Infor F9 Overview

Infor F9 is a very powerful financial analysis and reporting solution that provides ease of use, speed and flexibility to more than thirty thousand customers worldwide using over one hundred and fifty general ledgers. This solution dynamically links the data from the general ledger to Microsoft Excel and quickly presents real-time view of all the business information with a single click of a button. Extremely no exports or even manual entries are needed thus giving you more time to focus on your strategic planning as well as analyze the data and also eliminate labor-intensive reporting.

Infor F9 Overview

This solution at a glance

1. Microsoft Excel reporting

2. Budgeting and consolidations

3. Report scheduling as well as distribution

4. Cloud hosting for the Microsoft Azure

5. Drilldown and report viewer

6. Any ERP, any industry

Unique capabilities

Whether you are a financial expert or a non-technical business user, this solution is designed for you. You can greatly rely on this solution’s deep functionality and extensive flexibility to recalculate reports quickly, improve accounting efficiency and streamline financial processes.

1. Consolidation

Easily consolidate the general ledgers that come from different systems of accounting or don’t share similar accounting structures. Whether the information is coming from many databases, from multiple companies or across several departments, you can bring all these information together without necessarily having to perform manual consolidations or re-key data.

2. Drill down

Investigate all numbers in the reports all way down their origins. You are able to view the summary level information and also drill down to unique transaction without leaving the page. You are also able to gain clear visibility into transactions supporting the financial statements for more transparency.

3. Timely report building

Build as well as modify accurate reports with ease and speed, without having to call upon the IT developers to do the job for you. Construct reports quickly and access information easily to facilitate faster decision-making.

This solution’s products boost productivity, optimize accounting resources, deliver flexible in-depth reporting and more. It’s easy to use products include; F9 Viewer, F9 Report Manager, F9 Report Writer and F9 Connect for SharePoint.


This solution works seamlessly with more than one hundred and fifty ERP and general ledger systems including; Infor ERPs, Sage ERPs, Microsoft ERPS, Exact ERPs, Blackbaud, StoneRiver, Oracle ERPs, SAP ERPs, CYMA, SS&C, AccountMate and QuickBooks.


This solution offers a great feature package including;

  • Consolidations
  • Drill down
  • Budgeting
  • Multi-currency
  • Report analysis
  • Pivot table reports
  • Dashboards
  • Web reporting
  • Report scheduling

It does all the work while being linked (dynamically) to the General ledger, ensuring that all the numbers are consistent, complete and timely.

Report wizard

This solution’s report wizard enables you to move from a completely blank spreadsheet to a hot linked, fully formatted report in a few seconds. By simply following a step by step procedure and a graphical representation, you can click your already finished report.

Drill down

This solution’s drill down enables you to easily analyze any balance by the GL transactions or by some account code segments. You can also use the drill results in your report’s body for trend analysis and other purposes. This feature enables you to track down numbers in the report to their origin.


This solution can consolidate GLs’ from very different accounting systems or those that don’t share similar account structures.

Report analysis

Analyze by numerous criteria such as multi-department or multi-company reports and see the duplicated or missing accounts.

Mining information with this solution

This solution’s hotlink technology makes the most important business data instantly accessible thus solving the greatest concerns that accountants have about the financial systems.

Report at any date range

With this solution, you can create your reports for any date range that you want; a weekend, a week, a day, whatever makes sense to your particular business.

Report automation

This solution enables you to define as well as design your report easily and quickly through graphics and drop-down menus.

Report migration

This solution’s reports grow with the business, if and also when you change the accounting database to another product or version, this solution’s reports can be migrated easily.

Infor F9 Version; 5 new features

1. Improved user experience

2. Infor F9 Viewer

3. Infor F9 Scheduler

4. Infor F9 Account Security

5. New business intelligence reporting

Improved user experience

New task panes enable users to effectively interact with this solution directly from Excel spreadsheet for quicker reporting and output results.

The reporting controls are new and they display in drop-down format so as to ensure quick and easy selection of filters. The improved toolsets offer improved Analyze as well as Zero Suppress functionality.

Version 5 is easily accessible from Excel Ribbon and it also displays as a tab among functional groups.

F9 Viewer

The F9 Viewer allows the managers to run reports, view reports and also drill down on the numbers. Decision makers are also empowered to answer questions by having easy access to the GL data and ability to quickly interrogate the data.

New business intelligence reporting

New data visualization and analysis tools assists you analyze spot trends, information and also access your company’s information more easily. New options in Microsoft Excel for filtering and sorting, such as filter or sort by color, multi-select in the AutoFilters and also quick filters for certain specific data types makes Version 5 the most ideal tool for efficiently creating reports to easily analyze the complex business data.

You can use the F9 report data to easily create pivot chart views or pivot tables by using the data fields to quickly reorient data to summarize and also find all the answers that you need.KPIs (Key performance indicators) are also easily added to F9 reports through Infor F9 Report Wizard, Pivot Tables and Table, Analyze and GL Paste functions. The key performance indicators dynamically change after the calculations are made and can also be layered using custom and preset rules.

F9 Scheduler

This application is used to easily schedule and manage Infor F9 reports in Microsoft Excel to recalculate, print and also publish to PDF. You can save valuable time and generate consistent reports by scheduling the reports that are to be run as well as distributed automatically on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

F9 Account Security

This application offers a means to easily set-up a security based on role over the F9 data. You may create groups and users and also set security based on the different GL dimensions (by division, balance type, company, year, department, etc )down to the account level security.


Infor F9 is simply the customizable, complete solution for all the financial reporting requirements. It’s easy to deploy, easy to use and also easy to maintain.

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