Infor Advanced Planning and Scheduling Guide

Infor Advanced Planning is actually a configurable solution that one can effectively mold to your unique requirements and also address a steady stream of the changing variables. Basically, advanced planning helps one optimize their entire supply chain and it also models the unique characteristics of their business.

For manufacturers with multi-site, complex operations knowing clearly that the whole supply chain is efficiently serving the customers at the lowest possible cost is a challenge. If one optimizes all the aspects of their supply chain-including transportation, purchasing, manufacturing and inventory- in a very holistic manner one can ensure that their customers’ expectation are effectively met at the lowest cost to their organization.

Infor Advanced Planning Helps You: 

  •  Plan your procurement, transportation and production plans across numerous sites in the same time
  •  Balance profitability with product mix capability
  •  Consider the shelf-life constraints in the build-ahead strategies
  •  Choose the best product formula or recipe based on demand, material availability and quality
  •  Provide CTP and ATP answers to your customers’ demand
  •  Understand the impact of some changes in your supply chain in real- time such as an increase in demand or down production line.

Infor Advanced Planning Benefits

1. Optimization

Holistically analyze the production capacities, labor skills and capacities, transport capacities and routes and other alternative sourcing options so as to maximize resource utilization, synchronize demand and production and minimize the total cost of supply chain.

2. Scenario modeling

Model and compare budgets and strategies for workforce deployment, internal sourcing, inventory management, and other factors so as to decide whether to buy or make product to meet the demand.

In order for one to meet the lean manufacturing goals and do more with less, the lean planning capabilities are very important. The traditional planning approaches nowadays fall short in reducing manufacturing costs, improving customer service and minimizing inventory. Today, you need to focus your planning on pulling to your customer’s deadline, customer demand and synchronizing capacity and flow of materials accordingly. With right technology support, the lean planning can assist one meet his or her goals of a manufacturing performance that is world-class. Luckily, Infor ERP Advanced Planning and Scheduling delivers.

The very experienced manufacturing professionals at Infor are assisting many companies solve their biggest business challenges. This experience is built in Info10 ERP Advanced Planning and scheduling, it’s a very powerful solution that efficiently synchronizes resources, inventory, use of the work centers and supply with the customer orders.

So you can:

  • Thread all the planned orders to the source of demand
  • Plan material and the capacity simultaneously
  •  Facilitate the flow of production without interruption
  • Eliminate delays by planning in just-in-time manner
  • Plan order after order thus eliminating unnecessary batching

With Infor10 ERP Advanced Planning and Scheduling, you can rely on an amazing solution that is perfectly built, serviced and also managed by some manufacturing professionals who clearly understand his or her specific requirements and particularly the need for all processes to flow very smoothly without wasted resources, unnecessary steps, mistakes and also waiting downstream because the upstream activities are not completed it time.

Infor10 ERP Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution assists you to meet your goals with advanced planning capabilities, reducing operating and inventory costs and increasing his or her on-time performance.

You Get: 

1. Greater visibility in planning

Gain clear visibility into Lean manufacturing plans that it creates. You get a plan that is continuously visible for each order, in order that every order clearly ‘knows’ the POs and jobs it requires, and every supply clearly ‘’knows’ the actual demand it supports. You’ll also gains new insight into his or her inventory and resources (operators, cell, facility use, work centers and machines)

2. Simultaneous resource and materials scheduling

Plan all capacity and materials needed in order to satisfy the customers’ order. The system efficiently balances the capacity available with actual workload projected without assuming that the capacity is infinite or unlimited. It also continually adjusts the plans based on changing dynamics of one’s manufacturing environment.

3. What-if Capabilities

Determine the real impact of his or her decisions through the what-if capabilities of the engine. For example, you can insert an order that is of high-priority into your current production plan, outsource specific components or add overtime hours. The system determines instantly how the timeframes for delivery will change and the customer orders that will be affected.

4. Real-time promise dates

Get a promise date on an order that considers finite constraints of capacity and material at the order entry time. The user is only required to press the CTP (Capable to Promise)button within order entry screens.

Infor Advanced Planning and scheduling is therefore a very strategic weapon in your efforts to improve customer satisfaction, profitability, competitiveness and productivity.

With Infor Advanced Planning and scheduling solution, you will:

  •  Improve on-time delivery and customer service
  • Minimize overtime and expediting
  • Reduce finished goods inventory and work-in-progress.
  •  Compress the manufacturing lead-times
  •  Increase profit and throughput.

Infor advanced scheduling is simply a scheduling solution that is constraint based. It addresses the challenges of managing capacity of tanks, lines and vessels and the product flow between them.

Infor Advanced Scheduling helps you:

  • Reduce production costs
  •  Reduce cycle times
  •  Increase throughput and capacity utilization
  •  Spend less time finishing expensive changeovers and set-ups
  •  Increase the performance of on-time delivery

With Infor Advanced Scheduling, you are able to schedule production in a very efficient, profitable and timely manner. You get capabilities for optimization, visibility, effectively manage by-products and co-products and synchronize packaging.

Scheduling within the ERP manufacturing software usually provides a clear manufacturing schedule that is based on scheduling of operations or events instead of the complete jobs and it uses the same data and tables as planning engine.

This allows you to:

  • Take good advantage of the openings in the resource schedules
  •  Provide dispatch list that is more realistic
  •  Synchronize the schedule of production to the plan
  •  Have an option to use the master scheduling to effectively handle production runs especially where the order by order production wouldn’t be optimal.

With Infor Advanced Planning, one produces a profitable, efficient supply chain that perfectly makes the tradeoffs in transportation, procurement, production and material to deliver an optimal plan for his or her business.

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