Infor Global Solutions – Why You Should Use It

Infor Global Solutions develop as well as deliver enterprise software applications with its implementation with Infor which is the 3rd largest provider for applications and services of enterprise that has helped 70,000 customers in about 164 countries for driving growth, improving operations and adapting the changes in the business demands quickly.

It also offers suites and applications that are industry specific and engineered for speed with the use of ground breaking technology as it also delivers flexible deployment and rich user experience options for giving a choice to its customers to run their businesses on premises or in cloud or both. Before distributors and manufacturers get their products to the shelves, Infor provide software to these companies. Enterprise applications are developed by the company and are used for a wide range of business processes that link and automate disparate functions across the organizations.

The products of Infor are used for tracking shipments, managing customer interactions and managing inventories. These global solutions targets industries like automotive, consumer packaged goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food processing. It has quietly yet steadily built into the competitive vendor of the enterprise software with the helps of more than twenty five acquisitions since it was founded in 2002.

The product lineup of the company covers a very wide range of enterprise tasks like customer relationship management (CRM), asset, supply chain management and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Infor global solutions operates as subsidiary to Infor INC, as it serves chemical, aerospace and defense, food and beverages, fashion, high technology, pharmaceutical public sector industries, retail, brewing and manufacturing.

It also offers a wide range of business solutions that has been tailored for meeting the particular needs of small to mid sized companies, restaurants, information centers, libraries, manufacturing and distribution, emergency services and construction enterprises. The company also provides business implementation, consulting, application framework enhancement, managed services, education and strategic consulting.

Infor Global Solutions Offer:

Asset Management- it offers enterprise grade, configurable asset management solution in the market which provides you a chance to improve your capital asset management that enhances the predictive maintenance, increases reliability, reduces the energy usage, support sustainability initiative and ensures regulatory compliances.

Customer Relationship Management- Infor believes in flexible and effective CRM which helps you to drive a complete view of your customers so that you can implement real time decisions that enables you to target the right customer, at right time and right place so that you can enhance the profitability, loyalty and engagement of customer.

Public Sector- This solution provides you the way of providing high quality services to the public sector when regulations are increasing and budget is decreasing. It enables you to cut costs, get the required information and manage your infrastructure in better and efficient manner.

Product Life Cycle Management- Infor helps you to leverage the date across the enterprise so that you can make better decisions with regards to the production, design, management and development of products. This also helps you to make best quality products for maximizing profits.

Enterprise Performance Management– This solution provides you with business intelligence capabilities that can easily access data. It also enables you to understand the performance, impact and risk that is associated with the decision you take for your enterprise.

Human Capital Management– It enables the system of your enterprise to flow in a unique cloud interface that helps you to plan better, select, develop, deploy, reward and measure your workflow.

The Two Products of This Global Solution Include:

Infor 10 ERP Enterprise LN- It is the best product which is used for meeting the complexities that arises in the global supply chains today like rapid innovation, multiple operations, competitive market increase complexity and collaborative partner networks. It is the best system that enables you to tame the complexity as you can view and manage the resources of your organization as unified whole. It also provides tools that can improve the operational excellence across supply chains and in manufacturing units.

Infor Financial Business Sun System- This is a system that helps finance managers to deal with the risks and challenges of business. It is considered as the best financial management solutions that shorten the process cycle time, reduces costs, delivers actionable, timely financial information, improves business transparency and enforces the controls for global financial standards. This solution can help you to solve all the problems that are related to financial management with the help of Infor global solutions.

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