The Complete Infor Lawson Analytics Guide

With Infor Lawson Analytics, you are able to increase your overall ability to efficiently and effectively achieve the critical business goals. With these user-friendly, interactive tools, you are able to obtain the answers you require easily and quickly, resulting in better business performance and improved decision making.

Offering analytical pre-built content for certain areas such as supply chain, project accounting and financial management as well as great detailed functionality that is specifically developed for healthcare industry, this solution enables you become productive immediately.

Infor Lawson Analytics efficiently works with numerous data sources, such as Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management and Infor Lawson Enterprise Financial Management, so that it can steadily grow along with your business at the same time allowing you to easily leverage all latest infor innovations. With this solution, you get long-term return on investment, ability to turn all information into a great competitive advantage and quicker time to value.

The Complete Infor Lawson Analytics Guide

What it is

This solution provides numerous pre-delivered KPIs and measures delivered via some business intelligence tools which assists you to better manage, analyze and monitor your entire business. This solution also works perfectly with the existing Lawson applications, thus drawing from numerous data sources to efficiently deliver full and clear visibility across your enterprise.

One of the best features of these solution is the pre-built analytical content which makes analyzing the business easy and fast. You obtain access to packaged content and data for certain areas such as project accounting, supply chain and financial management. In addition, if you are in the healthcare business, you will greatly benefit from the pre-built functionality that is based on Lawson’s many years of industry experience.

With these solutions, you are able to:

1. Get visibility across the business

This solution perfectly works with the existing Lawson applications, it also draws from many data sources to offer you an entirely up-to-date view of your key business areas.

2. Put all analysis capabilities directly into end users hands

This solution delivers very powerful, user-friendly tools that require very minimal technical expertise.

3. Make better decisions quicker

You will have all the information that you need at your fingertips thus allowing the employees to act decisively and quickly.

4. Get a quicker time to value

You become productive immediately with this solution’s pre-built analytical content, this allows you to greatly improve performance quickly.

5. Improve the bottom line

With this solution, you will uncover opportunities, make info a competitive advantage and enhance performance.

What it Does

This solution provides pre-built analytical data and content in these areas;

1. Financial management

Evaluate processes, monitor trends and measure activity with this wonderful solution that is built by excellent finance experts. You gain easy access to the business performance insights such as financial management measures, KPIs and also views related to the strategic ledger, accounts payable and general ledger thus efficiently allowing you to easily measure the key metrics like performance against targets, expense trends, profitability by department, budget remaining and more.

2. Supply chain analytics

With this solution, you obtain greater visibility into the supply chain’s very detailed spend activities; you are also able to increase your overall ability to effectively meet the customer needs since it allows you to extract as well as analyze the supply chain data.

You can identify standardization and savings opportunities, track department efficiency, monitor the performance of your vendors, measure the accuracy and timeliness of deliveries and much more.

3. Project accounting 

With project’s accounting pre-built analytical capabilities, you are able to quickly assess and also monitor the project related extracting important data from your non-Infor and Infor Lawson systems, this solution offers you a single, complete view of all the projects in a clear straight forward format. You will be able to identify the underperforming areas, easily share information, empower the leaders with all the information that they need in order to improve performance and monitor the health of your project at any level.

For healthcare industry; this solution provides pre-packaged analytics tools. You will be able to improve hiring as well as personnel management, identify the cost saving opportunities and also increase collaboration.

What it Means

With this solution, you will be able to:

  •  Identify all opportunities for improvement, monitor trends and measure activity
  •  Get greater and clear visibility into the detailed supply chain spend.
  •  Understand your performance and spend in order to negotiate with vendors more effectively
  •  Improve the ability to meet your customers’ needs and increase competitiveness
  •  Easily share information in order to create a great collaborative environment
  •  Quickly and easily identify the under-performing areas and monitor the health of the project at any level.
  •  Improve personnel management and identify the cost-saving opportunities.


  • Lawson Enterprise Financial Management
  • Lawson Supply Chain Management


  •  Public Sector
  •  Healthcare

Lawson Analytics for Healthcare 

This solution offers healthcare organizations a very simple way to connect clinical, financial and staffing information for excellent decision making. This solution is designed to assist deliver the benefits of a project within the least time possible and with the minimum possible budget. This solution also provides timely metrics from across an entire organization to assist healthcare organizations monitor, measure and improve their financial performance.

This solution extracts important information from Lawson applications such as supply chain, financial and staffing data and also data from the non-Lawson systems. This helps to create a quick connection within the operations of a healthcare organization thus allowing the staff to stop looking for data and begin analyzing it. This also offers greater confidence in making business related decisions.

This solution can assist your medical organization;

1. Gain insight into productivity and labor costs

2. Plan for the fluctuating staffing needs

3. Reduce incidents and wait times

4. Manage overtime, staffing and agency costs.

Key capabilities

1. Help improve value and quality of the labor productivity data

2. Information sharing to assist create a highly collaborative working environment

3. Assist improve decision making especially around scheduling, payroll, hiring and staff development in order to ensure better management of the staff costs.

Infor Lawson Analytics for Healthcare assists your organization analyze important information so as to reveal any opportunities for improvement in crucial labor-related processes, such as;

  • Nonproductive time
  • Premium labor expenses
  • Department cost variances
  • Absence trends
  • Time to hire
  • Staff tenure
  • Employee mobility
  • Turnover trends
  • Performance ratings pattern.

It’s important you take the time to understand the features and benefits of Infor Lawson Analytics so you are prepared before you begin using this software.

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