Infor SCM – The Advantages

You’d need an Infor SCM tool to optimize your entire supply chain, thus leaving nothing to chance. With complex analytics made easy, you could look deeper into your supply chain components and make sure everything is running smoothly. The tool simply lets you forecast, plan, schedule or even execute actions conveniently. In the end, you get the benefit of increased revenue, low operating cost and reduced risk.

You see, everything boils down to data. If it can be collected conveniently, this data can be used to make some changes within the business structure. This information could be used to optimize the effort of employees and how they use resources in the company.

The information could be used to gain insights on how to improve shipping and inventory, and this is good for the overall goal of the business.

Furthermore, the tool provides for an opportunity to let business owners respond promptly to market changes. Lastly, if this data can be used accordingly, it will help improve communication amongst various stakeholders, i.e. employees within the company, partners, customers or even suppliers.


Infor SCM – The Advantages

The tool has combined a vast array of cutting-edge technologies with industry-specific capabilities to make all this possible. Consequently, a business will be able to streamline their supply chain network in regards to the changing conditions.

This tool is not restricted to one industry alone as it supports a vast array of industries which find it useful anyway. The following is a brief list of industries that can effectively use it:

  1. Food & Beverages
  2. Pharmaceutics
  3. Electronics
  4. Distributions
  5. Consumer goods

But you’d not only use this tool for supply planning alone. Instead, you’d use it to schedule, plan sales and operations, plan for the demand, or do other things related to strategic sourcing and supplier chain management.

The tool goes ahead to handle labor, transport and warehouse management activities. These are very crucial in the distribution process – where you must ensure that the product in question has been outsources and has reached the customer conveniently.

These are functionality that a business setting can’t do without, not unless they don’t want to retain their customers anymore. A business has to stay afloat, so it must increase its revenue share, market share, while using fewer inventories to fulfill their purpose.

With Infor SCM, one can plan and execute their supply chain strategies more effectively and conveniently. In fact, nothing is left to chance. It’s all about gathering information that matter, analyzing it and converting it into useful data that can help further the ambitions of the business in question.

How Infor SCM Works In Various Industries to Optimize the Supply Chain System

1. Electronics and High-tech equipment

This industry normally has a global market share. Think about TVs, Mobile phones, Radio sets etc. These are mostly manufactured in other country before being imported. Each manufacturer has their outlets in other countries.

Coordinating all the logistics here is not easy. These people definitely need a tool that would make their work easier – i.e. a tool that would streamline the supply chain by improving collaboration while trying to respond faster to customer changes.

2. Distribution

This is yet another industry with complex distribution chains that require efficient collaboration between suppliers and buyers. At the same time, the supply chain needs to be handled in such a way that costs are brought to the minimum. If a business is able to bring down the cost, then there’s no reason why they should not embrace higher level of service and still be able to lower their inventory.

3. Logistics

With the correct system in place, individuals involved are able to make decisions faster and better, thus improving customer service and satisfaction. This automatically leads to better logistics within a business setting.

4. Automotive

This is one industry that needs to streamline its supply chain better than the rest. Just like the electronic and high tech industry, the automotive industry needs to effectively interact with those involved in the supply chain. The aim of doing so would be to gain real time, crisp-clear information about their respective suppliers in countries where they operate.

5. Chemicals & pharmaceuticals

Once orders have been placed, the people involved need to respond fast. The production capacity needs to be optimized, while the cost involved in the supply chain is brought down. With infor SCM, you can plan the entire process of production and supply based on a formula that takes the least investment to yield the best results.

6. Consumer goods

The forces of supply and demand are always in play, and you need to understand them beyond face definition. We’re talking of having better control over incoming and outgoing flows, better warehouse management, while making sure you can adapt to change when there’s need to.

7. The Hotel Industry

The manufacturing process starts from somewhere. You need to forecast and then produce according to consumer demand. While doing this, you also have to provide room for volume-based constraints in the industry, such as the size and number of tanks, fridges, ovens, and so forth.

What to Expect 

When this tool is put to task, you should expect to make some profits based on decisions you made concerning your supply chain. We’re saying profits because those decisions can never be wrong, especially now that they are inspired by data that represents what happens on the ground.

The process of getting the product or service to the customer is optimized, right from start to finish. With features that let you analyze the supply chain more easily and effectively, you could look into all the manufacturing options available, the constraints, and many other factors. Consequently, you can make decisions based on methods that use the least amount of resources.


As you can see, this is an industry-specific tool that every business needs where supply is concerned. With informed decisions, there is limited chance of making mistakes. In other words, you could plan and execute your supply chain strategies effectively, even without professional help with the use of Infor SCM.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.