Infor System 21 Overview

Infor System 21 is an enterprise resource planning solution which enables you to optimize your complex mixed mode and business distribution. In addition, it assists apparel, electronics, automotive, distribution and general manufacturing companies through:

  •  Reducing margin pressures and improving profits
  •  Management of highly customized products
  •  Achieving a low total cost of ownership
  •  Managing a complex supply in order to reduce risk and increase efficiency

Functions of Infor System 21

The following are some of the reasons why Infor System 21 is beneficial to you:

  •  It improves your game

Your customers requires a constant supply of new trends and products. However, the demand has quick response and it is of high quality. With Infor System21, you can find new ways of resolving those conflicts. In addition, it will assist you in harnessing the viability you face when it comes to supplies and source materials. It will also show you at a glance the best path to the optimal results. This will enable you to handle the complexity of your control with ease.

  • It picks a solution which fits you

Since it is time to build the future foundation technologies in your business, you require the best analysis and collaboration technologies. With Infor System 21, you can get built in support technologies which are valuable. Nevertheless, it integrates word class analytics as well as giving reports. This will ensure that better decisions are made. Acting on those decisions more effectively is one of the things which is achieved by using this technique .

  • It enables you to join an experienced partner

Infor technologies give you an unmatched flexibility and power. This will enable you to get: built in support for integration, advanced analytics, social collaboration and mobile solutions. In fact, it will make you stay competitive for years to come.

Disciplines in which Infor System 21 can improve the performance 

With Infor System21, you can get manufacturing capabilities which are powerful through various disciplines which include:

  • Development of products and definitions

This is a manufacturing discipline which improves streamlining and costing at all the stages of production.

  •  Manufacturing of products

This is a business technique which plans manufacturing requirements accurately by use of sales demand. The process comprises of a detailed labor and material control with work in progress tracking,

  • Sourcing of products

The system also pans a drive test sales plan. This automatically generates a supply chain of the system.

  •  Customer service

The system enables optimization of the customer service and performance delivery. This is possible only if customer tracking, window capabilities and forward order booking are used.


As the world movers faster, it is time to get ready for the capabilities which you will require as we advance. Therefore, infor system 21 is the best technology to lay your foundation. When you combine infor system 21 with the exciting capabilities, you will get the most economical path to having a system which is ready for the future when you want your business to prosper. Therefore, you need to use the business platform as you have seen its benefits. It will not only improve your business capabilities but also improves your technological advancement.

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