Infor Property Management – The Solution for You

From creating financial reports to attracting tenants, Infor Property Management effectively keeps all the aspects of your businesses running profitably and smoothly. Thousands of managers and property owners largely depend on this solution in order to meet financial, operational as well as business intelligence needs. This very easy-to-use, integrated and comprehensive solution assists decision makers gain clear visibility across their different properties to effectively drive productivity, return on investment and cash flows.

Infor Property Management – The Solution for You

This solution at a glance

1. Browser agnostic, web-based solution

2. Flexible move-out/move-in workflow

3. Expense management

4. Financial and operational reporting

5. Online rent collection

6. Online leasing

7. Service management

8. Mobile apps

9. on-premises, third-party deployment or Infor hosted

Unique capabilities

Excel in the greatly competitive world of commercial, residential and other real estate segments with this solution. Infor Property Management efficiently delivers great capabilities that match all your specific needs, thus enabling you to optimize the performance of your entire property portfolio and manage business more effectively. The unique capabilities of this solution include;

1. Customizable and flexible

Build a good customized solution that effectively meets your budget and specific business requirements with this solution. In addition to core software solution, Infor’s open system offers a complimentary, fully integrated excellent set of solutions, thus giving you flexibility to easily buy and also use what you want when you want it. You also benefit from ability to buy a concurrent user license which actually enables you to address the ongoing cost of ownership and ongoing budget considerations objectively.

2. Accessibility and mobility

Targeted mobile applications and browser-agnostic capabilities combine to allow easy and complete access to this solution any time, from any device and from any location. By offering numerous access options, this solution gives you power to choose and assists you identify problems faster, improve the overall portfolio performance and speed up decision-making.

3. Robust business intelligence

Offering a comprehensive, easy-to-use business intelligence system, this solution enables you to efficiently create, schedule, deliver as well as update financial and operational reports easily and quickly. Alerting capabilities, budget comparison and drill-down offer more reporting tools for a thorough business reporting. Generally, the robust package enables you to proactively manage all your assets and also enhance property investment.

Modules of Infor Property Management

1. Residential property management

Use a single application to effectively manage leverage opportunities, diverse portfolios and control costs. Infor’s complete, operations application (web-based) for the residential property management offers some tools for de-centralized or centralized management of the on-site operations such as task organization, traffic, reporting and rent collection. Attain a clear view of the daily activities to greatly maximize your employee’s productivity and better ensure that all the goals are met. Easily link to move-outs, move-ins, pending applications and transfers to manage different property types with ease and efficiency.

2. Security for property management

Built specifically for managers and owners of all real estate assets, Infor’s application helps manage and organize your accounting practices. In addition, by simplifying complexities of accounting in your entire portfolio, you can easily retrieve current data as well as define who accesses the data, the data that they are allowed to see and the actions that are permitted down to property level.

3. Work order management

Always deliver quality services and also preventive maintenance work for all your property with this service management system that is web-based. Schedule, document and also monitor the preventive maintenance across numerous properties easily. You can as well enter and track the day to day maintenance work, including the status and generate a well detailed, online reporting of the work order activity.

4. Purchase order management

Manage and also control expenditures at property/site level with Infor’s web-based budget control and purchase order application that efficiently centralizes your company’s procurement function, regardless of how widespread the properties are. Managers can attain more intelligent purchasing and better expense control by using this amazing application to enter invoices and purchase orders, purchase electronically from the e-procurement sites and prepare budgets.

5. Portfolio business intelligence

Measure and also monitor the business in real-time in order to target important information for faster and better decision making with Infor’s business intelligence solutions. The executives can access a dashboard for clear insight into the current portfolio performance. The solutions also enables them to drill down the details of each property. Reporting features provide flexible and fast ways to interact with the business information so as to enable excellent reporting of the real-time data in any system. The alerting capabilities clearly identify and also report on the performance trends that are hidden within the database. Collectively, these components assists you to manage more effectively with regular access to accurate and current business information.

6. Integration to the best in class applications

Maximize the functionality and value of your main applications through a data exchange that is seamless with the best service providers for online payment systems, renters insurance, affordable housing, utilities, resident screening and more. This flexible, open connection greatly enables you to attract as well as screen the tenants more easily and provide convenient and reliable online payment options so as to reduce the late payments, etc.


Do it all with Infor’s integrated solution: handle guest card applications, financials, lease execution and online rent payments. Create customized reports about the performance of your properties, whether you own multiple types of property or you fee-manage.

This solution delivers an interface which is easy-to-use that offers users an intuitive, familiar software experience that is designed to assist them work faster and smarter.


This solution perfectly integrates with best-in-class, complimentary partners including;

  • CRM/Operational
  • On-site
  • Utilities/Operational
  • AMS
  • Online payments/Operational
  • PayLease
  • Affordable Housing/financial and operational
  • IPM Cornerstone


1. Online payment function

2. Complete online leasing capability

3. Integrated property financials and management

This solution provides property managers with much expanded mobile access. Users can easily receive notifications and perform tasks from the office, field or even on the go. This solution improves turnover, inspection and walkthrough processes for the property management. They are able to efficiently create as well as modify work orders, record insights or attach document images when moving from a particular property via the mobile device. This solution also gives real-time insights for task and financial analysis, this enables the management to greatly improve decision-making.

With Infor Property Management, you obtain trusted solution that has a very clear understanding of all business processes that are required to support multiple types of property with delivery of good timely solutions that assists lower your total ownership cost.

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