Infor Talent Management System Features

Infor Talent Management helps to keep your talent motivated and engaged while assisting to support your company’s strategic goals. Good talent management is not only about finding and retaining the right persons. It is also about making very smart decisions that largely benefit both your organization and your workforce.

With this solution, the whole is better than the sum of the parts, that is; though the applications may be implemented in different ways, these separate applications tend to work very effectively when they work alongside each other to form an efficient and robust talent management system.

Infor Talent Management System Features

1. Compensation Management

Maintain the competitive pay levels and manage payroll costs; manage the total compensation, including compensation awarding and planning and pay-for-performance.

2. Global Human Resource

Assists maintain and manage the crucial aspects of the global workforce, including the country-specific attributes. It helps simplify human resource processes while supporting the multi-national and highly-complex organizations.

3. Goal Management

Help align your employee goals with your business objectives. Cascade the information down through your organization so that all employees from the top executives to the individual employees can clearly see how their individual goals affect the overall success of the organization

4. Learning and Development

Design the training plans based on management, employee and also strategic planning inputs.

5. Performance Management

Assess the performance of employee, develop and also retain top talent.

6. Succession Management

Create plans for efficiently filling both unexpected and expected vacancies. Track talent gaps and high performers.

7. Talent Acquisition

Beat the competition and acquire the brightest and best talent. Help get the top performers then engage them and have them on board more cost-effectively and faster.

Infor Talent Management is simply an excellent talent management solution which changes the way one works, assisting increase profitability by effectively offering the intelligence, flexibility and also ease-of-use one requires to retain, select and hire the best talents and then take them above their potential in full support of the business strategy.

Infor HR Foundations

Infor HR Foundations is actually the Infor Talent Management’s centerpiece. Its infrastructure supports the highly complex organizations, simplifies the key HR processes and helps one address his need to:

1. Maintain a single information source about his talent

2. Obtain very accurate workforce counts

3. Identify, motivate and also reward the multi-cultural talent

4. Manage personnel actions and workflows

5. Motivate the leaders to make decisions that are based on facts

6. Understand how individual talent can effectively support the key business strategies.

Infor HR Foundations is an excellent solution. It is designed to efficiently deliver cost effective and simple management of the HR business processes.

Its features include:

1. Spaces that clearly show only the important tasks and processes for a certain position.

2. Process automation that efficiently offers configurable workflows that bring the right job to the right persons at the right time and also supports particular business processes.

3. Analytics for comprehensive insight into ones talent through the graphical views and the point-in-time reporting via charts, graphs and export to csv /pdf.

4. An organizational structure which is user-defined. It supports highly-complex multi-national and domestic organizations.

5. An authoritative record system, including support for multiple work assignments and a global infrastructure and concurrent employment.

6. A competency framework that one can use to determine competency gaps, establish performance expectations, analyze the potential bench strength and more.

7. Location features that effectively support talent initiatives all across the globe

8. Talent profiles including credentials, career preferences, competencies, education and skills that allow one to complete the gap analysis for recommended learning, succession planning and recruiting.

9. Configuration Console that assists one configure security, modify application elements and personalize data elements and user content.

Infor Talent Acquisition

Infor Talent Acquisition effectively arms recruiters, hiring managers and other people involved in the recruitment activities to perfectly align their work in order to support the acquisition strategy. The features of info Talent Acquisition include;

1. Simplified candidate search, profile creation and registration

2. Deep view of the internal pool of candidate and all attributes that one already knows about them

3. Effective sourcing, including job postings to the external sources, broadcast to one’s top sourcing methods and/or candidate pool searches.

4. Facilitation of all the candidate events.

5. Configurable workflow for efficiently managing candidate correspondence, selection process and tracking all acquisition costs.

6. Requisition management to effectively reuse job success profile, including compensation structures, responsibilities and competency requirements.

Goal Management

Infor Goal Management offers one the ability to effectively align the goals of employees directly with the objectives of the business. One begins to clearly understand how each person impacts the overall organization’s success. Best of all, one is able to poise his employees to achieve relevant, measurable results.

Infor Goal Management offers one the ability to:

1. Cascade goals through the organization

2. Align goals by effectively classifying them by type and category within the organization.

3. View how his employees are aligned with the goals of the organization and also what they are exactly doing in order to achieve the goals.

Infor Performance Management

Infor Performance Management is designed to assist an organization retain, recognize and also reward the top performing employees while reducing flight and attrition risk. Infor Performance management assists:

1. Supervisors develop, manage and also retain their best employees

2. Reveal when organizational and personal goals are reached, what behaviors make employees succeed and who top performers are.

3. Analyze the skills gaps for particular jobs and positions

Infor Compensation Management

Infor Compensation Management gives capabilities for managing employees’ total compensation, including planning and administration, pay-for-performance and analytics and reporting. This solution helps one to;

1. Award compensation increases, like promotions or merit by establishing award guidelines, creating a budget and also making the process of awarding simple for the management.

2. Manage salary structures in order to ensure equity of pay in his workforce based on the current market information.

Infor Succession Management

This solution helps you to identify the critical talent that he needs so as to keep their business moving forward by;

1. Creating succession-pipeline reporting and talent profiles

2. Identifying the key positions that are critical to the success of the business.

3. Identifying high performing and high potential employees based on the defined profile criteria.

4. Alerting one on how the continuity of the business operations could be affected if one of the key positions is vacant.

Infor Learning and Development

Infor Learning and Development assists one link training and some other development activities thus resulting to skills and competencies. This solution offers access to;

1. Employee development plans

2. Automated competency and skill

3. Training functionality (role-based) for instructors, employees, managers and administrators.

This solution helps you link your employees with your business strategy thus empowering you to make an immediate and also lasting impact on your organization’s success. Infor Talent Management also helps one arrange the key HR functions thus the organization can search and retain the right people.

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