The Complete Infor Query and Analysis Guide

Infor Query and Analysis is a dynamic, multi-language set of intelligence tool which is flexible, secure, powerful and easy to use. It’s integrated with Microsoft office and it’s a self-service. The tool does not only provide analytic, reporting, business intelligence and alerting software, it also help organizations in generating fast returns on investments.

Knowing the direction to take in business is important for business survival. Whether its launching new products, finding new ways to counter competition or acquiring new grounds, it’s essential to know where you are going and why. This require real business reporting proficiency and intelligence so that employees at all levels of an organization can access information relevant to their task and role. This help in making strategic decisions and informed recommendations.

 The Complete Infor Query and Analysis  Guide


Query & Analysis netEnterprise

This is a platform for centralization. It enables collaboration in the entire enterprise and provide document sharing and web publishing capabilities .Multiple files types including XL and executive reports can be created and delivered to the entire enterprise to users via a web browser. It allows information sharing and organize conversations into streams across the enterprise. With business intelligence, custom visualization and real time information, collaboration is increased and decision making process is streamlined.

Infor Motion Query & Analysis BI Dashboards

This ad hoc approves transactions, monitors business performance anytime and from anywhere and drill down to business transaction details. It allows 24/7 access to business critical information and operations with the capability of self-service reporting and dashboards. It facilitate in redefining interaction with enterprise information and boosts overall business speed.

Query and Analysis Alerts

This ad hoc enhance individual ability to identify, analyze and report on trends and performanceshidden within databases. It allows creating, editing and task scheduling. It automatically manages, run and distribute reports depending on the scheduled events.

Query & Analysis Data Link Studio

The software includes a number of pre-built dynamic and intelligent business logic metadata layers. The layers contain Infor query and analysis Data link studio which allows employees to access data easily on their own.

Query and Analysis XL

This is an add in for Microsoft excel. It provide easier, faster and more adoptable ways of business data analyzing. It provides information in an intuitive user interface which has common database structure names.Web publish reports, query and report wizards, report designers, cube analysis, statistical reporting extract modes, macro builder for XL function automation and security features are also available.

Query & Analysis Executive

This enables top down view of the whole business. It is a dynamic analysis and reporting application including capabilities such as expand, breakdown and cube analysis. This feature makes is easy for organizations to analyses problems, trends and opportunities hidden within transaction data of the corporate. It allows frequently used analysis procedures to be saved and used in the future.

Query & Analysis Word

it provide the capability of extensive report writing for production of statutory and management reports and memosall from inside Microsoft.

Infor Query and Analysis Evolve

This is a cloud based and web service enabled solution with unparalleled data visualization functionality. It turns information into insight and allows turning of the insights into actions in real time.

Features and Benefits of Infor Query and Analysis 

  • It has an offline mode that allows user to view their query results and analyze data even in the cases of unavailable servers
  • This feature helps in cases of network availability due to mobility. This feature is enabled by Slice and Dice cube analysis function
  • Intelligent screens used in capturing business information and charts facilitating easy location when needed
  • Continuous innovation which makes the product up to date with additional features as they emerge
  • Mobile application management for user, data and feature governing that fits organization’s way of operation
  • Access to your vital information and operation anywhere from your device by use of apps
  • Automatic query management and touch screen design, making the application easy to use
  • Fast and easy report recalling facilitated by categories used by the application
  • Reporting tools including compliance and regulatory factors that gives information needed, when and where it’s needed
  • It’s built on the same technology platform as other solutions making it flexible and scalable so as to quickly integrate with existing info solutions
  • Familiar looking desktop applications for quick and efficient report creation which highlight, patterns trends and exceptions
  • Integrated with Excel making it easy to use with minimal technical skills and training
  • It’s a dynamic, multicurrency, Multilanguage business intelligence tools that is flexible, powerful, secure, easyto use and has a consistent interface throughout enabling easy use
  • Easy maintenance since it involve minimal IT support and involvement
  • The capability of performing many queries the same way in multiple applications and putting the results data in a single report
  • Multiple options for data visualization including multidimensional charts and cubes
  • With this tool anyone in an organization can gain access to real time information any time of the day so as to make informed strategic decisions at the right time
  • Its intuitive and efficient interface makes it easy for technical and non-technical users to get the information they require and generate reports
  • Engineered for speed, this application gives a new way that you interact with your enterprise information and comes loaded revolutionary new features aimed at increasing the of speed your business
  • Ctrl click selection of items from a list which makes report design simple and fast and removes the need for many hierarchies
  • Browser edition of the Executive provides a self-service reporting to managers across the intranet
  • Quick learning curve
  • Run time prompt facility which makes report development and distribution simple fast and secure

With the query and analysis family of ad hoc and the many reporting tools an organization reaps a lot of benefits such as intuitive analytics, alerting capability for non-technical users and business intelligence from the tool. Working in a familiar environment, employees in an organization will be empowered to look for information they require so as to make informed strategic decisions.

The tool is significantly revolutionizing the way information is published and consumed in many organizations, impacting to over 70000 customers in over 200 countries. Infor Query and Analysis drives growth, improves operations and helps in quick adaptation to changes in business demands.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.