The Benefits of Infor Network Design

Improving the manufacturing speed is a business fundamental that one needs to master. In order to maximize ones success over time, one have to accurately figure out the most appropriate location of his or her distribution, transportation and manufacturing assets and also their capacity.

One also has to know when his or her supply chain is actually out of sync with the current requirements, so that he or she can make the required changes before it is too late. Luckily, Infor Network Design can assist.

The Benefits of Infor Network Design

Infor Network Design actually puts one in control of his or her long-term supply chain strategy. This solution helps one to;

  • Choose the best vendors
  • Reduce the carbon footprint
  • Evaluate different inventory and transportation strategies
  • Determine when and where to buy, make, store and also move products through ones network to the customers.
  • Determine the best facility location and the capacity requirements.

Infor network design helps one obtain tools to design the best supply chain network and then adapt the network in order to keep pace with the changes in his or her business. One gets capabilities for:

1. Modeling – incorporate complex carbon footprint, revenues, costs and the supply chain constraints to come up with the best distribution and manufacturing network.

2. Optimization – analyze his or her environment to accurately determine the optimal location, size , and number of facilities; the correct inventory levels and come up with the most appropriate sourcing decisions possible.


Infor Aerospace and Defense

Infor aerospace and defense is simply a set of some scalable, business – specific capabilities designed especially for Aerospace and Defense companies in order to ensure their IT infrastructures perfectly align with their own business strategies. With the Infor Aerospace and Defense, one can respond quickly to volatile market dynamics and customer demands, drive profitability and efficiency and sharpen his or her competitive edge.One is equipped to meet his or her business goals more quickly-even while confronting market complexity and escalating costs.

Advantages of Infor Aerospace and Defense

  • Strengthen responsiveness to the customer needs
  •  Improve product and services innovation
  •  Optimize manufacturing processes
  •  Collaborate more efficiently, externally and internally.
  •  Build strong relationships with the customers.
  •  Manage the global macro-economic factors.
  • Enhance supply chain efficiency thus eliminate bottlenecks.
  • Comply with accounting procedures and stringent regulations.

Infor Automotive

Infor Automotive solutions assists one change in ways that meet his or her needs and his or her schedule.

Advantages of Infor Automotive

  •  Successfully win profitable and new business for the new programs.
  •  Launch new products quickly with lower warranty expense and fewer recalls.
  •  Collaborate better with suppliers and customers and drive innovation
  •  Increase customer satisfaction
  • Manage all their customer requirements without any additional headcount
  •  Get more output from the available production assets without having to invest more money.
  • Add flexibility in order to change schedules easily and quickly.

Infor Chemicals

Infor chemicals is simply a specifically designed set of capabilities that enable the producers of chemicals to respond to the demands of their customers more profitably and faster and meet increased burden of the regulatory governance. Infor chemicals enables one to solve unique challenges of his or her industry that the generic ERP solutions cannot serve – challenges like planning of by-products and co-products, attribute costing, quality, safety and formula matching.

Advantages of Infor Chemical

  • Transition to more marketable and profitable products
  •  Increase the perfect order rates
  •  Better manage product and customer hierarchies.
  •  Maximize capacity utilization all across multiple locations
  •  Reduce stock outages
  •  Efficiently meet compliance and regulatory mandates
  •  Introduce new product to the market faster
  •  Improve plant productivity.

Infor Distribution

Infor distribution is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the quickly evolving distribution industry, it’s a very comprehensive solution that perfectly integrates the relevant new technologies with the unmatched flexibility to serve customers better and expand profitability. With Infor distribution one can optimize each and every facet of his or her operation – from warehouse and inventory management, purchasing, multichannel sales orders, financials and more.

Advantages of Infor Distribution

  • Support the quickly changing demands of distribution industry.
  •  Operate and grow businesses both locally and globally
  • Support complex rebates, pricing arrangements and claims between customers, suppliers and distributors.
  •  Manage some inventory arrangements including special orders, consignment, storeroom, non-stocks, vending, showroom, vendor managed, etc.
  • Integrate dashboards, business intelligence and mobile technology so as to offer employees with easier access to the correct information to help them make better decisions.
  • Improve conversation between the customers, distributors and suppliers through customer relationship management and social technologies.

Infor Equipment for the Dealers, Service and Rental

Equipment dealers, service and rental providers – whatever the role in the life cycle of the equipment, speed matters.In order to respond quickly to the market and customer demands in today’s world, one requires tools for control and good visibility into every equipment he or she deals with.

Advantages of Infor Equipment Dealers and Service

  •  Maintain profitability throughout the life cycle of the equipment
  •  Manage all dealership aspects
  •  Integrate and enhance aftermarket service and also run rental operations effectively.
  • Use mobile and social applications to transform your way of working.

Infor High Tech and Electronics

Infor high tech and electronics is specifically built to assist the high electronics and tech companies seamlessly connect operations, suppliers and customers. With Infor high tech and electronics, you are able to seamlessly connect your operations, customers and suppliers.

Advantages of Infor High Tech and Electronics

  • Cut costs
  •  Improve productivity
  •  Get products to the market faster
  •  Shorten the product life cycles
  •  Synchronize the whole supply chain
  • Expand global presence
  •  Respond faster to market changes.

Infor Hospitality

Infor Hospitality is built to address specialized requirements of resorts, government lodging agencies, hotels and casinos. Infor Hospitality solutions help the employees to focus on improving guest service. With Infor Hospitality you are able to grow your business, raise profits and decrease costs.

Advantage of Infor Hospitality

  •  Maximize revenue potential
  •  Manage online reputations in real time.
  • Make better decisions quickly
  •  Create superior guest experiences


With the Infor Network Design, one will use his or her assets better, decrease cycle times, decrease carbon emissions, enhance customer service, lower inventory levels and reduce the supply chain costs.

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