How Infor Workforce Management Helps You Meet Your Workforce Challenges

Infor workforce management is actually the best and most functionally rich tool for aligning long term workforce planning with short term scheduling and forecasting to optimize, control payroll cost, budgets, consumer service levels and also comply with relevant labor rules and regulations.

With amazing features that address all aspect of work management including planning, time and attendance, scheduling and absence management, it is indeed the perfect solution to hp you solve all your workforce management problems. It also includes business intelligence tools that helps to measure and analyze work force performance. It is actually a comprehensive solution that helps to keep your staff focused on value generating activities that go in hand with what your company stands for.

You will easily and quickly correct any alignments issues with detailed reporting and time tracking functionality that gives you good visibility across your work force. At any time you will get the answers to most important questions that relates to your workforce.

Four Modules of Infor Workforce Management

1. Workforce planning

This module helps to eliminate any errors that may arise from planning and budgeting. In addition, it also eliminates any unnecessary costs, time wasting, how to automateplanning cycle and also helps to integrate forecasting activities effectively. Workforce planning will effectively schedule each activity so as to minimize any time wastage and errors thus boosting the productivity of your company.

2. Workforce scheduling

This module will help empower your employees so that they can be able to define availability on their own and also enable them set their own personal schedules through intuitive web based interface. This will greatly boost the performance of your staff because they will be given the chance to be productive and do their best without being supervised.

3. Time and attendance

This module enables you to automate all your attendance and time process so that you can be able to cut down payroll costs, give your staff a great chance to take control over their schedules and also be able to comply with both government regulations and union rules.

4. Workforce performance

This module enables you to monitor your employee workforce performance in time, avoid non compliance and any labor violation and also be able to spot any performance problem early so that you can correct it before it effect the performance of your company. You will be able to know which department is performing well and which one is not. This module will also give you some important tips on how you can boost the work performance of your company.

How Infor Workforce Management Helps You Meet Your Workforce Challenges 

1. It increases net profit margins

With Infor workforce management can you to increase you company’s net profits by up to 15%. This is because it helps you eliminate errors and unnecessary cost that usually increase the cost of production. Error from budgeting will also be detected in time thus giving you that chance to correct them before they affect the performance of your company. You can only increase the net profits of your company if you are able to reduce the cost of production of goods and services. With Infor workforce management, you will be able to empower your employees and give them freedom so that they can be able to work more effectively. Your planning processes will also be automated meaning that there won’t be any waste of time and resources.

2. It reduces labor costs

Infor workforce management will reduce the labor cost of your company by up to 6%. This application will automate all your attendance process meaning that you will not need to employ somebody to take care of that process. It will also monitor the work performance of your employees in real time and give you updates of what they are doing in real time. This means that you won’t need to employ a specialist to take care all those issues. When the cost of labor is reduced and the work performance is enhanced, your company will not only provide quality services to clients but will also increase the profit margin.

3. Enhances employee’s satisfaction

Infor workforce performance will give you all the tools that you can use to empower your employees. It will also provide a framework in which your employees can start using their own schedule which they feel they are comfortable with. In addition you will able to comply with both government regulations and union rules. When your employees feel that you care about them and you actually give them the freedom to be what they want to be, they will do their best in terms of work performance to ensure that your company achieves its objectives. Infor work performance has modules that ensure that all your employees are comfortable and satisfied when working.

4. Improved quality and productivity

Infor workforce management is a solution that helps you to keep your staff focused on value generating activities that comply with your company’s goals and objectives. This means that you can quickly correct any problem with a detailed time tracking to ensure that the productivity of your company is not affected. This system is able to reduce under-staffing and over-staffing because it has complete visibility into the entire workforce management process. Your staff will have more time to focus on more productive and fulfilling task that can greatly boost the performance of your company.

5. Boosted operation efficiency

When all your staff members are satisfied with the way you handle them, and you have also complied with all government regulation, the operation efficiency of your company will greatly increase. Infor workforce management will ensure that all departments within your company are operating efficiently. In case of any problem, this application will quickly notify you so that you can make necessary adjustments in time.

In conclusion, if you want an application that will solve your entire workforce problem, then Infor workforce management is the perfect solution for you. It will ensure that you have right people working in right places at the right time. It will also incorporate best workforce management practices in your company, increase quality and productivity, decrease labor cost and also ensure that you comply with all relevant bodies.

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