The Benefits of Infor Epiphany

Infor Epiphany is one of the leading software that enables companies to deliver more timely and relevant messages and also help to create more valuable and longer lasting customer relationship. Nowadays, top customer oriented companies are dramatically changing the way they communicate with their customers and prospect by taking advantage of an integrated, cross discipline customer relationship management solution that enhances every customer interaction. Infor epiphany provides software for customer experience management.

The solutions include modules that cover full customer cycle from marketing, sales, interaction, optimizing of the customer experience with the organization and service. Infor epiphany is indeed the leading enterprise software that delivers reliable solutions for various industries. In addition to customer relationship management, its portfolio also includes human capital management, performance management and enterprise asset. Below are the main benefits that Infor epiphany can bring in your business.

1. It enhances customer interaction

Many companies around the world are now looking for ways to increase their customer base. This software can help the company to maintain continuous dialogue with its customer thus making them satisfied and loyal. The software give the right insight combined with the ability to respond to the needs and interest of the customer based on that insight

2. Increases profitability

Every time a company interacts with customers actually creates new opportunities to improve business either by generating new leads, increasing the existing customer satisfaction or even selling a new product. The more a company gets in touch with its customers, the better the chances of increasing their profitability. This software will enable a company to create personalize relationship with its already existing customers and also potential customers thus helping to increase the profits of the company.

3. It fosters good customer relationship

Infor epiphany helps to foster good relationship between the customer and the business company. The software helps customer- facing -staff with detailed information and recommendations during every customer interaction. This helps to enhance good relationship between the customer and the company. The company will be able to know what the customer want and that may help them deliver more quality service. Infor service helps companies to ensure that their customer service provides the best service by reducing response time and increasing fist call resolution rates. In addition, it also helps the company to transform customer service center into a service to sale center by earning the customer’s loyalty based on the high quality service they provide.

4. It enables companies to deliver relevant information to their customers 

Epiphany sales module can enable a company’s sales team to get relevant information that they need to deliver to their customers and actually convince them to spend more. The software provides accurate customer information that is related to sales, products history and service information together with pattern and trend analysis. On the other hand, the Infor epiphany marketing can enable the company to conduct multiple channel marketing campaigns by analyzing customers data then use it to create focused marketing strategies.

5. Helps the company to predict future preferences of customers

The Infor interaction advisor which is basically an intelligent assistant can help the company to predict the likely future preference and behavior of customers based on their past responses and their real time activities. This is beneficial to companies because they will be able to provide goods and services that meet the expectation of their customers.

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