Infor Workspace Overview

Infor Workspace efficiently delivers a unified user experience which supports common navigation, single sign-on, and a common feel and look across the various Infor products. Infor’s user interface perfectly combines analytics, deep industry processes and collaboration in order to create an easier to use, more satisfying software experience that greatly assists you make faster and better decisions.

Infor Workspace embeds the in-context business intelligence in the user experience, meaning that the users are able to automatically see all relevant information they require so as to complete tasks and make better decisions. Therefore, instead of moving from one application to the other, the users see the relevant information from different applications they require to get the job done on one screen and in real time. Thus, this means that they are getting the most accurate and up-to-date information possible so that they can make very sound decisions that are completely based on fact and not intuition.

The Benefits of Infor Workspace

1. Consumer-grade user experience

One sign-on, common feel and look and common navigation across all Infor applications means one gets to work quickly.

2. Personalized tools

Add web parts and the information one needs to get his or her job done.

3. A single information source

Infor Workspace aggregates all business information from numerous sources, including the Infor solutions, ones internet and intranet resources and then presents it to him or her in a very logical fashion – when he or she needs it.

4. Context-aware data

Obtain the right information on the right time so that you can make very informed decisions faster.

Simplify Your Workday 

One has absolutely no substitute for having the right information at their fingertips. Every time one has to swivel between the business applications in order to gather information to be used for decision making, his or her work day gets less productive and slower. Today, you expect your online experiences to be user-friendly when he or she uses social media or shops online, so; why shouldn’t you expect that same intuitive usability from his or her business applications? Luckily, now you can with Infor Workspace. It  perfectly delivers a user experience that is consumer-grade; it effectively unifies business software in order to enable one to always have all the relevant information he or she needs, when and where he or she needs it.

Get a New View of the Business Information.

Most customers only trust Infor for the industry-specific business software which assists them to stay competitive. Infor has focused its decades of experience in the field of business on delivering that user experience one needs in order to succeed in the high-speed, volatile business environment today. That is why Infor built the Workspace to effectively serve as the unifying fabric and user interface of its most popular products – infor Workspace brings a very great feel and look and wonderful usability to some very powerful business software, so that one gets solutions that give him or her information quickly and also add value permanently.

Discover Better Information Quickly

We receive information from angles throughout the day. In order to effectively follow up on that information, you have to visit many places in order to find out what you need and then log onto each one of them individually. Infor Workspace uses the in-context business intelligence in user experience to enable one automatically see all relevant information he or she needs to see and when he or she needs to see it. Thus, when you are taking that order, you will be able to see all information that is relevant to the task, such as customer payment status, order history or any promotions to offer. With Infor Workspace, you are sure to get the most relevant, accurate and up-to-date information possible to help you make quicker and better decisions.

Now you have a way to effectively manage numerous priorities with a single-minded focus thus enabling one to identify his or her goals and know how to keep moving closer to them daily.

Infor Workspace Helps You:

  1.  Make better decisions quickly with in-context business intelligence
  2.  See all information he or she needs in one place
  3.  Navigate quickly across numerous applications, thanks to common user interface
  4.  Make his or her workspace completely his or her own. Add all web parts one needs in order to bring his or her information together.

Therefore, you no longer need to dig for crucial information at the critical moments because you now have one very efficient system that alerts him or her timely to take the correct actions when required.

The Key Points

  •  Fusing industry processes, enterprise applications and analytics, Infor Workspace offers a user experience that is consumer grade with common feel-and-look, single sign-on and seamless navigation all across many applications deployed either in the cloud or on-premise.
  • Infor Workspace is easy to understand and simple to use, designed to enable the end-users to ask, suggest, learn, experience and share- all in ways that were previously not available for enterprise applications.
  • Infor Workspace provides in-context business intelligence – in real time for more quick and accurate decision making.
  • Infor Workspace allows the applications to coexist in order to bring in information from outside including dynamic alerts, KPIs and some other tools targeting the main functions within user’s application. Tools include mapping tools that enable one to view locations of inventories, assets, goods and the supply chain networks and Time and currency conversion that provides very important information for the companies operating in the global business environment today.
  • Since these tools are very context aware, they automatically anticipate and then adapt to the user interests and needs based on the role of the user and also the business function that they are performing in a given moment.
  •  With Infor Workspace, the users can manage business challenges proactively with the automatic alert management tools   which monitor the tasks’ status in relation to the service level agreements established or promised completion and alert the users to exceptions.
  •  Infor Workspace is available for Infor ERP SyteLine, Infor ERP LN, Infor FMS SunSystems, Infor10 Expense Management and Infor EAM.

Key Features 

  1. Single sign-on facilities: ADFS and AD
  2.  Range of some web-based applications that can be run: non-Infor, Infor, internet and intranet

Infor Workspace is therefore a very important solution you should look into to ensure the success of your business.

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