Infor VISUAL – Complete Guide

Infor Visual is actually an easy to implement software that gives manufacturers and distributors multiple options of scheduling so that they can improve their performance right away. Because of customer pressure, globalization, regulation and extended supply chains , order-driven manufacturing has become more complex and manufactures have been forced to boost their operational efficiency besides introducing new products and services to make their business grow. This application is a powerful enterprise resource planning solution that is specifically design to help manufactures get better results, create more predictable process as well as bring order to their orders.

With a patented process for better scheduling, this manufacturing-centric software was created specifically for Oder- driven manufacturing companies. This software provides the functionality that companies need to access and quickly view every order, constraints and bottleneck in their organization so that they can improve the overall efficiency and also be able to introduce new services and products faster. Some of the features that you will find in Infor visual include:

  •  Manufacturing execution systems
  •  Customer relationship management
  •  Quality management
  •  Project management
  •  Lean scheduling
  •  Dashboards
  •  Advanced scheduling and planning

Infor Visual actually supports mixed mode of production including make –to- Oder, engineer- to -order, make- to- stock and assemble- to -order. With a built- in lean concept that this software has, you will actually be able to plan production quickly without making mistakes, eliminate wasteful practices easily to improve delivery scheduling and job pricing and manufacture at good speed and efficiency to utilize your resources well.

What it Does

Infor visual quickly converts all customer requirements to manufacturing requirements and then executes them safely. The lean concept that this software uses helps to eliminate redundancy that you are often forced to go through when using other manufacturing software. True to its name, this software also has a compelling visual presentation that shows how each part of the manufacturing process relates to the other. This helps you to schedule effectively, resolve any bottlenecks and also price jobs accurately. This software also displays all key statistics on a single screen. This helps to ensure that schedules are met, costs are line with estimates and all materials arrive on time.

Some core specific capabilities infor visual include:

  • Cost accounting,
  •  Quoting and estimating,
  •  Order management
  •  Concurrent scheduling
  •  Contact center
  •  Shop floor control
  •  Quality management
  •  Material requirement planning,
  •  Master production scheduling
  •  Purchasing
  •  Business intelligence
  •  Messages
  •  Return material authorization
  •  Data import utility
  •  Workflow
  •  Engineering chance notice
  •  Dimensional inventory tracking
  •  Through put
  •  Serial and lot traceability

Notable Infor Visual Benefits Include

  • 3-6 months implementations
  •  Return on investment is realized in less than a year.
  •  50% reduction in all manufacturing lead times
  •  100% improvement in productivity
  •  50% reduction in all finished goods inventory
  •  67% reduction in all quoted lead terms

With This Software, You Will Have the Power to:

  • Plan production quickly without making mistakes
  • Schedule jobs efficiently
  •  Give confident answers when your clients asks about delivery dates
  •  Manage inventory more effectively
  •  Manufacture all your products faster and efficiently
  •  Get profitable results constantly

With Infor Visual, you will not only have the structure to create more predictable processes but you will also see how every change affects your business.

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