How Infor PM Works

Infor PM is geared towards helping all types of businesses remain profitable. These businesses need to manage their performance through tracking and measuring data, while utilizing what we call competitive power or advantage. During normal business activities, data is spread across many sources. It’s hard to try and make sense of a company’s environment and

Infor BPCS Overview

Infor BPCS provides process and discrete manufacturers in the chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, consumer packaged goods, and some other industries with end-to-end, fully integrated support for the core business processes. Your mixed-mode operations of manufacturing presents you with a more constantly changing mix of unpredictable and predictable challenges. Whether you are focused on the

Extensive Infor ERP XA Guide

Infor ERP XA is the most comprehensive, secure and deepest ERP product today for the discrete manufacturers. Now in its 4th generation of technology, this proven solution draws on thirty five years of industry experience and functional development. It offers total access to information at user level, along with advanced integration architecture, amazing simplicity in

Infor Visual Manufacturing Overview

Infor visual manufacturing is a very powerful ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution that is specifically designed for the order-driven manufacturers. This solution greatly helps manufacturers to overcome the numerous complexities of manufacturing like extended supply chains, increasingly restrictive regulations, growing customer pressure, rising globalization and more. With this solution, you can highly focus on introducing

Extensive Infor Motion Guide

Infor Motion is simply a mobile platform which allows you to conveniently distribute all enterprise information outside your network’s boundaries to your favorite smartphone or tablet wherever they are. This solution consists of various applications such as Activity Deck and Road Warrior. Activity Deck allows your employees on the go to keenly follow the activities

How Infor Advanced Scheduling Can Help You

Infor advanced scheduling is a scheduling solution which is constraint-based, it adequately addresses the unique, time consuming challenges of effectively managing capacity of tanks, lines and vessels – and also the flow of products between them. How Infor Advanced Scheduling Can Help You  What it is The batch process manufacturing environment needs you to carefully

Using Infor Learning Management

Infor learning management is an end-to-end complete solution for delivering, reporting and authoring on learning throughout an extended enterprise. With support for the global deployment on mobile platforms, this solution assists you accelerate learning, improve training and also boost performance throughout the organization. Using Infor Learning Management What it is This solution is actually the