The Complete Infor Storefront Guide

Infor Storefront provides an amazing web foundation that is designed to offer a great shopping experience on B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2Bm (business-to-business) websites.

You require a solution that assists you:

1. Take advantage of all data you have already created for the ERP system

2. Improve customer service

3. Manage orders quickly and reliably

Generally, if you do not offer the first rate e-commerce services, then your competitors will. This solution assists you to effectively deliver the e-commerce services which keep the customers coming back.

With each passing day, the online shoppers are actually demanding more. The customers expect one to deliver more service, more information and more convenience. A few years back, offering a complete and attractive online catalog was just enough. However, now the customers are demanding a higher service level, such as a more capable and intuitive search experience, comprehensive product information, easy shipment tracking and order entry. Many companies must therefore offer enhanced e-commerce services across the globe, taking into account the various cultural, tax and currency differences.

The main goal for all distributors with the e-commerce offering, is definitely to increase the product browsing in order to improve the order conversation rates as well as their site’s overall service performance. In order to meet this goal, the distributors can build on the already existing ERP (enterprise resource planning) capabilities by implementing an excellent web foundation that enhances and integrates their e-commerce capabilities.

With very many years of experience, greatly supporting the distributors’ needs, Infor definitely has the technology and business solution that will assist you expand the e-commerce services, grow your business and improve customer satisfaction. Infor’s market-leading enterprise resource planning capabilities assist businesses overcome their toughest challenges. In addition, Infor is well positioned to deliver easy-to-use and most robust solutions that are created specifically for the distributors.

With Infor Storefront you are able to automate servicing, sourcing and selling with a very robust catalog-completely taking advantage of this solution’s advanced order entry, searching, account maintenance and tracking capabilities. You will also be able to effectively convince the users that your website is actually the best at efficiently meeting their needs with the customer personalization features, like custom wish lists and shopping lists.

In order to assist you keep the pace with rising demand for e-commerce services that are more advanced, Infor has greatly improved Storefront with various enhancements that help, expand search capabilities, scale customization ,maximize performance and improve the entire user experience.

The customers can now easily scale components across multiple servers for excellent performance in the environments with high product count or high user count. You will see higher data integrity and faster performance as a result of this solution’s increased caching (to greatly minimize the access to database) and also optimized data structure. Upgrades, product customization and maintenance are less expensive since the application uses XML transactions and is Java-based.

The Complete Infor Storefront Guide

With this product, you obtain various business-specific capabilities, such as;

1. Online catalog

Efficiently create and also offer a detailed online product catalog which promotes a successful shopping experience with intuitive and simple navigation. One can create a simple baseline catalog or categories using some other metrics. One can also customize navigation and effectively improve user experience by dragging and then dropping subcategories and categories.

2. Advanced search

Improve shopping experience with the amazing Progress EasyAsk – navigation and search engine technology. EasyAsk complements Infor Storefront by assisting customers view the search results by relevance, as well as refine the search results by product attributes, sub-category or search within the search. Breadcrumb navigation assists a shopper to easily keep track of his location on the web storefront and the entered keywords. In addition, EasyAsk also understands the natural language queries, this makes it easier for the customers to find the products they are looking for quickly.

3. Warehouse availability

Provide extremely flexible sourcing for the customers by allowing a user to easily view availability in the warehouses outside his default warehouse and also change shipping warehouse.

4. Self-service

Receive orders from the customers and reach shoppers anywhere, anytime with Storefront’s self-service capabilities. The customers can view back orders, order status, order history and open accounts receivable. Customers can also be able to access extended product description, product images and links to more information with just a single click.

5. Advanced checkout capabilities

Support easy and fast checkout, including; ‘on account’ option for the business-to-business customers and credit card processing. Customers can see the extra charges like tax and freight.

6. Specials, lists and markdowns

Target certain items for promotion, clearance or markdown with special lists. Give the customers a re-order form to easily and quickly add some products to the shopping cart with the personalized shopping lists.

7. Multiple contacts

Notify many contacts when a brand new quote or order is entered into the system. All the email addresses that are assigned to the Storefront account will automatically receive an order confirmation thus making it very easy to instantaneously keep many departments informed of delivery times and inbound supplies.

8. Search analytics

Gain valuable insight about how the shoppers are using the web Storefront. The search analytics informs one, what categories are viewed most often, keywords that are most commonly used and the keywords that are producing completely no search results.

9. Budgets, approvals and spending limits

Address the customers’ specific budget requirements. In addition, you can create budget periods, years and the budget amounts of a single customer and automate the notifications of e-mail throughout approval process to approvers and requesters.

10. Invoice payments

Allows the users to view and also pay open invoices online, view history of the paid invoices and search for the open invoices.

11. Product restriction support

Manage your catalog better with ability to restrict the unauthorized products from appearing to shoppers in the special list, wish list, catalog or shopping list.

12. Digital asset management

You can easily preview, store, upload and size the digital assets, this is very important to managing the whole feel and look of the online catalog. Efficient and user friendly features of digital asset management include ability to efficiently track and store the digital assets, like images, videos, electronic documents and audio. Assign keywords to the digital assets so that users can quickly and easily find documents or images by specifying the keywords in a search.

Therefore, with Infor Storefront, you will be able to help the customers find items quickly, create shopping lists as well as other advanced services and improve the whole buying experience.

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