How Infor Warehouse Management System Works

Infor Warehouse Management is an excellent warehouse management solution that offers task and work management, advanced inventory control, yard management, RFID, kitting and assembly and slotting.

How Infor Warehouse Management System Works

The system helps companies with challenging and complex warehouse operations:

  •  Optimize resource utilization
  •  Improve the efficiency of warehouse operations
  • Reduce supply chain costs
  •  Reduce labor costs
  • Increase inventory accuracy and visibility
  • Enhance customer service

The Capabilities 

  • Receiving – accelerate and automate receiving processes
  • Storage – automatically store the items in the most appropriate location.
  • Cross-docking – move material directly from his inbound to the outbound lock.
  • Order processing – accept the orders from host PC or computer. Select items for order during planning.
  • Picking – pick the orders using very efficient work path
  • Packing – streamline his packing using the configurable container types
  • Shipping – effectively monitor shipments the time they reach his dock.
  • Inventory control – use the cycle counting to clearly know where, what and also how much inventory he has.
  • Transaction logging – log each transaction that affects status, location or quantity of inventory
  • Value-added and kitting services – offer the customers some new value-added assembly and manufacturing services.
  • Labor scheduling – monitor indirect and direct labor and provide feedback to supervisors and workers in order to improve the employee performance.
  • Event management – effectively monitor all transactions and also automatically respond to issues, opportunities or exceptions.
  • RFID – gain visibility and efficiency while complying with RFID (radio frequency identification device) mandates.

Functional Foundations

Infor warehouse managements’ flexible and configurable core functionality effectively meets the demands of modern supply chain.

  • Receiving
  • Putaway
  • Cross-docking
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Report generation
  • Inventory ownership tracking
  •  Cycle counting
  •  Transaction logging
  •  Kitting/value-Added Services
  •  Date and Lot control

The standard base solution includes Labour and Task Management.

The features of this system  fully support more advanced warehouses, such as:

  • Paper operation and/or simultaneous Radio Frequency
  • Multi-Lingual support that includes double and single byte
  • Customer compliance labelling, shipping paperwork and user Defined Labels
  • Indirect and direct Activity Tracking (attendance and time)
  • Multi-SKU and ASN Container Receiving
  •  Catch weight

Whether one needs core warehouse management functionality or the more advanced warehouse capabilities, this system has ability to improve and support his or her warehouse’s operation.


With Infor warehouse management system, one can accelerate and automate his receiving processes, improve tracking capabilities and clearly identify inventory. This system allows one to receive material without or with inbound orders, Container ID labels/pre-assigned Tag, or advanced shipment notices keeping his receiving processes flexible. The system also effectively supports workstation or Radio Frequency receiving methods, providing technical and functional support to efficiently and accurately receive material into his distribution center.


An ASN (Advanced Shipment Notice) can be used to effectively communicate information about material for a certain arrival. Advanced shipment notices typically arrive via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).The receiving process starts with information about expected material.The system provides multiple pre-receipt notice levels from none (Basic Receiving), to (inbound Order Receiving), to the detailed (Advanced Shipment Notice Receiving),to (PreTagged Barcode ID Receiving).

Once the correct information is entered (ASN Number, Container or Tag ID, PO Number, etc.) For the receiving type being performed, the system creates an excellent inventory record clearly detailing where, what, when and by whom receipt is performed. The operators can approve the defaulted attributes or enter the attributes for that product being received (that is critical data elements, serial numbers, status/hold codes, user defined codes, lot numbers, catch weight data and many others). Extensive date tracking (receipt, manufacture, expiration, etc.)Is provided in order to support future product rotation, order fulfillment activities and material selection.

This system also supports the containerization of products during receipt, identifying the routing/sorting of product by the destination zone. One’s receiving process is more efficient and consistent with the system, in addition it also supports data capture requirements that are specific to his or her environment. The received product can be assigned a serial number, hold code, lot number or any other user defined data element.

Storage (putaway)

In Infor Warehouse Management System, storage is effectively governed by some configurable rules that are designed to empower one and his storage strategy. Whether one is using RF terminals or paper putaway lists, this solution has the storage capabilities and putaway rules to maximize the most valuable resource in the warehouse: space.

This warehouse management system supports numerous storage location types. One can built zones with the locations for containing materials, bulk, use double and single deep rack, shelving, flow rack, push-back rack ,cantilever rack, Automatic storage and retrieval (ASRS),carousels, bulk tanks to accommodate all his facility’s storage requirements.

Releasing product for the putaway initiates the Putaway Algorithm. The algorithm uses configured location selection rule, specific dimensions, weight, cube and ownership of product that is being stored in order to find the best storage location.

When one uses this system to automate his or her putaway process, he or she reduces the unused storage space, realize the maximum value in his or her warehouse and utilize his or her workforce potential.


This warehouse management system assists meet demand for the crucial back-ordered products through the cross-docking process. The cross-docking feature ensures that one keeps material seamlessly flowing through his warehouse and out to his customers.

Wave Planning and Order Processing

This system provides advanced wave planning and order processing capabilities. Ability to efficiently fill and manage orders completely depends on the warehouse management systems. It is a flexible and robust solution for putting one on the path of achieving flawless fulfillment.

Order Processing

This system accepts orders through desktop entry or from host computer. Once the outbound orders are completely entered in the system, the solution provides all features to facilitate order planning process. The process includes reviewing, building, suspending and modifying an order or a wave.


The system supports the user-configurable containers with various attributes including weight and dimensional constraints.


The  warehouse management system manages one’s warehousing processes from that moment the order is efficiently created until it’s shipped. It makes shipping more accurate and faster, in addition it’s also flexible enough thus easily adapt to change.

Inventory Control

With warehouse management system one has access to information in real time at many levels of his distribution network. Including, ownership level across the warehouses, enterprise level inventory, down to granular level including specific warehouse, lot, location, item, owner and also license plate details.

Task and Labor Management

With core Infor warehouse management system functionality one can track, direct, report and measure all the labor related activities that are within his operation.

The Result

With Infor Warehouse Management one increases return on assets, improves customer service and also increase the cash flow by effectively optimizing warehouse processes.

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