Infor Supply Chain Management Benefits

Infor Supply Chain management is a very powerful tool that is designed to assist organizations optimize their entire supply chain. With analytics at the core, this solution helps one gain deeper visibility into each and every facet of his or her supply chain, from forecasting to planning, scheduling and also execution.

Easy and quick access to the important data allows organizations to optimize labor and resource utilization, improve shipping and inventory operations, and respond effectively and quickly to market fluctuations and customer opportunities. In addition, this solution assists improve communication internally and also with partners, customers and suppliers.

Combining industry-specific capabilities and cutting-edge technology, Infor SCM helps companies create the best supply chain network which perfectly meets their needs today while effectively keeping pace with the changes as the needs evolve over a period of time. This solution is a wonderful option for some specialized industries including pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, distribution, specialty chemicals Logistics providers, electronics, consumer goods and more.

High level applications normally include supply planning, operations and sales planning, manufacturing scheduling and planning, demand planning, procurement, strategic sourcing and supplier management in addition to a robust supply chain logistics and execution management, including labor, transportation and warehouse management as well as invoicing and 3PL Billing. By effectively utilizing these very powerful functionalities, the users of Infor SCM gain higher customer retention, overall increased revenue, higher gross margins, and less inventory.

This solution combines industry-specific functionality and the top in class solution thus giving one the power to efficiently plan and execute his or her supply chain strategies more profitably and quickly, from tactical and strategic planning to execution.

Specialized by industry

This solution gives industry-specific functionality to a number of industries, including:

1. Food and beverage

Optimize your supply chain, from the forecasting to production then to customer delivery in order to boost profits. Also, account for the volume-based constraints like the tanks, freezers and ovens to maximize throughput, reducing waste and improving productivity.

2. Consumer goods

Get the correct balance between supply and demand, better controls outgoing and incoming flows, optimize warehouse stocks and be adequately equipped to quickly adapt to change.

3. Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Respond with more certainty and faster to PARs and tenders. Optimize your production capacity’s use and control the supply chain costs. Effectively plan by- and co-products and also determine least-cost formulation.

4. Distribution

Improve collaboration with suppliers and customers and manage better the supply chain complexity in order to lower the supply chain costs, drive higher levels of service and lower inventory.

5. Logistics providers

Make better and faster decisions in order to achieve higher levels of customer service and more perfect orders.

6. High tech and electronics.

Optimize the supply chain globally, improve collaboration across the entire supply chain and respond faster to changes.

7. Automotive

Improve efficiency and reduce operational costs, use collaboration to effectively interact with the supply chain partners and therefore gain, real time, clear, reliable information about the suppliers.

Infor Supply Chain Management Benefits

Infor SCM customers gain:

1. Twenty percent higher gross margins

2. Twenty percent higher customer retention

3. Fifteen percent less inventory

4. Seventeen percent higher perfect order scorers

5. Thirty five percent shorter cash-to-cycle times

6. Ten percent increase in revenue

Infor Supply Chain Management benefits include;

1. Maximizing profits

With this solution, one gets to see (in-real time) profit impact of his or her supply chain decisions.

2. Optimizing

Get entire optimization, from forecasting to planning, scheduling through to execution.

3. Analyzing

Analyze the supply chain, relevant constraints and manufacturing options and select the plans that make optimal use of the assets.

4. Communicating

Collaborate more effectively and efficiently with partners, suppliers and customers using the great power of social networking and the internet.

5. Designing

Create the best supply chain network then adapt your network to keep the pace with some changes in the business.

6. Improved supply chain network

This solution provides complete visibility across the whole supply chain network. With this solution, users are able to closely monitor status of all the activities across all production plants, distribution centers, suppliers and storage facilities. This enables more efficient and effective management and tracking of all the related processes, including ordering and the acquisition of inputs, manufacturing and also shipping of the finished products to retail outlets or customers.

The status of the very important activities can be closely tracked always and the potential problems or inefficiencies can be identified then corrected immediately before becoming unmanageable.

7. Minimized delays

Many supply chains mainly those that have not been enhance with the supply chain system are normally plagued by delays which can result in lost business and poor relationships. Hold-ups on the production lines, late shipments from the vendors and some logistical errors in the distribution channels are common issues that may negatively impact the ability of a company to satisfy the demand of the customers for its finished products. With Infor SCM, one can seamlessly coordinate and execute all activities from beginning to the end on time.

8. Enhanced collaboration

This solution gives one the ability to exactly know what his or her distributors and suppliers are doing and vice versa. With Infor SCM ,all the participants can share important information such as inventory levels, transportation plans, order statuses, demand trend reports and forecasts – in real-time. Therefore, this type of unhindered, instantaneous data-sharing and communication helps to keep all key participants informed, so the supply chain processes run as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

9. Reduced costs

This solution can assist reduce the overhead expenses in various ways such as:

a) Improve inventory management, eliminating that strain on the financial resources that is incurred by storage of excess finished goods and components and facilitating successful implementation of the stock models

b) Enable better demand planning, so the levels of outputs to be produced can be set so as to address the customer requirements most effectively without the wastes that drain the budget or the shortages which result in losing sales.

c) Improve relationships with distributors and vendors, so that logistics and purchasing professionals can clearly identify opportunities for cost-cutting such as the volume discounts.

Infor supply chain management is thus a specialized solution fully dedicated to the supply chain excellence. It combines the industry-specific capabilities which assists one make better decisions, with the event alerting and management that assists one make the decisions more quickly. Thus one can plan and also execute his or her supply chain strategies effectively and respond quickly to changes that may come.

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