How Infor Warehouse Mobility Improves Productivity and Reduces Costs

Infor Warehouse Mobility  is a specially designed comprehensive and dynamic data collection system that caters to the needs of warehouses and shop floor operations. This is created by Infor a U.S based software company who is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions and applications. Infor Warehouse Mobility  is a real time solution that is fully integrated and streamlined with ERP LN to deliver a customized data collection. From small shops to big manufacturing environments Infor warehouse mobility helps you to meet your ERP challenges effectively and efficiently.

What is Infor Warehouse Mobility?

Infor Warehouse Mobility  is a simple yet powerful tool that helps you to handle all communication within the ERP system itself. Users can select the transactions and scan the bar-coded data with the help of the hand held frequency scanners. This innovative system formats all the data and sends it to the ERP system which is displayed as and when received. You can also edit the Infor warehouse mobility data by incorporating a set of simple web pages. In short, it reduces collection effort and improves the quality of data through the use of bar codes. This is a perfect solution to simplify and optimize your operations and thereby help improve your inventory accuracy and productivity.

What Infor Warehouse Mobility Does

It is touted as a robust and complete tool that aims at increasing productivity and reducing the overall costs. It also simplifies and streamlines your material and manpower processes right from the warehouse to the shop floor. There is absolutely no need to execute many repetitive and time-consuming transactions to complete a single task. All the transactions are consolidated into one easy-to-use screen.

The mobile scanning functionality helps you to compress and speed up the main transactions. It completely eliminates manual data entry. This in turn rules out the possibility of manual errors and data inaccuracies. Besides addressing all gaps it also facilitates you to extend your ability to be more flexible, adaptable and accurate.

Infor Warehouse Mobility Features 

1. It is a robust, powerful and comprehensive system that reduces manual labor and improves overall efficiency.

2. The two main components of this system are installing the application and installing the package in ERP LN.

3. Simplifies your business processes with a real-time solution that makes your life easier.

4. You gain the power of bar code technology that assures huge benefits with a big payback.

5. This is an automated data collection process that involves no paper shuffling, time-delay on important data and manual errors.

6. Elimination of manual data entry completely eliminates the possibility of occurrence of errors.

7. It can be configured to meet industry specific requirements- whether it is the food and beverage industry that is required to adhere to the Federal government rules and regulations, or the automotive industry that strictly complies with the AIAG standards or the hi-tech and electronics industry that caters to the AVL/AML checks.

8. It automates data, eliminates human errors and simplifies business processes by cutting down the steps involved in the actual collection of the data.

9. It is meticulously designed and user friendly in nature.

The areas supported by Infor Warehouse Mobility:

1. Basic functionality like receipt of goods, redistribution and inventory queries.

2. Inventory picking.

3. Production, which involves feedback for orders, removal of production material and return of unused material.

4. Time and attendance, which comprises of time confirmations from staffs and start and stop messages from employees.

5. Loading units and containers.

6. Packaging and shipping which covers, packing orders, creating box numbers, creating box labels and open box for further packaging.

7. Serial number which comprises of picking a product with a serial number, providing job completion report, storing the items with serial numbers and redistributing them.

Pros of Using Infor Warehouse Mobility 

This system is dedicated exclusively to comprehensive quality management solutions.

1. It is highly useful in managing a variety of quality based processes such as identifying the ones that lack conformity and initiating corrective remedial measures.

2. The truly versatile system is completely integrated with Infor LN. All the transactions are performed online on the basis of the current stock in hand and the inventory stock in the ERP system.

3. It helps you to improve data integrity and consistency.

4. It assures the utmost in flexibility when updating all the ERP records which is touted as something unmatched in the industry.

5. It helps in eradicating the root cause of manual errors and the resulting inaccuracies in the data.

6. It helps users with mobile wireless and static data capture solutions to speed up the process of vital transactions.

7. It enforces a control on the repeatable processes.

8. It improves business efficiency, customer service and the overall productivity in a wide array of industries like the electronics, metal fabrication, industrial equipment and machinery and many more to say.

9. It automates data collection and helps you to exercise control over the inventory management and shop floor management.

10. There is absolutely no need for screen based reporting, but you can get all your transactions compressed on a simple, user friendly screen.

11. It tracks all material movement within the shop floor and also allows you to capture the labor time against jobs.

12. You can also streamline the data collection needs within the warehouse and floor plan, including time and attendance too. This helps to frame the payroll information and estimate how much labor time has been spent on a particular job.

13. This product is effectively implemented in industries like aerospace and transportation industries, pharmaceutical and medical, consumer packaging and distribution, food and beverage, hi-tech and electronics and industrial equipment and machinery.

14. It communicates quality to everyone in the enterprise and identifies improvement opportunities.

15. By simply turning on and off a few parameters this system can be configured to meet the specific requirements of an industry.


With this unique system manufacturers are at the liberty to expand their competencies, get an entirely new look and feel, take advantage of industry specific potentials and gain exceptional visibility. The Infor Warehouse System system has provided measurable results with an overwhelming ninety nine percent inventory precision and accuracy, amazing thirty percentage improvement in overall productivity and an incredibly impressive seventy percentage savings in time and effort in managing inventory and stock.

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