Infor CRM Advantages

There are several software solutions that offer customer relationship management features but in reality none of them goes beyond Infor CRM. Infor customer relationship management (CRM) is a company-wide business strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by solidifying customer loyalty.

Infor CRM brings information together from all data sources within an organization to give one holistic view of each customer in real time. This allows customer facing employees in such areas as sales , marketing and customer support to make quick but informed decision on everything from up selling to cross selling opportunities to target market strategies to competitive positioning tactics.

This software deals with aspect of the work with clients whether this involves procedures, sales or service –related issues. It is most often used to control lead information, campaigns and market participation. It allows company to identify its target customers, streamline information exchange between different departments, analyze distribution patterns, improve company’s relation with clients and optimize sale management. CRM software can come inform of software that need to be installed on the hardware used by the employees or it can be web based.

Advantages of Infor CRM

1. Its stores all data in central place where it can be accessed easily

One of the main benefits that most businesses get when using Infor CRM is that the software is able to store all data in a single location. This means that data can easily be accessed when needed by employees of the company. Before this software was designed, customer data was spread out over email systems, office productivity suite documents, mobile phones and even paper note cards. Storing all the data from all departments, (marketing, sales, human resource and customer service) in a central location gives both the employees and the management immediate access to the most recent data when they need it.

2. It improves quality of service

One of the main benefits of having Infor CRM is that it improves the quality of service. This is because this software collects all information of the customer then analyses the data to help you in decision making. It is also a great tool that helps in auditing, training and tracking information such as calls. It also easily identifies customer needs. The customer service representatives will have larger scale of information which will enable them give better services to customers. They can view prior pricing, contacts, shipping information and even personal information about the client to create even more personal experience with the client.

3. It improves marketing and sales tactics

With Infor CRM, a company’s sales team can actually work more efficiently. They can easily monitor their pipeline and track the lead to sale process, review each other’s notes on customers and also share product and contact information. The manager will be able to easily measure the productivity of the company by having access to monitor the time the sale team spends on certain activities. This is a valuable tool because managers can use this information to evaluate the performance of employees.

4. Ease of use

Infor CRM is a very simple tool to configure and learn. With an easy to use interface, you can efficiently design cross channel campaigns and offers, create the right rules and position the right constrains for each offer. It is very easy to understand how to use this software.

5. Saves costs

Infor CRM can help companies save a lot of money that they could have otherwise been spent hiring, training and paying employees. It also enables companies to correctly identify their target audience and focus all of the marketing efforts on that particular group. This greatly saves the cost that companies could have otherwise used targeting clients who are not interested with their services or good. Element of corruption and fraud will also be a thing of the past when using this software because it can easily detect any element of fraud.

6. It enhances good customer relationship

Infor CRM enhances good customer relationship between the company and the client. The software enables the company to establish a personalized relationship with the client and hence client will feel more attached to the company. Also because all the data is stored in one central place, the employees can easily access important information easily and this enables them to offer better services to their clients.

7. Data security

Researchers and studies regarding on this software show that the most important feature in application software is its security. This feature is very crucial in system development and software developers. Not only does CRM mange your data but it also allows you to control who has access to certain data and features. This ensures that the client’s information is secure because only authorized persons are allowed to view customer details.

8. Departmental integration

One thing that prevents many companies from giving best service to their customers is the visibility of data throughout different departments. For instance, if a customer calls and speaks a certain issue to someone in the sales department and moments later speaks to financial department, departmental integration reduces the chances of customers being put on hold while the two departments speak to each other. Infor CRM streamlines customer process from the start to the end hence customers will not have to wait for long before getting feedback.

9. It helps the company to discover and retain new customers

Every person likes to associate him/herself with a company that offers great services to its clients. Infor CRM enables companies to provide services according to customer expectations. This software enables companies to treat each customer according to his/her needs. The response time is also quick and each customer is served within the shortest time possible. CRM enables employees to access client’s information and this enables them to advice them accordingly regarding a certain issue. With better services you will not only retain your current customers but you will also attract more clients.

Infor CRM enable companies to attract and retain their current customers to enable them increase their sale and make more profit.

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