Infor Hospitality – Extensive Overview

The newly launched Infor Hospitality was specifically designed to address specialized requirements of resorts, casinos, hotels and government lodging agencies. With a full suite of financial and operation applications that can help you manage the online and guest management; this amazing software will allow your employees to focus on how to improve guest service.

As a hotel owner, you probably know how hard it is make profits while at the same time give your customers a personalized guest experience. It is actually not easy unless you have hotel software solutions that give what you need, when you need it. Infor is the leading provider of business software and services helping more than 70,000 customers in more than 164 countries improve operations and drive growth.

Infor Hospitality software system delivers multi-departmental hotel management software that touches on every area of your business, whether it is your corporate office or central reservations, asset and financial team, sales and marketing, loyalty team, maintenance group or on -property operations. This hotel management solution connects your hospitality specific plans and strategies to your back and front office systems to enable you make better decision and more money.

From hotel property management to hotel financial management, gaming management, central reservations, food and beverages and more, you can be sure that Infor hospitality will give even more than you expected. You will get all the tools needed to manage reservations, availability, rates, in-house services and guest profiles.

Developed by experts who have more than 25 years of experience, in hospitality, this software will enable you improve the overall efficiency of your hotel management. All departments will run smoothly with minimal supervision but with high productivity. Over 10,000 hotel , government housing facilities, resorts and gaming worldwide now rely on this software for efficient property management operations and also for optimization of online and offline guest experience. Infor hospitality comes complete with full suite of front desk and property, hospitality management applications, CRM, financial, housekeeping, maintenance management and business intelligence.

This software has been recognized with multiple awards including being recognized in the best overall value and champion trendsetter by Infor Tech Research Group. The company also has excellent customer care service. In fact Infor extreme support was actually named one of the 10 best support sites by the association of supper professionals.

The release of this software has enable customers to have wider range of access when utilizing full suite of operation and financial applications that really helps to manage guest and online experience. In addition, the suite can also help to significantly lower capital investments for IT while at the same time , still allowing clients to share data-like revenue management electronically in real time thus allowing employees to actually focus on improving guest service.

The suite also allows customers to access industry specific analytics which are delivered through unique interface that provides important metrics and data to end users. The software utilizes Infor ION, which is a purpose built middle ware and Infor Ming.le, social collaboration engine which facilitates both external and internal communications between clients and their suppliers. Such enhancements support globalization because it allows users to actually view real time information at any time and also from any location. This software also enables application to be launched remotely providing access to emerging suppliers, partners and joint ventures.

Infor hospitality enables customers to experience faster return on investment (ROI) and a reduced total cost of ownership because it is managed through monthly subscription. This makes this software to be more cost effective because you will not need to purchase additional onsite hardware and serves or hire additional IT staffs.

Infor Hospitality Advantages

1. Enables users to manage their online reputation in real time

For those who are in hospitality industry, you most probably know that online reputation is very important especially if you want to be successful. With Infor hospitality, you will not only be able to manage your online reputation in real time, but you will also foster good relationship with your clients. Good online reputation means that your company is reliable, efficient and values their clients. You will get more customers if you have good online reputation and this software is design to enable to efficiently manage your online reputation in real time.

2. Use mobile operations to streamline operations.

One unique feature of this software is that you can use mobile operations to streamline operations. This means that you don’t have to be physically present at your company in order run all operation of your business smoothly. This software has all necessary tools needed to run all operation smoothly without requiring you to be physically present at the company. It also allows your employees to be more creative because they don’t have to spend most of their time managing the welfare of the company.

3. Build superior guest experience.

Infor hospitality will manage most of business operation thus giving you and your employees a chance to build a superior guest experience. Your employees will have the chance to be creative and also be able to come up with new polices that can improve guest experience.

4. Maximize revenue potential.

This software will maximize revenue potential because you won’t need to purchase additional onsite hardware and serves or hire additional IT staffs. The return on investment will also be fast. Most department of your company will be managed by the software and that means that the productivity of the company will be high thus generating more revenue.

5. Make better decision faster.

Infor Hospitality will enable you to make informed decision that will boost the performance of your company. This is because the software will be providing you with up to date information regarding the current customer taste and preferences and that will enable you make better decision faster

In conclusion, if you want your company to grow, if you want your employees to be more productive and if you want to attract more customers, then Infor hospitality will make most if not all of your dreams to be true. The software is design to improve guest satisfaction, simplify daily processes and enhance security.

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