Infor Business Cloud Overview

Infor Business Cloud supports cloud technologies giving the user maximum deployment flexibility. If you want to solely run your solution in the cloud, or entirely on the premises, or maybe a hybrid of the 2, Infor Business-cloud will give you a wide range of choices. Infor has been offering cloud based-applications for over a decade and it’s leading the migration of core-industry processes to the cloud.

What It Is Infor Business Cloud?

Infor Business Cloud will deliver an integrated-application suite via/through your Web-browser. All you have to provide is efficient Internet access. Info Business-Cloud is robust, powerful, secure, and will deliver enterprise level functionality for:

  • Customer Relationship-Management
  • Expense Management
  • Enterprise/Manufacturing Resource Planning
  • Enterprise Asset-Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Property-Management
  • Workforce Management

Infor-Business Cloud also offers a variety-of cloud based deployment models which range from entirely cloud based to hybrid-environments, whereby some functionality can be/is served from the premises and some other functionality can be/is served from the-cloud, this provides the user with much needed flexibility and adaptability. With Business cloud, you get a seamless, and a unified user experience from the functionality, the look and feel, and the single sign on are all the same for the cloud, the on premises, and the hybrid deployments, meaning no matter where the application is running, the user experience is just the same.

The PowerFLEX programme-Infor is committed to bring the user IBM’s Power Systems-platform as the best-possible support for the existing and all new business-applications which are Power-enabled and cloud ready.

The user will have the power-to:

  • Choose the deployment-option which works best for them.
  • Give the users a seamless application-experience, no matter where the applications are running.
  • Lower the capital budget-requirements.
  • Better predict IT costs.
  • Reduce burden on the IT staff.

Ultimately, Infor Business Cloud helps organizations improve by deploying first class, integrated enterprise application-functionality quickly, reliably and flexibly. It delivers a mix of power, speed and functionality which is perfect for the user, in a scalable, secure, and flexible-package which can reduce the total cost/price of ownership.

You may choose to start using cloud for recovery or backup, or use it in hosting development and testing environments, before eventually committing your production workload and gradually building up on your cloud confidence and usage, knowing that Infor’s technical-experts are behind you with 24/7 support.

Add on services include: remote management, maintenance, upgrades, performance monitoring, disaster recovery, and backup. All these services are readily available along with Infor Application-Management Services (Also abbreviated as, AMS). This places a solution to almost every conceivable IT problem or issue at your very own fingertips without any enormous outlay. Moreover, just to make sure you are more than fully equipped for all tomorrow’s challenges, the infor team will help you assess all the options that are available so as to modernize all your applications and IBM software operating systems, whilst reducing both risks and costs.

What It Does

You get to access functionality from a software as a service (that is, cloud) model, or on premises deployment. You will get both the same-functionality and look and feel, only difference is how the users will connect to the core applications.

It gives you peace of mind since you will be operating proven hardware and software configurations that have been managed according to the optimized and repeatable processes in a very highly secure data-centre with redundancy built-in, and overseen round the clock, 24/7 by the Infor’s technical-experts, this is unachievable with in house infrastructure.

Business Cloud is basically served from state of the art industrial data centers where there is strong security, well managed firewalls, intrusion-detection, regular audits, and vulnerability scans. To ensure optimal-reliability, Infor Business Cloud-applications are normally set up with full-redundancy so as to eliminate any single points of failure.

By consolidating maintenance, infrastructure and the support costs of the computing platform, Infor yields quite significant economies-of scale that are passed onto the user in form of much lower overall costs of ownership. The various hidden costs which are often overlooked by the management like training new technical-staff when someone leaves, hardware repairs and maintenance whenever something breaks down, on the job learning, testing back ups, implementing security patches, just to name a few, are all-consolidated into one single and efficient, monthly payment.

Infor offers 2 different cloud based payment options, as-well-as standard on premises deployment and dedicated hosting-options.

These Two Cloud Options Are:

SaaS Subscription: Infor business cloud hosts the users applications on multi tenant servers. the user gets pay as you go flexibility for on demand software. Pay monthly, quarterly, or annually and easily ramp-up the capacity as you deploy-additional users and sites.

Cloud License: Cloud license is also popularly known as hosted license. The user can purchase a perpetual software-license, and the infor team runs the applications on the multi tenant platform. This will give the user flexibility allowing them to bring applications to the premises at some point, or alternatively to continue to letting infor team to host the applications for you whilst taking care of the IT and other infrastructure responsibilities.

Cloud Product Sub-Product Contents

Archive Data, Archive Upload, and Host Data-Only

  • Operational routines
  • Management-tools

System Archive -Various hosting options

  • Operational routines
  • Archive license

Cloud Backup -Backup & Retrieval

  • Optional routines & testing
  • Management tools

High Availability Cloud -Host & manage

  • Application Management
  • Optional software and services

System i Cloud Existing Customer -Host and Manage

  • Application management
  • Optional software and services
  • New Customer -Host & manage options
  • Application management
  • New license

Infor Business Cloud Uniquely-Offers:

  • An integrated application-suite that’s in the cloud. The user gets functionality for EAM, CRM, XM, manufacturing, and more.
  • A flexible deployment on premises or in the cloud, or a hybrid of both. It is your choice. You will get just the same full-featured system either way, and not a scaled-down version like in some systems.
  • A seamless, unified user-experience with the same look & feel, single sign on, and great functionality across all the deployment options. It doesn’t matter where in your users are.
  • Lower capital-expenditures and IT costs. The multi tenant platform will dramatically reduce the costs for IT resources and equipment.

Entrust your cloud-service to Infor and you will stand to greatly benefit from the superb support of an IT-partner who understands your business and also has unparalleled-knowledge of all your ERP applications. Infor will help you avoid any disruption and all hidden costs of any unplanned down-time with an application service which places the world class technical-skills at your disposal, it will prevent system related issues even before they occur, and will skilfully diagnose and resolve any problems and issues before they become a crisis.

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