Infor ERP Extensive Overview

The quality of Infor ERP software is undoubtedly useful for specific enterprise needs and offer competition to other like software such as Microsoft, SAP and Oracle.

The Power of Infor ERP

Info ERP software has in built industry functionality. This reduces the cumbersome and costly practices of customisations. The flexibility that comes with this software is a great asset to any organisation as this feature supports whatever direction the business may take. In this era of high competition and frequently changing world, Infor ERP provides an enterprise with an overall edge over the rest.

Specifically speaking, the enterprise would be enjoying lower costs of production, improved operational efficiency and faster decision making with this software. This milestone has not been reached overnight. It has taken the collaboration of modern technology with over thirty years of manufacturing and distribution legacy. The usability is also enormous reaching a high of 164 countries and millions of daily users.

Main Infor ERP Products

Its major products include the following:

Infor10 ERP business, Infor10 ERP Express, Lawson M3 ERP Enterprise, Infor10 ERP Process Business and Infor10 ERP Enterprise. All these are equipped with the common ERP capabilities. Nevertheless, each of them offers unique functionality for different industries, businesses, enterprises and manufacturers.

The infor10 ERP business is, for instance, designed for process manufacturers such as chemical, food,and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers. On the other hand, Infor10 ERP Express targets discrete manufacturers e.g. defence and airspace, automotive and machinery manufacturers. Meanwhile, Lawson M3 suits organisations that have make, move and maintain processes. This is because many manufacturing companies have scarce resources and have processes that are specific to their companies.

Such a process can be complex in nature and Lawson M3 does so well here. Moving on to the infor10 ERP Process Business, it puts process manufacturers in control by making it easy to enter, view use and analysis business information. Furthermore, it pulls together all those puzzle pieces so that the business choices can be seen more clearly and the best choices made. Lastly, infor10 ERP Enterprise helps to tame the complexity of a network in a simple, efficient and productive way.

Its configurable business process modeling aids in managing the most complex order-to-cash, design-to-production and procure-to-pay processes. It also comes equipped with a business solution designed to support the unique business processes from executive decision making to the most minor detail in engineering requirements.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Infor ERPĀ 

As seen above, the different products of Infor ERP are special in their own ways. It would require an organisation to take into account the following before settling for one product:

Firstly, it should be known that only a few specific sectors can be served by these products. They are the airspace, defence, automotive, chemicals, construction equipment, distribution, food and beverage, fashion, high tech and electronics and industrial manufacturing.

Secondly, the specific objective to be achieved by the utilization of the software should be outlined on the onset. This will definitely assist in narrowing down to only a single product.

Advantages of Infor ERP

Indeed they are several benefits that would accrue to a company that uses this software. Just to recap a few, a business would have its operations streamlined and also enjoy the advantage of business-wide visibility. Access to information is greatly enhanced and whatever the data, it can be retrieved any time, anywhere thus prompting quicker decision making. Not to mention that new products would get to the market faster with a higher profit margin.

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