Infor software review and overview

This Infor software review encompasses the effectiveness of the software SyteLine that was initially released in 1995. The implementation of this software can help an enterprise in many different ways.

It is a complete ERP system which includes customer service, inventory control, estimating, purchasing, shop floor control, employee relations and financial modules.

This software offers greater managing ability from international business functions to foreign currency, foreign language capabilities and multiple locations. Infor SyteLine is the extended ERP system for Microsoft platform that allows different companies to service, manufacture and sell with complete accuracy and speed. It also supports continual change for the manufacturers who strive to maintain competitive edge and also adapt their business process for continuously meeting the demands, business specific requirements and promises of customers.

It provides the foundation for improving customer service, business efficiency and manufacturing productivity along with promoting collaboration with every supplier of the business.

The core capabilities of Infor ERP SyteLine include-

Advanced planning and scheduling- it includes a lean, fully integrated advanced planning search engine for synchronizing with capacity to customer orders and material. Manufacturers can provide real time, real capability promise estimates to customers that enable them to keep their promise when they make them.

Mixed mode manufacturing- this software accommodates mixed mode of manufacturing that enables all the processes that are required for accelerating the production and for meeting the customer demands quickly.

Complex product configuration – this software provides an integrated management tools that ensures configured orders that are feasible for product department and accurate for the customers.

Business intelligence – Infor SyteLine have sophisticated tools that gathers, analyses and acts on data so that it can be turned into vital information for decision making and planning processes.

Inventory management and materials – this software helps you to keep the inventory level low so that shortages can be avoided with SyteLine. This solution also automates the monitoring and calculating inventory drivers which include order size, safety stocks and forecasts.

Customer management – with this solution, the manufacturers has the flexibility to continually satisfy the customers, work closely with the suppliers and adapt the different business processes.

Infor software review indicates the technical foundation of SyteLine that enables expert services and rich functionality for the organizations so that they can manage their operations cost effectively, reliably and efficiently by providing Automation as all the facilities of this solution are capable of exercising on automated basis through the workflow of SyteLine or via .NET or COM from SyteLine and other applications.

SyteLine is based on the Microsoft SQL server, member of .NET family of servers and flagship database of Microsoft. The .NET technologies and Microsoft backbone provide a very familiar workspace for every SyteLine users and also allows the personalization of the software by the users so that the information can be accessed rapidly. This software provides advanced technology that helps in bringing client/server and state of the art technology together in the manufacturing environment. It also uses open support and graphical interface for databases and an industry standard computing platform that makes the product well suited for different companies so that it can minimize cost and IS complexity.

SyteLine provides complete configuration for product and it is treated as infrastructure for your enterprise. It helps the manufacturers to deal with the complexities of delivering the customer specific products and demands for configuration that goes beyond the requirements of the customers.

The complete product configuration system of SyteLine links the order requirements with the rest of delivery and manufacturing processes as it also minimizes the changes that occur inevitably. This software provides Robust functionality which is a powerful functionality in every area of manufacturing from shop floor control to bill of materials, engineering, order processing, inventory management and stock manufacturing scenarios. Product configuration and flexible pricing options can b easily accommodated with the different modifications of this software.

SyteLine features include integrated costing, robust, management reporting capabilities and customer order management. Thus it helps to streamline the process of decision making and provides immediate and clear visibility in the key areas of your business. This product also supports tax requirements, multinational currencies and different languages that can satisfy the customers with their global needs. It provides multi level and comprehensive security along with fault management and full crash recovery.

Infor software review provides an extensive support for every aspects of modern business that allows the organization for becoming more responsive to the changes and also for improving efficiencies.

Infor CRM business edition – services and sales- it facilitates the profitable customer relationships with the help of the phases of customer life cycle which include sell, market, serve and fulfill. It also provides tools for development and execution of multi tiered marketing campaigns, improve close rates, decrease sales cycles, maintenance operations and manage services.

Infor SyteLine Quality control system or QCS- Infor provides support for all the quality related activities that needs to take place with basic material handling activities that are provided by the Infor ERP SyteLine. This solution is also very helpful for manufacturers for reducing the cost of their goods sold by reduction in scrap, burden, labor and other non-value added activities along with improving the quality of the goods.

Infor SyteLine Configuration- this solution enables salespeople, customers and order entry clerks to process the customer orders with the help of dynamic rules constraint for product configuration engine. It also helps the customer service representatives for enabling them to price, order and estimate the complex products and services for meeting the customer specifications and also to ensure that the products are manufactured and delivered on time.

Infor SyteLine Enterprise Financials – it supports every needs for the complex international environment along with the integration with Infor FMS Sun Systems and ERP SyteLine finance functions that includes business planning, budgeting and consolidation.

Infor SyteLine Field service management – it helps the companies to deliver the best qualities products and services, giving competitive edge for attracting new customers and building customer loyalty.

The innovative presentation architecture of Infor SyteLine generates the tailored screens individually in real time. This solution can also be tailored and personalized for each department, location and individual user. Labels, screen fields and look and feel option can also be personalized which reduces the training costs and increases the employee productivity which leads to greater efficiency and customer responsiveness that can be implemented with Infor software review.


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