Infor Supply Chain Execution Explained

Infor supply chain execution (SCE) combines the best in class solutions with industry -specific functionality thus giving you the power to plan, execute your supply chain strategies faster and more profitable from tactical and strategic planning to execution. It will give you the right tools you need to optimize your end to end supply chain and also enable you to harness the power of social networking thus enabling to collaborate more effective both internally and externally as well as with partners , suppliers and customers.

It will also enable you to gain greater visibility to your chain thus enabling you to improve shipping and inventory accuracy, deliver the right order on time , respond faster to current customer needs and opportunities arising and also enable you utilize your resources well.

It is actually the first solution that allows you to view and also manage all your supply chain execution activities as single unit thus enabling you to eliminate any bottlenecks and improve all -round efficiency. Infor SCE actually combines warehouse management, transportation management, 3PL billing and labor management to single application on unified database.

It helps reduce logistics management and complexity of warehousing as well as clarifying daily decision making. It unites whole supply chain into a single integrated streamlined process. With this application, you can actually run all your supply chain like a single machine that is well tune and not just like batch of unrelated segments.

Advantages of using Infor SCE

1. Makes complex decision easy

Infor SCE helps you to actually tackle complex logistic decisions that span the boundary between warehousing and transportation. With this application, all transportation and warehousing activities will run smoothly just the way you intended.

2. It reduces costs

With Infor SCE, you will actually avoid blind spots that come from treating transportation and warehouse management separately. You will always find perfect solutions to a number of perplexing tradeoffs like service versus accuracy, profitable customer versus satisfied customers and price versus speed.

3. It eliminates expediting charges

Infor SCE optimization features will guide you through the process of planning thus helping you to plan and re-plan instantly. The application will enable you to always be prepared to manage any unexpected demands that you may encounter when running your business including labor management.

4. Helps you measure your workforce performance  

The applications sophisticated labor management capabilities can actually help you to optimize work distribution and also enable you measure the performance of your work force. The application fully integrated dispatch features also enable you to consolidate and organize all your shipments to get good overall price and service level.

5. Enables you to estimate costs

If you are selling logistic services to your clients, Infor SCE will enable you to estimate all your costs fully, create value added service like kitting and bill for all those services accurately and quickly.

6. Improve value

Besides enabling you to estimate costs, Infor SCE also helps you to improve the value of what you actually do with extensive, advance reporting built on a single database. With a comprehensive report that actually ties everything together you will actually save money and time in every part of your operation. Infor supply chain execution also gives you instant snapshot reports for your entire operation thus enabling to make better decisions faster.

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