Infor LX- Product Overview

Infor LX is a comprehensive global enterprise resource planning platform trusted by process manufacturers across the globe. It is designed for a wide range of manufacturing industries to help them better manage their manufacturing operations, boost productivity and efficiency, while keeping cost to the minimum. This innovative technology platform assures exceptional functionality and excellent flexibility to easily adapt to the new manufacturing trends and regulatory changes. This ERP solution is becoming increasingly popular in the recent years as it allows businesses of all sizes to adapt to the rapid changes of the global market.

What is Infor LX?

Infor LX is a comprehensive, flexible and advanced process manufacturing system that facilitates production of quality consistent and compliant products to meet the fluctuating demand, while adapting to the ever changing marketplace. It encompasses various manufacturing methods and used in a multitude of industries including food, beverage, life sciences, chemicals, automotives, medical devices and general manufacturing. In short this innovative tool is the perfect solution to improve performance and profits in a cost effective way.

What does this system do?

Change is inevitable in this fast paced business world and the manufacturing environment has never been more competitive. Adapting to this change is the key to survival in this ever-changing business landscape. It is vital to be more responsive to the change and optimize efficiencies to deliver superior quality products at a cost effective price. It streamlines production and distribution operations to ensure that your business model is sound and efficient. In fact it supports and assists you through ever phase of your business process and operations like source to pay, prospect to cash, design to manufacture and financial tracking and reporting. As challenges evolve Infor LX is the safest way to stand ahead of the crowd.

Benefits of this system

1.This system is highly scalable and provides the potential and power you need to support your business as it expands across the globe.

2. It helps you to respond to changes, optimize your resources and operations and expand as your business grows.

3. It helps to improve efficiency and productivity, reduce costs considerably, meet consumer expectations and streamline complex manufacturing processes. In short it is designed for attaining manufacturing excellence.

4. It assures ease of use, scalability and flexibility to access relevant information as and when needed.

5. It increases revenue and profitability while lowering the total cost of ownership.

6. It is highly functional in nature as it automates major business processes and collaborates internally between the various departments and externally across the supply chain.

7. It also guarantees considerable reduction of supply chain costs and lead times.

8. It complies with local regulatory and legal reporting requirements.


Infor LX is perfectly designed and tailored to allow customers to automate, plan, collaborate and execute key business processes in accordance with their specific business requirements. With greater information visibility, easy to access and navigation features and embedded workflow this system is the best choice to maximize your manufacturing processes. If you are a manufacturer and looking to deeply evolve as markets grow globally and customer demands become increasingly fluctuating, then Infor LX is the perfect solution for you.

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