable, and robust automated field service management.

How Infor Service Management Can Boost Your Performance

1. Uncovers new opportunities for sale through better customer relationship and collaboration management.

2. Increase the revenue per technician by effectively optimizing scheduling.

3. Meet financial targets and service level agreements by better planning, forecasting and optimizing the spare parts management.

4. Track resolution history across the entire lifecycle of the equipment.

5. Manage costs within contractual agreements and warranties.

This solution helps companies improve visibility, increase revenue, boost the service performance management and more proactively offer aftermarket services. It assists service-centered companies’ resolve problems faster, offer better equipment service and efficiently manage the whole service process.

Specialized by industry

Infor Service Management offers highly focused capabilities which assists companies to effectively compete in various industries, including:

General manufacturing

Easily analyze all the data, thanks to the integrated real-time data, accurate tracking and total visibility. Flexible reporting helps in planning and decision making and also provides engineering with the valuable info needed to adapt part or product designs.


Schedule preventive maintenance particularly for the income generating assets in order to extend the equipment’s lifecycle, prevent unexpected downtimes and also maximize the warranty cost savings.


Track and efficiently manage the service level agreements. Visibility into the contract details and the service history creates opportunities to extend service agreements or up sell and greatly improves decision making.

Hospitality and facilities

Track and manage the work orders for quicker completion of the service requests, greater customer satisfaction and more accurate billing.

This solution’s customers gain breadth, quality of service and speed as well as ability to:

1. Resist attacks by the competitors by effectively developing a highly information-driven, responsive service organization which leads to long term, trusting customer relationships.

2. Fine-tune the information systems to solve the daily business challenges efficiently and quickly.

3. Rapidly adjust the schedules as some new orders arrive so as to deliver the services timely without any interruption.

This solution helps you with:

  • Work orders
  • Track and manage the work orders for more accurate billing and faster completion
  • Scheduling and dispatch
  • Gain clear visibility into the schedule and qualifications of each technician so as to minimize the non-essential trips and increase resolution speed.
  • Service history
  • Gain access to the complete historical data
  • Analytics
  • Easily analyze all data down to detail level
  • Service contracts
  • Efficiently track and manage the service level agreements.
  • Combine strategy and function

Completing service requests is not enough. A good service organization is more about strategy. It is about insights into workforce readiness, sales opportunities, scheduling optimization and parts availability. Today, a service company has to be very smart. The managers must make quick decisions and with great confidence based on complete and accurate data. No guesses or old spreadsheets from the isolated systems.

Managers are not the only people who need data. Front-line managers, dispatch/scheduling managers and billing clerks all require information. Most importantly, it has to be information form real-time, one shared database. That is the only way that can be used to prevent dangerous, costly gaps in communication, delays, errors and discrepancies.

Infor Service Management perfectly combines an effective enterprise business solution with multi-currency, multi-location and multi-language capabilities with specialized functionality needed to efficiently run a top-class service organization.

With this solution, you get:

1. Contact center

Provide the front-line agents with real-time, detailed information that they need to screen service requests and answer questions quickly.

2. Work orders

Manage orders through the whole process with automatic alerts and escalations and defined workflows, ensuring that all exceptions are quickly handled.

3. Scheduling/Dispatch

Assign the right job to the right technician based on skills and location.

4. Service contracts

Manage extended warranties and multi-tier service contracts with ease.

5. Service history

Track removal date or installation date, warranty status as well as inspections and service performed down to component level.

6. Warranty management

Manage manufacturer, vendor and user warranties for component and parent level parts. Efficiently and easily monitor the exchanges that are due back from vendors or customers for warrantied parts.

7. Asset management

Schedule routine maintenance and inspections on fleet and other internal assets in order to extend life expectancy and also prevent the unexpected down-time.

8. Accounting

Manage the complete financial information of the company, including contractor, franchise and partner relationships. Multi-currency and multi-language capabilities adequately support global growth.

9. Sales/CRM

Create and manage accounts and campaigns. Track the sales projections and pipeline. Enable the front-line agents such as the field technicians to offer quotes and sell the replacement parts/units.

10. Distribution

Supports flexible pricing as well as inventory systems for the distribution models.

11. Inventory

Accurately track the inventory levels by serial number, location and lot, maintaining minimum levels as well as ensuring the availability of essential parts and materials. Make sure the parts are available when they are needed, so that service can be finished on time.

12. Purchasing

Manage the vendor relationships for product performance and improved costs savings.

13. Analytics

Set up and also track your KPIs (key performance indicators) with very easy-to-use report writing tools which drill-down into the real-time details.

14. Workbenches

Consolidate the role-based screens that are commonly used into dashboards with KPI-tracking gauges and workflow diagrams, improving performance and productivity.

15. Mobile

Optional module. Provide the field technicians with some mobile devices (laptops or handheld) to maintain very remote access to important information such as service and unit history, parts availability, sales/pricing capabilities and service contract status. Field access to critical data assists technicians to make decisions about best uses of available resources and repair options, speeding resolution rates and increasing productivity.

16. Web

Optional module. Provide contractors, dealers, employees, customers and franchisees with very remote access to the data through online web portal. Generally, self-service access speeds service resolution and adds convenience.

With Infor Service Management, you will be able to meet the goals of your customers better, improve your general performance and also improve collaboration across the entire enterprise thus uncovering new revenue sources.

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