How Infor Xpert Helps Your Business

Infor Xpert is specifically built for discrete manufacturing; it mainly focuses on automotive business processes and business rules of industry and the distribution companies. The increasing complexity of automotive aftermarket is not news to anyone. It was already a very demanding business before the dramatic realignments of the industry.

In order to effectively cope with the automotive aftermarket business today, one surely requires a solution like Infor Xpert.

How Infor Xpert Helps Your Business

  1. Bring products to the market faster
  2. Improve quality
  3. Reduce the costs

Infor ERP Xpert allows the companies to completely integrate their suppliers and customers and expand their enterprise in order to maximize efficiency. Infor ERP Xpert provides pre-configured templates and supports the lean processes to enable quick implementation and deliver a low ownership total cost thus making it very ideal for both large global enterprises and mid-sized companies.

Infor ERP Xpert generally focuses on repetitive business processes and rules of automotive companies. Infor ERP Xpert includes various features that support the lean manufacturing iniatives. For example, nowadays automakers use the latest technologies to produce safe and fast cars. Not only does automotive industry produce planes, motorbikes or cars but it also cooperates with the metal, plastic and electric industry.

The modern vehicles being produced are going to be safer and faster and that’s why automotive industry needs the professional enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that makes the logistic and production processes very efficient. Modern automotive enterprise resource planning systems are needed to handle the processing of all incoming data and also requirements planning.

Improve customer satisfaction, improve quality, accelerate time to the market and reduce costs. The main drivers of business in the automotive industry have not changed. However, the global business environment grows more and more complex daily particularly for corporations that consists many companies operating in numerous and different locations. Therefore, you desperately need efficient and also fast communication in multiple currencies and languages.

At that same time, it’s very necessary to effectively comply with the national regulations and also the requirements of many partners and customers. You also demand very high performance in the logistical processes such as subcontracting and consignment. Therefore, you seriously need ERP(enterprise resource planning)solution that is built specifically to efficiently handle all the complexities of the automotive supplier today.

The main functions of infor Xpert are:

  1. Manage clients
  2. Schedule shipments
  3.  Management of containers
  4.  Continuous production
  5.  Purchasing management
  6.  Quality management

Providing solutions to over five thousand companies all over the automotive supply chain for a period of more than twenty years, Infor possesses a very great understanding of the automotive industry. Infor has built Infor ERP Xpert to help one effectively meet his or her toughest challenges and also exceed his or her customers’ expectations.

1. Inter-company business

Satisfy varied supplier roles that are often demanded by inter-company business, they include working with the shipment cascades, ESP (external service providers) and the aftermarket service organizations.

2. Customer compliance

Use built-in rules of the business in order to make it easier to work with the most complex international partners of trade.

3. Complex logistics

Gain total control over the shipments by fully synchronizing the booking of containers and items.

Infor Xpert is simply an international enterprise resource planning solution developed for automotive industry. Infor ERP Xpert’s multi-currency and multi-lingual functionality is very ideal for the multi-site businesses with very complex international supply chains.

The key features include:

1. Customer management

Infor Xpert includes business rules for more than one hundred and fifty five international trading partners. Infor ERP Xpert provides full support for some specific processes such as shipment instructions, releases, release authorization numbers, invoices, advanced shipment notification, self-billing invoices, retro- billing and third-party logistics/external services providers.

2. Shipment scheduling

A flexible setup generally allows the shipment manager to properly schedule the shipment execution activities from 1 day to a few weeks in advance. Infor ERP Xpert has an exception handling engine that is in-built, it then automatically releases the shipments based on the customer requirements. Infor Xpert also prints some customer specific labels of transport during product manufacturing phase thus saving one the cost of relabeling and repacking.

3. Container management

Infor ERP Xpert usually provides complete visibility into all contents of ones containers, along with tools to efficiently track and manage them. It lets one define both alternative and standard packaging instructions per each and every contract. If standard container is not available then, alternate container is selected automatically.

4. Repetitive manufacturing

Infor ERP Xpert effectively enables repetitive manufacturing by efficiently allowing for automatic creation of the production orders and also the order-neutral work cycle reporting.

5. Purchasing management

Infor ERP Xpert greatly supports the key automotive business processes and new complex business processes for the higher tier suppliers – these processes are such as shipment instructions, self-billing invoices, consignment stock and milk-run with the suppliers. It properly integrates with infor’s supply chain execution and supplier management system Infor SRM SupplyWEB, this is an advanced web-enabled SRM (supplier relationship management) solution.

6. Quality management

Compliant with QS 9000, TS 16949, ISO 9001 and VDA/Band 6, quality control module usually handles statistical process control, good receipts, Inspection facility management, production, measurement equipment integration and shipments.

More than five thousand companies all over the world in automotive industry greatly rely on the Infor products in order to quickly reach top performance. This solution lets one take advantage of his or her investment in the IBM System technology by bringing him or her some of the best solutions.

Infor ERP helps you:

  1.  Get up and run quickly with little training
  2.  Effectively operate in many languages
  3.  Deal with many currencies
  4.  Collaborate with numerous different partners
  5. 0 Satisfy his or her customers.

Benefits of Implementing Infor Xpert

Infor ERP Xpert is often quickly implemented and also requires small modifications. Its interface is easy to use meaning that people need little training and thus the system is quickly up and running. Since its one of the most modern solution built in IBM iSeries, Infor Xpert fully supports XML, web services and client/server technology.

Yet Infor ERP Xpert is still rich with the traditional ERP functionality to efficiently deliver results in enterprise asset management, performance management and financial management.In addition, Infor ERP Xpert perfectly integrates with other Infor’s solutions in the fields of performance management, supplier relationship management, supplier relationship management and more. Therefore, Infor Xpert offers a flexible and solid foundation for successful growth of all enterprising companies.

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