The Benefits Of Infor Ming.le

Infor Ming.le designed by Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers is a platform for business process improvement, social collaboration and contextual collaboration. It is embedded within key system like supply chain management, ERP, human capital management and enterprise asset management so that employees across all areas of the business can actually collaborate , communicate and follow people assets and processes relevant to the task at hand. Photos, documents, plans and video information will be maintained in a single location with relevant activity captured to allow easy access by those who need it.

When using Infor Ming.le you can actually solve all problems in new ways. You will get the most relevant innovative social collaboration techniques translated into your business environment. It can be fully integrated across all business processes. From collaborating beside core system like financial or ERP to following people and objects, you can be sure that Infor Ming.le will get your tasks done in ways you never thought it would be possible. At the end, you will be fully equipped to capture all important corporate knowledge speed response times that will greatly improve the efficiency of your business.

Benefits of Infor Ming.le

1. It enhances social business

Nowadays, businesses are flooded with information. Between instant messages, email trials, conference calls and online meeting you will have hours upon hours of important business information that are decentralized, difficult or impossible to track and ultimately lost. Infor Ming.le changes all that by providing you with a centralized platform where you will actually be able to share information and also organize information into stream across your business. You will be able to save a lot time that you could otherwise use to search for documents or discussions

2. Improves efficiency

Unlike other applications that disconnect from core application, This application is fully embedded with business information system like financial and ERP. This means that all workers regardless of their roles can collaborate, communicate and share useful information such as plans videos and photos from one location with all activities captured and searchable. You will be able to put information at your employees fingertips with contextual intelligence, prevents any problems with alerts and tasks and also be able to get the real picture of any question or issues with drill back capabilities. The efficiency of your business operation will greatly be boosted because things will be done in a better way.

3. Improve productivity

Infor Ming.le is a platform for social collaboration that helps to unify business applications and their data in a single intuitive interface to improve productivity among employees. By delivering useful information using new ways, the productivity of your employees will greatly increase. Your staff will get information in time and also be able communicate easily with both existing and potential clients.

4. It reduces reliance on email

According to study conducted by Mckinsey Global report, they found out that workers spend about 28% of their working hours every week to manage email. Infor Ming.le will reduce reliance on email by providing you with an alternative channel that you can use to deliver relevant data to your employees. This application can also capture important corporate knowledge that can easily be lost through instant messaging and emails and track communication transparently in the context process and provides clear audit trial.

5. It provide easy access to corporate knowledge

Mckinsey report also found out that employees spend nearly 20% of their time each week looking for internal information. But this is not the case with Infor Ming.le. This is because this application keeps variety of information including discussion and documents in a centralized location where they can be accesses easily at any time. This greatly reduces the time spent by staffs searching for discussion and documents.

6. Increases employee’s collaboration

Infor Ming.le enables employees to connect quickly and easily with each other when handling their functions and responsibilities. This application is well integrated to the data and so when users interact, they easily connect with each other creating a map of relationship between them and business objects forming a business social graph.

7. Resolve problems quickly

When using Infor Ming.le any problem that arises is identified immediately by the application and the application also resolves the problem. Identified object like power generators and purchase orders provides real time updates to interested parties of the business directly through the application. User can subscribe to this update and receive instant alert upon every interaction and action related to the object.

This application transmits transitional information in real time enabling you to follow the progress of crucial activities. You can filter, monitor and view information that matters most. Enterprises can also include a work-flow interface that can push approvals whether it is for purchases order or budget request along with alerts to the appropriate people when problem arise.

8. It speeds up decision making

Infor Ming.le gives relevant data in time and this can enable you to make an informed decision quickly. It is very difficult to make quick decision if you are not able to get reliable data in time. When using Infor mingle, you will not only get data fast but you will get reliable data that will enable you make good decision.

9. Attracts and retains top talent

This application provides cutting edge technology that delivers consumer inspired experiences and creates a conducive work environment that is line with the expectation of employees. The cutting edge technology that this application provides can enable you to attract and also retain top talent because it enables them to perform at their full potential. Most organizations that use this application have been able to attract the best talent thereby increasing productivity.

In conclusion Infor Ming.le embeds a centralized collaboration platform that is able to eliminate silos and turn information into asset that can be used to get job done in best way possible. Your employees will have the tools they need to work more efficiently, make good decisions faster and also be more creative and innovative. Some may refer to it as social business while other may call it social media but with Infor Ming.le, you can call it the way work is done.

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