Infor RFID – Extensive Overview

Infor RFID (radio frequency identification device) gives you a very comprehensive framework that will definitely enhance the overall return you obtain from your radio frequency identification device (RFID) deployment. The RFID technology greatly helps to make businesses more efficient.

Infor RFID – Overview

With this solution, you can:

  •  Understand your customer’s demand better
  •  Synchronize your distribution, fulfillment and manufacturing operations with your supply chain.
  •  Lower the labor costs
  •  Gain clear inventory visibility at case, pallet, item or tray level.
  •  Meet the compliance mandates from retailers, governments as well as other customers all over the world more efficiently.
  •  Eliminate the manual shipping and receiving processes.

This solution is effectively compliant with latest RFID standards and protocols. It also easily integrates with the other enterprise systems. With this solution you obtain capabilities for:

  • Edge device management

Effectively and efficiently manage voice, radio frequency and the RFID devices in a single system.

  • Edge process management

Use business process and workflow rules to efficiently coordinate your devices and applications in real-time.

Generally, globalization creates more opportunities to efficiently serve new customers and markets. However, this come with the big challenge of handling many products across more suppliers and more locations. Without very strong radio frequency identification device(RFID )capabilities, the opportunities to effectively create business value by clearly understanding customer demand, improving productivity, increasing visibility and advancing data accuracy and collection may be missed.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is actually a wireless technology that perfectly stores and also retrieves information remotely. This great technology has been used for a very long period of time and can be seen in many bank cards and car keys. In the RFID systems the modification of physical data can be easily achieved either by memory writing or by fault induction. Fault induction generally involves modifying the data when it’s being processed or written.

Memory writing is performed by using the specialist equipment, like the small charged needle probes or the laser cutting microscopes. Although time-consuming and difficult, this bypasses software protections. Impact of physical data modification largely depends on the criticality of the info that was modified and the application scenario.

Each RFID tag normally use a unique Electronic Product Code or identification number that identifies the exact object it’s attached to, the origin of the item, when the item was brought and by who, date of production among other information. The RFID tags can also be used after sale in order to ensure that the consumers actually purchased the items that they want them serviced or attempting to return.

Many of the crucial performance levels and functions, which RFID system requires to provide, may be planned and also tested before the project is implemented. Test allows companies to get experience with technology and with the potential suppliers on small scale. Normally, when testing technology begin in an RFID lab or a controlled environment.

With very many years of experience Infor offers great solutions that leading retailers, manufacturers, and also Logistics Company’s worldwide use. Many companies depend on this solution to assist them meet the RFID compliance mandates and therefore serve their customers efficiently and effectively.

With Infor radio frequency identification device solution, you will get all that you need to easily improve efficiency, eliminate manual shipping and receiving processes and also gain the inventory visibility at case, tray, pallet and item level. This solution complies with the EPC global standards, provides extensive reader and printer support, is Gen2 ready (96/64-bit) and also offers advanced packaging capabilities and EPC data management. Edge device management, rapid RFID integration and deployment and edge process management are all included.

Edge Device Management-Comprehensive Control

Save money and time by taking a completely unified approach towards device management. With this solution, you will be able to manage your radio frequency (RF), voice, as well as RFID devices in a single system. These component includes device and configuration management for sensor-based devices and barcode as well as the wireless devices.

Edge Process Management –Synchronized Processes

Utilize business and workflow process rules to effectively coordinate your devices and applications in real-time with the infor applications. You may even use the packaged business flows, integration and transformation services to improve device interoperability, processes and data integration.

Rapid RFID Integration-Complete Flexibility

This solution has a good integration infrastructure that assists you leverage back the end host systems from Infor and also other legacy systems.

Infor’s rapid deployment tools assists you to launch your Rapid frequency identification (RFID) initiative quickly so as to achieve benefits sooner. Simulate your operations and test operational scenarios and also quickly scale the simulation into a full rollout and pilots. You can completely rely on Infor RFID to:

  •  Synchronize the manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment operations with your supply chain
  • Lower costs of labor through the auto-identification of all inventory
  • Track and also trace all items in real time
  •  Meet all compliance mandates for the governments and also retailers worldwide.

Reduce the costs that are associated with automated receiving and accelerated trailer loading

Radio frequency identification technology effectively enables automated gathering and also sending of the asset information-including maintenance status, meter readings, equipment location and many more-without needing contact with the asset or direct line of the sight. Once RFID reader gathers enough data, the info is passed to EAM/CMMS applications of the organization. As a result, your system can trigger an alert, conduct inspections, locate an asset, update inventory, create an invoice, etc.

Not only does radio frequency identification device provide an accurate, fast method of obtaining important asset tracking info, but it also assists asset managers;

1. Improve productivity

2. Increase revenue by valuing the assets being sold accurately

3. Increase the longevity of equipment by correctly identifying usage patterns.

4. Reduce costs by effectively implementing a maintenance schedule that is need-based rather than that which is calendar-based

White Paper Highlights

1. Understand the radio frequency identification device technology components and also how they work.

2. Understand the exact comparison between using barcoding and RFID for asset management.

3. Learn about the real-life examples concerning how the radio frequency identification device technology is being effectively used by the enterprising organizations today in order to obtain significant time savings as well as enable better maintenance and asset management.

Infor RFID enabled framework effectively drives business value with the industry-focused solutions; the industry compliance solutions for US Defense Department, pharmaceuticals and retail; business process optimization for supply chain, manufacturing and the asset management companies.

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