Infor M Series – Benefits and Features

Infor M series is an integrated enterprise financial management suite which includes accounts payable, fixed assets, accounts receivable, general ledger, purchasing, inventory as well as project tracking functionality.

This solution adequately supports all enterprise financial processes ranging from good flexible budgeting to efficient and accurate receivable and invoice processing for both international and domestic organizations. This solution greatly enables accurate and fast period-end closes, effective cash control, powerful information analysis as well as reporting capabilities, currency management and centralized payment processing.

Infor M Series – Benefits and Features

Infor M Series modules include:

1. General ledger

The general ledger offers flexibility so as to financially manage the complex organization

2. Accounts payable

This enables complete and accurate processing of all payables using various payment controls and methods.

3. Accounts receivable

Accounts receivable offers a comprehensive and powerful set of tools for very effective cash, credit and customer management.

4. Fixed assets

This simplifies the management of assets from their acquisition to retirement.

5. Project tracking

Project tracking offers cradle-to-grave views of the project

6. Inventory

This module delivers a complete and accurate view of the current inventory levels.

7. Purchasing

Ensures efficient procurement selections and procedures.

History clearly shows that all successful businesses greatly invest in the process improvements especially during the downturns, so that they are more competitive when the business picks up once more. With very strategic extensions of the existing financial systems, the business can gain flexibility, responsiveness and speed needed to navigate through all the difficult business situations now as well as later in the future.

This solution has more than forty years of experience in developing financial management systems which efficiently deliver perfect integration with the operational systems and various enterprise-level business applications. Infor’s team of experts offers you the support needed so as to help you get a quick implementation as well as return to value and also assisting you obtain the most from the existing resources. With this solution, you get a very powerful variety of functions and an easy-to-use, clear interface that greatly improves productivity. This solution offers great flexibility in customizing a system for adequate effectiveness in numerous different circumstances.

M series General Ledger provides an excellent range of very unique features for some specific vertical markets such as banking, finance, insurance and retail industries.

For the finance, banking and insurance industries, Infor M Series General Ledger offers;

1. Regulatory and management accounting and allocations

2. The ability to easily create management, NAIC and GAAP reports

3. Easy-to-use facilities for regulatory and GAAP adjustments

4. The ability to effectively store and also report on the average balances with optional automatic calculation of the average balances.

For retail industry, Infor M Series General Ledger offers;

1. The possibility of fifty four periods, allowing for efficient maintenance of the weekly ledger

2. The ability to perfectly control the amount of history kept and how much detailed it should be.

Sharing options

This solution allows you to easily share vital features across many corporations. For example, journal processing options can be shared, saving ongoing maintenance and user’s setup time.


You can design (UDAK) user-defined accounting keys which allows you to perfectly organize information for your reports in a lot more ways than with a single predefined key.

Amount classes

This solution can accommodate different accounting budgets, bases, statistical and monetary amounts as well as years of history.

Multiple currencies

This solution offers complete currency conversion, revaluation, management and also restatement of all ledger data.

Journal entry and controls

Journal controls within this solution can be easily set at many different levels including;

1. All the journals in a single corporation –

Corporate processing options (this applies to each and every journal in an organization)

2. Individual journals –

Journal models (this applies to the individual journals)

3. Journals with a certain effective date –

Journal controls (this applies to the journals with a certain effective date)

4. Minimal control requirements –

Journal entry (when minimal controls are required)

Key Assignment

This feature reduces the number of keystrokes that are needed to be entered for each transaction.

Entry Creation

Entry creation enables you to easily manipulate the journal transactions that are not posted as they enter into the journal processing job stream.

Online or Batch Posting

Batch posting edits all the incoming journals, it isolates any journal in error and also sends them to the specific error recycling option. On the other hand, online posting enables you to post the journals in real time so as to enable immediate update to the master file or even to both the Summary File and Master File.


Sub-balancing feature ensures that some specific transactions within the journal are balanced.


If you would rather maintain one currency ledger in an environment with numerous currencies, this solution can effectively do that using the restatement feature that allows you to report as if two sets of books are maintained while only one is kept.

System and user edits

This solution verifies that balances and amounts fall within a specified acceptable limit for each transaction.


Within this solution, you can effectively maintain budgets the same time that you maintain any statistical, monetary or actual amounts.


The allocation module allows you to connect two sets of allocations so as to provide up-to-date, accurate information.


This solution has 3 methods of carrying out consolidation: Management Report Writer, Superstructure and Summary reference.

Year-end processing

This solution simplifies the year-end closure of books.


Your subsystems can effectively connect with this solution via the Millennium Batch Transaction Processor.


This solution offers numerous optional standard reports such as audit trails, transaction listings, error reports, control totals and trial balance reports.

DB2-concurrent online and batch

DB2 offers efficiency and ability to run the batch jobs while still keeping online system available. Concurrent online and batch processing eliminates that need to stop the online sessions in order to carry out batch processing.


This solution’s streamlined, compact design delivers maximum efficiency. For very detailed journal entry, sequential processing is needed in order to avoid over burdening your online system. Some other large jobs, such as large scale reporting via Detail Report Writer or mass maintenance also run in the batch mode.

By making all accounting functions more readily available to many employees, Infor M Series makes your organization to be more prepared to deal with some new opportunities and challenges.

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