Infor Advanced Modules Overview

You definitely require software well built for all the government demands from the bottom to the top not as a mere afterthought and Infor Advanced Modules is just that. This solution is part of the Infor’s public sector solutions. Infor’s very experienced global team of experts have streamlined the public sector operations in order to offer you what you require to be more efficient.

Infor Advanced Modules Overview

With the public sector solutions, you acquire a unified, full range of business services and transactions to effectively manage all operations with one database to improve the interdepartmental communications. You easily access all these services through kiosks, telephone, web portals, front counter terminals and email. You acquire very advanced options for excellent performance including:

1. Citizen access

You need to effectively streamline communications with the citizens, and with this solution, you can efficiently manage functions including billing, licensing, citizen self-service and permitting. Your citizens get twenty four–seven access anywhere through the internet.

2. Mobility

You get accurate and rapid field data collection in order to efficiently manage the government details.

3. Mapping

With very powerful GIS (geographic information system) tools for mapping as well as managing all your work, you can quickly resolve an issue.

4. Advanced asset tools

Infor Hansen solutions offers strategic asset management which is the quickest path to an efficient government.

5. Condition based monitoring (CBM)

With Infor’s asset management solutions, you are able to extend the life of your assets and also increase their efficiency. Use the SCADA integration to leverage your asset condition data seamlessly and import to the Infor Hansen asset management.

6. Barcode

Infor Barcode, offers a very streamlined accounting process for efficient items receipt, storage and also delivery with an entirely paperless material receipt as well as accountability process.

With Infor Hansen modules, you acquire a full range of advanced components to effectively extend citizen service and improve your performance. You are also able to deliver exceptional results daily.

Underperforming assets can greatly affect an organization’s health negatively by decreasing productivity and production, reducing customer satisfaction and increasing costs –all of which may inhibit growth and decrease profitability.

Infor EAM enterprise Edition offers the asset-intensive and large businesses tools to easily monitor and efficiently manage the performance, maintenance and deployment of company assets, assisting to uncover hidden profits and prevent operational surprises. More than the computerized management maintenance software ,this asset maintenance and management solution also lets you effectively analyze data for important anomalies and trends, forecast performance issues as well as make better decisions to greatly drive performance and make sure that the financial results projected are achieved.

This solution has been greatly helping very many companies all over the world. By leveraging the Infor’s experience, companies can streamline maintenance and asset planning processes to improve staff and equipment productivity in order to enhance results, save time and increase the efficiency of inventory to save money. Let Infor assist you built a stronger, better bottom line.

Modules and Features

1. Assets

Identify, locate, analyze and track the physical assets and efficiently facilitate the metered usage measurement as well as the automatic usage transmission of value to the sub-components.

2. Asset hierarchy management

Track asset movement and costs using a ‘family tree’ that is easily configured that perfectly forms the relationship between systems, locations and equipment.

3. Asset management services

Define time, labor and material costs in the cost-charging arrangements as well as apply charges to the commercial agreements for all maintenance work performed.

4. Audit trails

Track changes to comments, data and also attributes for almost all Infor EAM table.

5. Budget management

Automate the setup of your budget and also the subsequent capture, control, monitoring and analysis of the associated maintenance expenditures.

6. Call center

Empower customer service representatives and operators and Centralize the incoming maintenance requests by putting all information needed to efficiently handle maintenance, service as well as the asset management requests.

7. Depreciation

Calculate and also display the asset depreciation methods that include units of production, double declining rate, straight-line and sum of the years digits.

8. Linear assets

Define assets correctly in terms of the linear reference details like unit of measure, geographic reference and length.

9. Materials management

Monitor as well as control the stored inventories. These tools that include EOQ (economic order quantity) and class assignments and calculations, support issues, cycle counts, returns, and parts receipts.

10. Metering function

Associate multiple meters with one piece of equipment.

11. Microsoft project interface

Pass trade personnel and work orders from Infor’s solution to the Microsoft project for scheduling and planning purposes, and return the scheduling data from the project for tracking and execution.

12. Multi-organization support

Manage many legal entities with a single database and also apply security settings in order to determine users access.

13. Project management

Automate simple or complex projects from their initiation to completion.

14. Purchasing management

Ensure that the correct parts are ordered as well as monitor vendor performance payments, goods receipts and delivery times.

15. Repairable spares functionality

Designate equipment or parts as being ‘repairable’.

16. Reports

Select from a wide range of predefined reports that include materials, schedule, assets, purchasing, commercial services, work, projects and budget analysis.

Advanced Modules

Infor Advanced Modules extend Infor EAM Enterprise Edition’s functionality to meet the specific needs like a mobile workforce, industry regulations, advanced reporting and analytical requirements or integrated procurement.

  • 21 CFR 11

Provide secure electronic signatures and records that meet the important FDA requirements 21 CFR 11validations within the food and beverage, personal care products and pharmaceuticals industries.

  •  Barcoding

Streamline the relocating and tracking of assets, work registration, warranty updating and activation and other functions.

  • Advanced reporting

Enable the system users to easily create entirely customized reports in order to meet some specific asset management requirements.

  • iProcure

Automate industrial spare parts’ procurement by efficiently connecting over 150 spare parts suppliers and buyers through the internet.

  • Fleet

Enables the organizations to manage fuel and tires, process warranty claims and improve the performance of vehicles through preventive maintenance.


With this service, you are able to load, store as well as retrieve your data via the internet from the Infor’s remote, secure location eliminating the need to buy database as well as application service licenses and hardware, implement and also test systems, upgrade and maintain the application. To assist your organization achieve results even more cost-effectively and quickly, Infor Advanced Modules is available in form of a hosted solution

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