Infor Budgeting and Planning – Best Practices

With Infor budgeting and planning, companies can effectively leverage technology to forecast and plan quickly, accurately and objectively as well as strengthen their performance. It also assists them to assess any potential impact of the main events across the company; simplify the creation as well as maintenance of the relevant, dynamic budgets and plans that

The Complete Infor Lawson Analytics Guide

With Infor Lawson Analytics, you are able to increase your overall ability to efficiently and effectively achieve the critical business goals. With these user-friendly, interactive tools, you are able to obtain the answers you require easily and quickly, resulting in better business performance and improved decision making. Offering analytical pre-built content for certain areas such

Infor M Series – Benefits and Features

Infor M series is an integrated enterprise financial management suite which includes accounts payable, fixed assets, accounts receivable, general ledger, purchasing, inventory as well as project tracking functionality. This solution adequately supports all enterprise financial processes ranging from good flexible budgeting to efficient and accurate receivable and invoice processing for both international and domestic organizations.

Why Infor MasterPiece FMS is the Financial Solution You Need

Infor Masterpiece is a very advanced financial management solution that assists streamline all financial process flows in order to improve transaction-based, trade-related, business-to-business financial processes and functions. This solution effectively meets all the advanced management accounting and financial reporting requirements needed by complex organizations. This solution works in conjunction with some other Infor solutions to

Infor Product Configurator – Key Benefits and Features

With Infor Product Configurator, you obtain the flexibility and power to effectively handle any configured service or product, and practically support any type of application or user. Easily create very comprehensive product models which make configuration and selection of even the products that are most complex error-free and intuitive and deploy configuration across all your

Infor Property Management – The Solution for You

From creating financial reports to attracting tenants, Infor Property Management effectively keeps all the aspects of your businesses running profitably and smoothly. Thousands of managers and property owners largely depend on this solution in order to meet financial, operational as well as business intelligence needs. This very easy-to-use, integrated and comprehensive solution assists decision makers

How to Get Employees to Correctly and Quickly Use Infor

We’ve seen an increase in Infor adoption in the past year. Yet, like any cloud-based software, implementing it into your workflow operations is a challenge, on several fronts. The key goal in adopting Infor for your business is not only that the initial process goes smoothly, but that your employees are onboarded quickly and that

The Complete Infor Query and Analysis Guide

Infor Query and Analysis is a dynamic, multi-language set of intelligence tool which is flexible, secure, powerful and easy to use. It’s integrated with Microsoft office and it’s a self-service. The tool does not only provide analytic, reporting, business intelligence and alerting software, it also help organizations in generating fast returns on investments. Knowing the direction

Breaking Down Infor Public Sector

Infor public sector is the most integrated and complete solution designed for public sector. Normally,the software that is designed for the general business purposes typically do not address the unique urgency and constraints of the public agency duties. It’s very tough to provide all the citizens of your county,city or state with excellent services when