Infor Sales Portal – Features and Benefits

Infor Sales Portal is a comprehensive ordering and quoting system for selling standard and configured products through all the channels, including distributors, dealers and one’s direct sales force. The manufacturers of very complex products need to accurately configure, quote and also sell quickly so as to stay competitive. The chances are most of them are working with ineffective and disparate tools such as spreadsheets, sales manual and siloed software.

With this solution, you get a comprehensive ordering and quoting system for selling standard and configured products through all of their channels, including distributors, dealers and their direct sales force. You will have a single control point for sharing customer, order and product information with all the back-end business and manufacturing systems, and also web-based collaborative supply chain and demand system, therefore you can rest assured that everyone in the value chain is efficiently working with up-to-date information.

With this solution, your customers and partners will find it easier to transact business with by greatly speeding up the ordering and quoting process so as to respond quicker than his competition, and also essentially allow his selling channels to efficiently sell anywhere.

Infor Sales Portal offers a range of amazing capabilities to effectively guide channel partners, key customers and sales people through product selection, pricing, proposal, configuration, quoting, status inquiry and ordering.

Infor Sales Portal – Features and Benefits

1. A very flexible product catalog that offers the information which users require to efficiently identify, visualize and also order both standard and configurable products.

2. A guided selection of product that goes beyond the normal catalog search capabilities to assist the users to identify and also choose the products that fits their needs best, while still ensuring valid product.

3. Collaboration capabilities that fully support effective, fast communication among all your sales channel levels from the customer to distributor, dealer and also you the manufacturer.

4. Internet-centric deployment model which provides on premises options. One manages a single system and a single data repository and also know that each and every one has the most up-to-date info.

5. Easier integration with enterprise as well as partner your business processes using the industry-standard tools.

Infor’s PCM (Product configuration management) software allows the manufacturers to effectively streamline the production and selling of their configured goods. With the product configuration management software, you can reduce costs, drive revenue and also differentiate your brands at the marketplace. You will be able to easily create very accurate orders, compelling quotes and also complete the bills of routings and materials.

With online deployment, the sales people globally can access the ordering and quoting system through a very secure web site using internet connection and standard web browser. You can directly use the Sales Portal with the iPads and other smartphones and tablets.

Key Benefits

With this solution, you can;

1. Put your product’s knowledge experts to use.

2. Pursue many opportunities by effectively speeding the ordering and quoting process.

3. Increase your deal size by easily recognizing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

4. Protect the margins by ensuring that the pricing rules are applied consistently.

5. Reduce the selling costs by completely eliminating need for the paper quoting catalogs and tools.

6. Support your growth plans by training the new sales staff quickly and globally deploying the consistent selling processes.

7. Increase your win rate by greatly adding the mobility to sell anytime, anywhere and completely eliminate pricing and product errors.

The key features of Infor Sales Portal

1. Web application with complete CPQ (configure-price-quote) processes.

2. Quote management

3. Order placement

4. Collaborative quote creation between the territory manager and the dealer

5. Capabilities for rapid entry, global options and mass change to handle industry and product needs.

With this solution, you can obtain various capabilities to guide the salespeople, channel partners, and the main customers through product configuration, quoting, selection, ordering, pricing, proposal and status inquiry.

  •  Configuration by the use of product Configurator assists the users understand and also select available options, dimensions and features while ensuring that they define a very valid product.
  • Product visualization helps the users to visually confirm their feature, option and product selections during configuration. Options include the static images, generating the dynamic 2D drawings, photo-realistic images and 3D CAD models.
  • Dynamic pricing quickly and easily produces configuration – specific dealer cost, quoted selling price and list price.
  • Ordering is done using the same product pricing, visualization, configuration and selection capabilities so as to make the direct order entry intuitive and easy for both self-service customers and sales people.

Deploy anywhere and manage centrally

With the Sales Portal’s modular one obtains the right tools for his sales people. One can deploy the Sales Portal online for mobile and office access or efficiently distributed to the offline personal computers. One can manage a single system and a single data repository with great confidence that everybody’s information is up to date.

Easily integrate with partner and enterprise business processes

One can easily integrate the Sales Portal with your partner and enterprise business processes because the Sales Portal uses the industry standard ETL or orchestration tools like SSIS (Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services) and others. You get a single control point for sharing customer, order and product information with back-end business and manufacturing systems and also web-based collaborative supply chain and demand system.

Collaborate throughout the sales channels

You get effective, fast communications among all of your sales channels levels from customer to distributor, dealer and you as the manufacturer

  • The multi-level channels of sales can work closely and effectively to win some more business, using import/export and also internet-based communication capabilities for orders, RFQs, and other transactions.
  • Customer service representatives can work on the open orders or quotes on behalf of the outside sales representatives or dealers to provide assistance.

Infor is one of the largest provider of amazing enterprise services and applications, helping very many customers in different countries all over the world drive growth, improve operations and also adapt to changes quickly in business demands. Infor offers a variety of products to effectively manage the entire back office, front office and operations of the top supply chain. Whatever the user’s responsibility or role, information flows securely and seamlessly providing the necessary data for informed decisions and quick response to the changing business needs.

Infor Sales Portal is therefore very important to the manufacturers since it helps them to sell their products quickly thus generate revenue easily and make more profits.

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