Infor Lawson- Best Practices

Infor Lawson is a comprehensive-set-of enterprise applications backed-by many decades of practical-experience all built to improve efficiency in today’s work. From user friendly analytics-tools and mobile access which puts information at the employees’ fingertips, to the collaboration and integration-tools which let both people and systems work much more effectively-together, Infor Lawson gives the user the functionality and flexibility to build competitive-advantage in today’s dynamic market-place. Infor Lawson is basically a comprehensive set-of solutions that has been designed to improve both the efficiency and the effectiveness of key organizational-functions in various areas of financial-management, human capital-management, analytics and procurement.

The Infor Lawson-suite Includes:

Enterprise-Financial Management

It helps you improve your business transparency and also strengthen the financial discipline with proven-functionality which covers core financial-management, planning and budgeting, grant-management, project and activity-accounting, and student activity-management.

Supply Chain-Management

It helps you standardize and also automate processes, control and monitor spending, and helps you manage supplier-relationships with robust-capabilities that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the companies in services-industries. Some of the applications that aid in this include:Strategic sourcing, procurement, requisition-center, procurement punch-out, contract management, mobile supply-chain-management, and more.

Infor Human Capital-Management 

It helps you to effectively select, plan, deploy, measure, develop, and reward your work-force with unified HCM-capabilities which can be deployed-on the premises or in the-Cloud. Some of the key-capabilities include: Case management, talent management, HR service-delivery, knowledge base, recruitment, learning management, on boarding and more.


They give the users the information they-need, when they-need it, and simplifies complex reporting and analysis-processes with the pre built analytics for supply chain, financial management, and project accounting.

Infor offers proven-solutions in some areas like risk management, enterprise-performance management, expense-management, and enterprise asset-management. The strong and flexible finance-model facilitates global growth and business-visibility while at the same time achieving local reporting.

The Agile technology-platform allows for enterprise-integrations at a much lower total-cost of ownership.The new mobile-applications facilitate key workflows on-the-go, that is, you get the information you need, at the right-time, in the right-place and to the right-people. The new product-integrations enable expanded, high-value capabilities which can improve the performance much quickly and in a way which is not disruptive to your business.

The industry rich-analytics enhances better and much faster decision making by combining pervasive, embedded business-intelligence all around core-workflows and transaction business-processes. The optimized user-interface with enterprise-search and Infor Mingle social business-platform enables the user to follow people and business-objects in real time and also enables sharing-seamlessly by embedding-search and other social capabilities-contextually in the applications.

Some of the Core features of Infor Lawson that help in improving efficiency and effectiveness include:

  • GL 290-multiple fiscal years and posting-date ranges
  • Enhanced GL-AC commitment functionality
  • RW100-performance enhancements
  • Accounts payable vendor-spend report
  • AP 300 vendor range
  • TIPRA 3 percent federal accounts payable-multiple withholding taxes
  • Support for 1099 K and 1042 S
  • New CSV option-on the AM270 report
  • XBRL tags-on accounts for SEC-reporting
  • Budget actuals and partial-purchase order cancel enhancements
  • An ability to add-generic print-message on accounts payable-remit
  • Auditing for cost-allocation, currency processes and report writer formats
  • Ability to process AP-198 by process-level
  • Purchase order cost-message accept upload
  • Added vendor master-changes
  • AM 100 percent bonus depreciation
  • Enhanced auditing-of data
  • AP multiple withholding-rates
  • Enhance AR to leverage-CB User Fields
  • PO64 to PO222
  • Display of item-description on all MA90-forms
  • AM16.1 Add-options to default compute=Y on AM20.1
  • Add level-3 detail to Procurement-card charge
  • Ability to enter-purchase order on PD21
  • Multi funded projects, that is, grant accounts receivable pre-payments enhancement
  • Add buyer contact-information to POEDI interface-file
  • Add buyer email-address to fax and email out-put header
  • Add new GDSN-fields to the item-master
  • Ability to enter purchase-order on PD21

Infor Lawson best practices are currently being used by over 2000-customers from different service industries, which include; the public sector and health care, who benefit from the deep domain-expertise and the industry functionality.

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